Friday, February 27, 2009

Get Your Ornery Bastard Here!

This guy not only rocks hard against the forces of evil (in this case the sublimely stoopid next Rethugli-Con hero, Bobby Jizzdal), he actually does some good down and dirty work(s) too. (H/t to Driftglass.) Enjoy!

After watching President Obama address the nation in a fairly forthright way, not all of it,by any stretch of the imagination,I am now watching Bobby Jindal try and rebut that and it is FAIL, 1.0. . . . The little . . . twit got his panties in a twist because there is some money in the fiasco for volcano monitoring and he just cannot see the wisdom of that and was OPENLY derisive of that funding. . . . Mt. St. Helens? Let me refresh your memory. . . . Just for your information, the ash from that little fire cracker shut down the Columbia River, the largest River in the Pacific Northwest, killed over 50 people and destroyed a few towns, wiped out a few hundred square miles of forest,killed thousands of animals, sterilized a couple of lakes full of trout and wiped out an entire salmon run, choked every river around it for miles and cost hundreds of millions of FEDERAL DOLLARS just to re open the biggest water way for traffic involving four states and parts of Canada. The ash from that eruption went all the way around the world. Guess what, Mr. I don't want to pay for monitoring? I busted my narrow ass as part of a massive dredging project cleaning that mess enough to get the Columbia open AND the Cowlitz river too. The area is still to this day completely . . . up and the ash from that eruption is still everywhere. There are still giant mountains of ash and artificial islands a mile long, twenty nine . . . years later. Damn, I certainly would hate for your ass to pay one . . . nickel for any monitoring, ya know.
I don't believe any commentator has been this eloquent yet. Suzan __________________________


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Suzan said...

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Keep up the stellar work, and thanks for the blogroll listing!