Monday, October 6, 2008

Has John McCain Jumped the Shark? Was It Scarahy?

This week John McCain abandoned campaigning in Michigan (and North Carolina came into play!). Seriously. Just add in the secrecy surrounding his health report card and you get T R O U B L E, reflected in the polls that give Obama a 7-8 point lead. That's it in a nutshell about the McCain-Impaled Candidacy. I wrote an essay when Miz Scarahy (the Unready) was selected by the McCain Nightmare Express that said in effect they must have been so desperate that they were more than willing to dive into a barrel of knives (I even took bets on when she would be unceremoniously dropped from the ticket) (and Frank Rich agreed with me this weekend!). I knew they were impaled then, but this week they have "jumped the shark." If you'd like to help them over that last hurdle (capturing the votes of North Carolina's (where the ratio of new Democratic to Republican voters is now 6:1) reluctant racists who really would like to vote for Obama, but are still afraid of what their neighbors might say), please forward the video (included for your viewing enjoyment) below to everyone who would be interested in saving the country from further infamy. One final note: My favorite candidate for President (or any office to which he would accept nomination), Dennis Kucinich (who has never worried about saying anything politically incorrect), pinpointed precisely what the bailout signifies for each and every one of us when he said to Truthdig that this was:

“the largest single act of class warfare in the modern history of this country.” "It is a direct attack on the American people’s ability to be able to stabilize their homes and their neighborhoods. This single vote will define the careers of everyone. We are back to taxation without representation, to markets that are openly rigged." “We buried the New Deal,” he said of the vote. “Instead of Democrats going back to classic New Deal economics where we prime the pump of the economy and start money circulating among the population through saving homes, creating jobs and building a new infrastructure, our leaders chose to accelerate the wealth of the nation upwards. They did so in a way that was destructive of free-market principles. They ripped away all the familiar moorings. We are in an uncharted sea where the traditional roles of the political parties are being switched. The Democrats have unfortunately become so enamored and beholden to Wall Street that we are not functioning to defend the economic interest of the broad base of the American people. It was up to the Republicans to protect not just a so-called free market but the American taxpayer and attempt to block this. This is an outrage. This was democracy’s Black Friday.”

And now to cure this massive hemorrhage of taxpayer blood. On to the election (as we await Obama's words backing away from this sellout, which I'm sure he wants to do, but fears the "soft on bailouts" label)! Carry on community organizers! Suzan P.S. A few coins in the PayPal tray would do a lot to enable me to be able to keep this site online. Thank you for your previous support!


ddjango said...

In all my years, I've never witnessed a ticket as sorry as McShame/Chewin' Gum Lady. It's embarrassing. Even the Dukakis train wreck was better.

In that context, two things scare me to death . . .

1. The Dumbo Party's star would rise if it dumped McShame from the ticket, rather than the CGL. I won't predict it, but the old shit could withdraw "for health reasons". All bets would be off. Dick "Metal Heart" Cheney ain't through yet.

2. I don't care what the polls say, this thing will be close. Half the people in this country still support the causes of regression and repression.

I'm stock-piling Diet Coke and beef jerky for the long haul. Oh, yeah - and duct tape, lotsa duct tape.

Be at peace - ot try, anyway.

Suzan said...

And the vote goes to . . .

the candidate behind the curtain!

Thanks, ddjango,

Now I won't sleep any this week. (Wait till you see the essay I'm preparing for today.)

And I need a lot more DIET COKE!!!


ddjango said...

Suzan!! OMG!!!!

At some point today, Joel Hirschhorn (who has way more cred than humble I), posted "McCain Considering Conceding Election Soon".


Don't fergit the tater chips.