Friday, September 26, 2008

Is Sarah Palin O U T ?

Somehow I don't think the Rethuglican stalking horse/place-holder/(only recently fully realized) humiliating choice Sarah Palin is long for this political world. I think she will be lucky if they allow her to go back to being the unindicted Governor of the state now thought of as Alacksa. If one were a particularly deep thinker (I'm going lightly here), one might begin to question exactly who the Repugns were who chose such an obviously unqualified candidate to be McCain's Vice President and why. (It surely wasn't McCain, who had only met her (if you believe his own words) twice. And I'm pretty sure that the Rove stand-in, Steve Schmidt, would never own up to this unique bit of brilliance now or would he?) This leaves one with the funny feeling that it must have had something to do with McCain's hidden health problems, which may not allow him to finish even the first of the two possible four-year terms (and I've noticed, along with some other researchers, that it's actually both candidates who may have good reason to drop out before completing even a single term). I've certainly heard this mentioned by some serious commentators, but it seems that it only makes sense if she were never allowed to be interviewed (on film or tape) in depth (which is already a missed opportunity). Perhaps not even one of her phalanx of handlers thought Katie Couric would be a challenging questioner (and the interview was an eye-opener that probably amazed almost any of her regular viewers), and that she would have a "free ride" in that venue. I'm guessing the Roverers struck out on that pitch as well. And just why would they desire having two candidates, either of whom could need to be replaced at any time? There is a very likely possibility that the Republi-Cons will still be gauging the public's eagerness at the time of the election for another choice (perhaps to be named later by the Prince of Darkness Cheney himself?). The crowning blow, however, didn't fall until the right-wing pretender of great (and overstated) moderation (just ask her!), Kathleen Parker, started screaming "foul" upon seeing Miz Sarah's latest rambling, incoherent TV performance and calling for her to "step down," after initially (sympathetically) calling her "Palin the Impaled" (a term coined here right after her nomination when I evinced the thought that her very selection had impaled her candidacy and by extension the Rethuglicans), when previously defending her against truthiness attacks. Maybe they should have booked Miz Sarah to do her tryout with Miz Kathleen before she was loosed on the public? In any case, the bets are down on Miz Sarah's last day (in the race). What are the odds? The unforgiving video is accessible below. Rate it yourself. And don't forget to vote! Suzan

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