Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Rove Cited for Contempt of Congress (No Surprise Here As He's Been Full of Contempt For Them For Years)

Well, dear me, will wonders never cease? Seems that (finally!):
A House panel Wednesday voted to cite former top White House aide Karl Rove for contempt of Congress as its Senate counterpart publicly pursued possible punishments for an array of alleged past and present Bush administration misdeeds. Voting along party lines, the House Judiciary Committee said that Rove had broken the law by failing to appear at a July 10 hearing on allegations of White House influence over the Justice Department, including whether Rove encouraged prosecutions against Democrats. The committee decision is only a recommendation, and it was unclear whether Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., would allow a final vote. Rove has denied any involvement with Justice decisions, and the White House has said Congress has no authority to compel testimony from current and former advisers. The vote occurred as members of the Senate Judiciary Committee held a hearing on allegations of administration wrongdoing ranging from discriminating against liberals at Justice to ignoring subpoenas and lying to Congress.
Read the rest of the story here. Jubilation reigns temporarily in Pottersville as we await the upcoming news that this event has no real import when the KingPresident rules that it's not legal in BushLeagueChenegang Amerika to question the actions of the rulers. Suzan ______________________________________

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