Sunday, January 30, 2011

GET OFF OF FACEBOOK! Who’s Watching Whom? "Well Known Techniques To Alarm the Public, Create Sympathy and Get More Funding"

Think your personal data is private on Facebook?

Think again.

I've said it from the first: there is no way your private information is safe anywhere online. There is too much money to be made from knowing who (or whom) you are.

From our woman on the scene at that famous blog, Liberality (emphasis marks added - Ed.):

Facebook Sucks

Now you don't have a choice, you will advertise for products whether you want to or not. Plus, Facebook wants you to spill your guts and they want to make money off it. Then they try to trick you when you really do want to delete your account.

Tell Me Again. For Just Whom Does He Work?

Just today this article appeared in syndication from the St. Louis Post Dispatch newspaper (you won't believe what is floated on a daily basis in our local papers - unless you pay close attention):

Sterling's arrest shows how the government is moving with new urgency to block the flow of secrets to the public, said Steven Aftergood, an expert on government secrecy at the Federation of American Scientists.

This is an ' unprecedented' fifth prosecution during President Barack Obama's administration for unauthorized leaks of classified information, more than all previous administrations put together.

Although one would need to guess that what actually happened concerning such during the Cheney/Bush endtimes will not be known for years. (Emphasis marks added - Ed.)
WikiYou: Who’s Watching Who?
"CyberCom is a PR stunt by the Defense Department. . . . It's a marketing stunt." - John Young By Russ Baker Here’s an intriguing interview with the founder of the first “Leaks” site, Cryptome.

A few excerpts (emphasis marks added - Ed.):

“Beware of the Internet, which is a large-scale spying machine”

“Secrecy is the enemy of democracy; it’s way overdone.”

“Sites like ours . . . are left in place to watch who comes there . . . The reason we haven’t been shut down [by the government] is we’re useful to them to see what kind of attention is paid to this material. We think they actually feed us material to put up as they’re feeding material to WikiLeaks and many other sites . . . .”

“We know that we cannot keep any secrets about our site, and we tell our readers you should not expect us to protect you because we’re being watched and every other site is being watched just like WikiLeaks is being watched. So there’s no secrecy on the Internet . . . .”

“Governments leak more information than the rest of us for their own purposes..they run operations to leak secrets to test their own system. Their own disgruntled employees are encouraged to leak secrets to see what happens. They leave laptops around as if left by a drunk. They leave papers around. They put stuff on WikiLeaks. These are well known techniques to alarm the public, create sympathy and get more funding. This is a business.”

The Digest

Get off Facebook.

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