Monday, January 5, 2009

History Repeating Itself All Too Dimly For the Entertainment-Driven

Have they finally gone too far? Is this Cheney and Bush's (and all the rest of the puppets' (however you define them)) final joke on us with their fond remembrance of past pograms/holocausts? Consider current events. -- Obama set up with a much more cleverly planned and well executed "Bay of Pigs" (for him to deal with before he takes office) mirroring what President Kennedy had set up for him by Allen Dulles' CIA and the Secret Service from the departing Eisenhower/Nixon administration (with their mob-connected underground army at the ready) "as a fait accompli" at the beginning of his term. Can anyone not remember Eisenhower's final warning about the unseen power of the military/industrial complex? -- The financial world in eternal flames with only ashes left for 98% of the people to build any type of recovery on. I remember agonizing during the Israeli bombardment of the people in Lebanon of how unreal it seemed that the world would let this type of annihilation of populations and murder of innocents occur again and continue for so long. Today's bombardments are mirrored by the former. And the right wing in Israel grows stronger because of it. Michael Carmichael, a senior political consultant, historian, author and broadcaster reports that:

Last Saturday, the Israeli Air Force launched its attack on Hamas via its aptly named Operation Cast Lead, a phrase from a popular children’s song during Chanukah to, “cast lead dreidels.” The dreidel is a four-sided spinning top, the favorite child’s toy during Chanukah. Sixty Israeli military aircraft including both F-16s and Apache helicopters are not dropping lead dreidels on the inhabitants of Gaza - they are dropping high-tech 250-pound bombs provided by the “foreign aid” program of the Bush government courtesy of the United States of America. The giant US arms manufacturer, Lockheed-Martin, produces the F-16 “Fighting Falcon” at costs of $70 million per fighter, while McDonnell-Douglas produces the Apache helicopters at an average unit cost of a paltry $14 million per unit. Boeing produces the GBU-39 Small Diameter Bomb (SDB) at a cost of $70-90,000 each. In the first phase of Operation Cast Lead, fifty Israeli Air Force (IAF) F-16s dropped one hundred US-built bombs on 50 targets in Gaza. It should be noted that Hamas does not have an air force, nor supersonic bombers, nor attack helicopters, nor high-tech bombs so the current conflict has no pretensions of being a just war. It is naked aggression – nothing more, nothing less. In contrast to the high-tech US-manufactured arsenal generously provided to Israel courtesy of American taxpayers, Hamas uses outdated and ineffective Katyusha and Qassam missiles. The Russians developed the Katyusha in 1941 as an un-guided artillery shell sometimes described as a multiple rocket launcher. The Qassam is a crude and inexpensive, home-made unguided rocket or ‘missile’ from 3-7 feet in length bearing a small explosive charge that works like a fourth of July rocket from a Chinese fireworks factory.
And once again we know in our hearts that this current bought-and-paid-for, mob-connected activity can be traced to "US" (most of us anyway - as there are very few antiwar marchers in the street this time around, and most people flip past the flames on their TV's while yawning and looking for something more entertaining to watch).
The volcano is erupting, and the lava pouring forth is a bold and deliberate challenge metaphorically slapping the face of President-Elect Barack Obama. The architect of Obama’s challenge is, of course, Lame Duck President George W. Bush.
Did Joe Biden's previous prediction of Obama's "testing" come directly from "our allies" in Israel or is he really on the side of the good guys? I've always wondered why Biden, who is about as un-Jewish a politician as we've ever had on the national scene, has always been overjoyed to describe himself as a Christian Zionist or sometimes just a Zionist. It must have been politically quite useful at one time and most of us probably can remember when defending Israel from attack seemed to be a positive attribute (pre-1967 war strikes). It also seems rather eerie to consider the other "Zionist-identified" politicians at this moment of conflict such as Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State and Tim Geithner (Robert Rubin's protege) as Treasury Secretary. Is it possible "that Obama’s challenge would be the Parthian shot of a disgraced lame duck that could be morphing into Obama’s Bay of Pigs?" And has it finally becoming clear that Madoff's ponzi scheme was a much cleverer ruse run at much higher levels than those in his own craven mind? As reports increase of so many regulators documenting his obvious nefarious practices years before his questionable self-exposure, what other conclusion can an intelligent observer make?
After his inauguration, JFK scaled back US military involvement and the operation floundered on the Cuban beach engraved into the collective consciousness of that era as a massive military debacle known as The Bay of Pigs. JFK accepted the blame for the fiasco, and he ordered the retirement of Allen Dulles, Charles Cabell and Richard Bissell who bore responsibility for the failure. In the aftermath, JFK ordered the reorientation of the CIA that shifted from covert operations that produced searing blowback under Dulles to policing the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons under John McCone, the former head of the Atomic Energy Commission. While it might seem uncanny, a similar scenario is now unfolding in Gaza. A counter-terrorist operation involving US military materiel and foreign troops is taking place before the inauguration of the next president, and there are some striking similarities between the Bay of Pigs and the Gaza War for the origins of both stem from the secret chambers of the previous administration.
And what happened to President Kennedy after he dared to challenge this ongoing black ops organization? These are not encouraging thoughts. One question little discussed so far is "What was the compelling event that must have occurred in order to cause this new offensive to be launched?"
In contrast to the official Israeli rationale, Palestinians, Israeli journalists, Israeli writers and Israeli peace activists trace the breakdown of the truce to an Israeli Defense Force (IDF) military operation that raided a tunnel between Gaza and Egypt and led to the deaths of six Palestinians as the tipping point that precipitated the subsequent escalation of rocket fire from Gaza. On the fifth of November the morning news reported that Barack Obama had been elected to replace George Bush, and on that very day the IDF raided the tunnel killing six Palestinians in the process. In the aftermath of the tunnel raid, Hamas escalated rocket fire ultimately resulting in the death of one Israeli prior to the launch of Operation Cast Lead. Last June, President Hosni Mubarak of Egypt brokered the six-month truce agreement that began on June 18th and expired on the 19th of December. Last week, Prime Minister Tzipi Livni informed Hosni Mubarak that Israel would strike Hamas in retaliation to the rocket fire. Reports in Israel confirm that military planning for the current operation began six months ago, at the beginning of the truce. Less than two months into the truce, the New York Times reported the US would speed up delivery of high-tech bombs to Israel. On the first day of the Israeli assault more than 200 Palestinians died making it the bloodiest day of the Arab-Israeli conflict since the Six Day War of 1967. In televised statements from Bush’s official spokesman, Gordon Johndroe, it is clear that the US is supporting the Israeli attack on Gaza. In a tremulous voice, Mr. Johndroe addressed a hastily assembled press conference in Crawford, Texas. In brief comments punctuated by “Ummms” and “Ahhhs,” Johndroe justified the conflict by the refusal of Hamas to accept the right of Israel to exist. From his podium in Crawford, Johndroe intoned, “Hamas has a choice to make. Right now they are choosing to be a terrorist organization that fires rockets into Israel. That is not going to lead to a ceasefire.” From Johndroe’s statements, the position of the US is sharp and clear. The people of Gaza must not defend themselves against the IAF bombardment or any future IDF ground assault. Through Johndroe’s statements, Bush has issued an ultimatum to the Palestinian people to restrain them from their natural compulsion to defend themselves against armed aggression. Bush’s policy is now perfectly clear, Palestinians will suffer even more severe punishment than Operation Cast Lead via the IDF – the forceful re-occupation of Gaza as a last gasp of Bush’s neoconservative hubris. Johndroe revealed that President Bush was constantly monitoring the situation while conferring with Vice-President Cheney. During the Lebanon War of 2006, Vice President Cheney maintained close communications with the IDF in their assault that resulted in an embarrassing outcome for Israel for they did not achieve their principal objective of destroying Hizbullah, the armed Pro-Palestinian political faction in Lebanon. In the government of Lebanon, Hizbullah’s political strength is growing in both the parliament and the cabinet.
Will the eventual bloody failure of this offensive to silence the Palestinian people's cries of assault be the ending of the American enterprise in this region?

It now seems likely that the Gaza War will be counterproductive. Hamas will emerge more popular than before the US-backed Israeli attack. Five months after the failure of The Bay of Pigs, Che Guevara wrote a letter to JFK thanking him for the attack and stating that it strengthened the popularity of the revolution in Cuba.

Demonstrating the decline of US influence that has fallen off a cliff during the Bush presidency, the rest of the world is condemning the US-backed Israeli operation. Public protests against the Israeli attack began on Saturday morning when 1,000 Israeli protesters challenged the bombing of Gaza in a demonstration in front of the Ministry of Defense in Tel Aviv. Today, a wave of public protest is sweeping across the globe from Turkey to Pakistan in the Middle East to leading cities in Europe, Asia and the Americas – people are convulsed in a cascade of criticism aimed at the disproportionate attack. In several major cities, hundreds of angry protestors are surrounding Israeli embassies to demand an immediate cessation of hostilities. This Saturday, there will be a major demonstration in London’s Trafalgar Square. However, statements from Israeli officials have made it clear that the confrontation will not end soon. Speculation is mounting about an Israeli ground assault to re-occupy Gaza and reverse the bold policy of Ariel Sharon who ordered the IDF withdrawal in 2005. This tactic is shaped by anticipation of a new foreign policy that will be unveiled by President-Elect Obama after he takes the oath of office in January. . . . Of all the problems facing President-Elect Obama, the Arab-Israeli conflict is the proverbial Gordion Knot. In order to move beyond the neoconservative era of Bush and Cheney, the first task facing the Obama administration is not merely the US withdrawal from Iraq, but the pacification of the Middle East. Unless there is a resolution of the Arab-Israeli conflict, Obama will face the untenable prospect of continuing the failed foreign policy of Bush. . . . The new American pro-peace, pro-Israel lobby, J Street criticized the growing violence of the Israeli settlers. Now, J Street is now calling for the immediate cessation of Operation Cast Lead and the launch of peace negotiations. Against the backdrop of a new American administration preparing to assume power and make changes, Lame Duck President George W. Bush authorized the Israeli assault on Gaza by pledging US support for the attack. It should never be forgotten that Bush is a dedicated Christian Zionist who broke into tears when he was fawningly eulogized in the Knesset during his last visit to Israel in May. Like the portrait of Dorian Gray that morphed into increasingly hideous configurations while its subject descended into deeper levels of vice, immorality and personal corruption, Bush’s broken presidency is morphing into a crescendo of violence and pathos in a childish fit of pique designed to destroy Obama’s presidency before it begins – in effect foisting a catastrophe upon the incoming president before he has a chance to take the oath of office. This macabre scenario vividly recalls the Bay of Pigs, the ill-conceived assault on Castro’s Cuba planned in secret by Allen Dulles, the Director of Central Intelligence, and then-Vice President Richard Nixon in the summer of 1960. JFK permitted the tragedy to unfold, and he took the blame for the fiasco that was the most searing foreign policy scandal of his short term in office. Today, Obama is facing the same gambit on the chessboard as JFK – a disastrous last gasp of neoconservatism threatens to scuttle his presidency before it begins. This is the first major test of Obama predicted by Biden. Failure to respond appropriately to this challenge will plunge the Middle East into a maelstrom that could very well consume Obama’s presidency in a Cold War over energy with American prestige on the decline. In ancient Persia, the Parthians produced one of the most devastating cavalry techniques in ancient warfare. While retreating from the battlefield, Parthian archers would turn in their saddles to fire a volley of arrows at their pursuers. While Bush is being democratically forced from power, he is firing a volley of military crises at Obama, and his fingerprints are all over the current crop of corpses in Gaza. Obama is not JFK, and Gaza is not Cuba. With American prestige on the decline and the global economic meltdown, Obama is facing a distinctly different but equally challenging nightmare as JFK did in 1961 in the midst of recession and the macabre machinations of the Cold War.

I think the population of progressives (not to mention liberals) should be planning massive public actions in support of Obama's adoption of new diplomatic initiatives and the immediate commencement of the disengagement of U.S. troops from the battlefields. We need all of our resources here at home to engage our own financial terrorist attacks. Let the antiwar marches begin anew. Suzan _______________________________


Juan Moment said...

This is the first major test of Obama predicted by Biden. Failure to respond appropriately to this challenge will plunge the Middle East into a maelstrom that could very well consume Obama’s presidency in a Cold War over energy with American prestige on the decline.

I am sorry to say, but in my eyes Obama has already failed to respond. His silence on the mass murder that is unfolding in Gaza is the mark of a president who will be selling out the hopes rested in him with continued arms shipments to Israel.

His failure to speak out against what is going down in Palestine is in line with his speech at last year's AIPEC gathering, showing no understanding for the Palestinian suffering and the injustice Israel is dishing out. Add to that his appointments of Rahm as CoS, and now quite likely the Bush and Wolfowitz apostle Dennis Ross as special envoy to Iran. Also, Nelson reports that Richard Holbrooke will become Special Envoy for India and Pakistan and Anne Marie Slaughter head of Policy Planning, among many other likely appointments of particular relevance to Asia policy.

Picking Clinton as his Sec State, a woman about as loyal to Israel's continued military rule as Livni, and now Holbrooke as the man for Pakistani affairs, an investment banker so intrinsically entwined with the scrupulous political establishment that its hard to find someone more likely to continue the present hegemonic US policies, speaks louder than the lip service to change he blathered on about during the election circus.

So yes I am sorry, many of the decisions Obama made since the election have turned my hope for change to hope that he won't be quite as bad as his predecessor. I wish it wouldn't be so, but that's the feeling I get.

Suzan said...

Juan, Juan, Juan


You know I agree with you - hoping against hope that somehow the Hillary choice makes some sort of diplomatic sense (maybe she is the only one the Israeli far rightwingnuts will talk with?). Other than that - pure mystery. And Holbrooke? I used to think was too intelligent to have drunk their koolaid (so looooong ago), so maybe Obie will let his "true" nature shine? Other than that it's curtains for us as the game remains the same - only the players are different.

I do know he made one choice for the investigation of the torturers - a woman law professor who actually understands the Constitution - so we've got that.

It's a cruel world when you can't at least speak out in favor of not killing people isn't it?

Good to hear from you!