Friday, May 22, 2009

Could You Make A Donation Today? Thank You From My Innermost Being!

Please make a donation if you enjoy reading this blog and are not unemployed or already too poor to do anything except support yourself and your family. I wouldn't ask except for the dire economic straits I'm experiencing right now. If you can put even a few dollars in the tip jar, it will increase the possibility that I (through this blog) will be able to continue to bring you the essays confronting the explosive economic/financial issues coming our way soon (if not already here now). I attempt to cover the economic/financial news that is not given much daylight elsewhere, and to highlight original essays by kindred spirits who try to do the same. I particularly give importance to those writers/artists who are ignored by the FCM (Fawning Corporate Media). Thank you for all you have done for me in the past as I go about my daily life trying to make a difference in our increasingly downhill-sliding economic world. The real unemployment rate here in North Carolina is over 20% and is skyrocketing. Suzan __________________

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Suzan said...

I thank you for your help in keeping this blog operating.

Long live the free internet!