Monday, November 9, 2009

"It's a Virus Not a Party: Republicanism" (Stamp It OUT!)

Whiskeyfire has an incisive take on the latest from (and they're not kidding you here) the American Thinker's War on Left "is coming." Soon. No, Really, Any Time Now, Probably. You Never Know, So Look Out.

let us all be very afraid of the little American Thinkers threatening to terrorize the nation at some point, when they get around to it, to save it from terrorists. Methinks J.R. Dunn has consumed too much tea at those parties.
Mike Whitney has counseled us wisely already that we should be Taking Stock of the Republicans (carefully) (emphasis marks added - Ed.)
The Republicans have become deficit hawks. It's more phoniness from a party of phonies. They've decided to stake their political future on opposition to Obama's agenda. It doesn't matter what it is; they're against it. Stimulus is bad because extends unemployment benefits and keeps the states on life support. The Republicans have a better idea; let's build more bombs and slash taxes. "We must be prudent and save the Republic from penury." (That's the GOP mantra) What utter hypocrisy. Mitch McConnell is the worst of them, a corporate toady without a trace of dignity. Republicans talking about fiscal discipline is like a street-walker preaching about chastity. They have no credibility at all. During the Bush term, they doubled the national debt from $5.6 trillion to $11 trillion in 8 years, the biggest expansion of government spending in US history. All that's forgotten; down the memory hole. Now they've found religion. How convenient. There should be a vaccine against Republicans. It's a virus not a party. They lead the nation into 8 years of carnage and disgrace and then dare to show their faces on Capital Hill? It just proves how far the country has slipped. One million Iraqis killed, over one-fifth of the population displaced. 5 years later and there's still no clean water, no functioning school system, 1 in 3 children suffering from trauma, tens of thousands slowly dyng from depleted uranium. The invasion was an exercise in premeditated genocide and the Republican party's bloody fingerprints are all over the murder weapon. Every Republican senator and congressman who voted for the war should be dragged in front of a tribunal and sentenced. Democrats too. Iraq is forgotten now. We won. The plan to ethnically cleanse the Sunnis from Baghdad succeeded. The death squad strategy prevailed. Murder works. Now General "Death Squad" has moved on to Afghanistan. His work is not done, yet.

The Republicans love McCrystal; he's their kind of guy. He knows how to deliver. More dead civilians, more fatherless children, more blood.

The country has two political parties; two war parties. The Republicans are only worse by degree. In essence, both parties share the same vision of the future; more conquest, more suffering, more bloodletting. America ran out of steam long ago; now it's fueled by its commitment to violence alone.

Hard to argue with Mike today isn't it? And I'm taking stock of the Dims too. And speaking of not arguing with someone who speaks the truth for many, many people outside of the U.S. (emphasis marks added - Ed.).

The threat from Iran is minuscule. If Iran had nuclear weapons and delivery systems and prepared to use them, the country would be vaporized.

To believe Iran would use nuclear weapons to attack Israel, or anyone, “amounts to assuming that Iran’s leaders are insane” and that they look forward to being reduced to “radioactive dust,” strategic analyst Leonard Weiss observes, adding that Israel’s missile-carrying submarines are “virtually impervious to preemptive military attack,” not to speak of the immense U.S. arsenal.

. . . Silence is often more eloquent than loud clamor, so let us attend to what is unspoken. Amid the furor over Iranian duplicity, the IAEA passed a resolution calling on Israel to join the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and open its nuclear facilities to inspection. The United States and Europe tried to block the IAEA resolution, but it passed anyway. The media virtually ignored the event. The United States assured Israel that it would support Israel’s rejection of the resolution — reaffirming a secret understanding that has allowed Israel to maintain a nuclear arsenal closed to international inspections, according to officials familiar with the arrangements. Again, the media were silent. Indian officials greeted U.N. Resolution 1887 by announcing that India “can now build nuclear weapons with the same destructive power as those in the arsenals of the world’s major nuclear powers,” the Financial Times reported. Both India and Pakistan are expanding their nuclear weapons programs. They have twice come dangerously close to nuclear war, and the problems that almost ignited this catastrophe are very much alive. Obama greeted Resolution 1887 differently. The day before he was awarded the Nobel Prize for his inspiring commitment to peace, the Pentagon announced it was accelerating delivery of the most lethal non-nuclear weapons in the arsenal: 13-ton bombs for B-2 and B-52 stealth bombers, designed to destroy deeply hidden bunkers shielded by 10,000 pounds of reinforced concrete. It’s no secret the bunker busters could be deployed against Iran. Planning for these “massive ordnance penetrators” began in the Bush years but languished until Obama called for developing them rapidly when he came into office. Passed unanimously, Resolution 1887 calls for the end of threats of force and for all countries to join the NPT, as Iran did long ago. NPT non-signers are India, Israel and Pakistan, all of which developed nuclear weapons with U.S. help, in violation of the NPT. Iran hasn’t invaded another country for hundreds of years—unlike the United States, Israel and India (which occupies Kashmir, brutally).
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One Fly said...

Had not heard that about inspections for Israel. Hell of a fine idea.

Do not repeat do not raise troop #'s in Afghannystan Mr. President.

You nutters who are wannabe shooters-shoot in Iran and watch the world wide depression come to your neighborhood.

MadMike said...

I am convinced that between the two viruses, H1N1 and Republicanism, the latter is far more dangerous than the former.

Suzan said...

It is a great idea, isn't it, One Fly?

Wonder why no one thought of it before?

Had not heard that about inspections for Israel. Hell of a fine idea.

No wonder you are mad, Mike. I'm mad too, but thank whomever I didn't have to work in law enforcement (for 10 years!) - or that Rethuglicanism virus that attacked my ability to make a living would have driven me entirely around the bend.

Although . . . .

Republicanism, the latter is far more dangerous than the former.

Thanks for the comments, guys! They mean a lot.