Monday, December 21, 2009

Jesus Still Thinks You're a Jerk! ("On This Day A Frank Is Born")

Happy Birthday, Frank!
I couldn't think of a better tribute (although Fried Green Al-Qaedas did), so here goes (use your favorite famous names as substitutions - notice how the words haven't needed to be changed since the Raygun years). Remember the gifts that Frank gave us decades ago that we need today . . . everyday. Going out to our Rethug and Democrap friends! Enjoy! A hat tip goes out to our friend USAitia at Urantian Sojourn for this further tribute.
And a special one to Mark at Fried Green Al-Qaedas for the Zappadan Roundup!
Suzan _____________________


mark hoback said...

Thanks Suzan, and a Merry Zappadan to you!

Lisa G. said...

I'm not much of a Zappa fan, but that was damned funny!

Suzan said...

You are very welcome, Mark.

And Happy Zappadan to you too.

Lisa, I know how you feel.

It took me a while to appreciate "Yellow Snow," and yet, just listening to Frank opened my eyes in ways indescribable.

And it was soooo long ago.

One of my exes is a BIG Frank fan who turned me on to him in the early 80's.

I celebrate Zappadan fondly - and he had the BEST sense of humor ever.

Love ya,


Reamus said...

Frank is/was nuts, but you gotta love'em, no?

Thanks for the links, Susan.

Oso said...

Went to see them one time,Civic Auditorium I think it was. Zappa was taking tickets at the door and he noticed one of my partners had a bottle of cheap wine in his pocket. He said "You guys must be from East LA".

In addition to being a great musician Frank Zappa was a good judge of character.

Suzan said...

You're welcome, Reamus, and you gotta admit that although "nuts," he was deeper and subtler than all the "straight" (non-nut) musicians. I believe that many of them said they'd be Frank if they had the balls.

And OSO, I agree, he was the ultimate judge of character(s) (IMHO).

Thanks for commenting.

Love you!


Lisa G. said...

Oso is my favorest (yeah, I made it us...kill me later) commentator. He and I are of the same old blood.

Suzan said...

And you know how I love your old blood, Lisa!

Merry Merry (if you can stand it).


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