Monday, May 9, 2011

American Ineptitude (Don't-Know-How) Revealed: The People Living In Osama's "Neighborhood" Say Osama Never Here and No Way Any of This Happened!

In a country ever on the alert for "good" news (and disbelieving the "bad"), and as I only know what I'm told (on the TV!) . . . A little info seeps through from Osama's "neighborhood," Abbottabad (home of a large number of military personnel and headquarters of a very important and well-known Pakistani Army brigade). One comment made by one of the neighbors:

Osama was never here. . . . It's America and the dirty American policies. When America wants to take over an area, this is what they do . . . . American wants to destroy the image of the Pakistani Army.. . . . Even the members of the Anit-Terrorist Squad couldn't confirm the operation. . . . The locals in the neighborhood say it was a complete hoax.
People living the area say they never saw Osama and that he never lived in that house. But they're just lying. Right? USA USA USA !!!!!!! The following video is from CCTV. Here are a few comments at that reporting site from among the less crazy "wise guys:"

Anymouse: The "elite" killer squad sent out to snuff the virtual phantom to save Osama O Ba Ma's lying ass were so inept (look at their handlers lies in the aftermath of this caper) that they shot down one of their own super duper absolutely incredibly amazing Stealth slash Black Hawk copters (or even more embarrassingly for these redneck jimmy bond style murderers hit the freaking garden wall) before perpetrating the murder of 3 unarmed and possibly sleeping men in front of women and children. They then hightailed out of there presumably with their own "friendly-fire" dead and wounded and their bagged elusive virtual phantom in the still functioning copter they didn't manage to crash or blow up. "Gotta get the phantom into the ocean, Nutman before he reconstitutes and blows up Amurika agiiin." "Right on Robin, set the super turbo hose pipe ejecto flush for the Arabian Sea!" All in all the entire idiotic stunt with its attendant gallery of White house jesters munching pizza and popcorn in "real" time that did or didn't see the "seal" show murder is nothing more than a sordid mess that shows yet again that murka is but a crude joke that has but one remaining semi viable functioning industry, the despicable Pentagon Kill Industries Inc but that too is going the way of everything else in this sorry shit hole due to the arrogance and ignorance and lack of all morality of a nation of mutts living long past its shelf life. As Monty Python put it "Bring out your dead" or "live with the stink"! cuthulan: As far as I see it... The US government is facing more war crimes in Libya after killing Gaddafis children and grandchildren , a GROSS WAR CRIME(but is there a war crime that is not gross?) They also want us to forget about the Japanese radiation and the economic meltdown and banker bail outs and bonuses and the mass demonstrations and the fact we are crushing real democracy protestors across the middle east. The government had to do something to distract us and get us behind the government again..... So lets pretend we got the bad guy!! In reality just whose family was slaughtered and their bodies dumped in the sea for an American PR stunt and the shouts of "USA, USA"?! IMHO this is the behaviour of desperation, a government in meltdown and panicking!! And an injured and cornered animal is still very dangerous, so we all better watch out!! stoneweapon: I'm no expert on crash and demolition sites, but where did the ash and residue go from the petroleum based products of interior parts and electrical components and instrumentation etc.? Does the helicopter look like it could have been salvaged from a previous crash site and laid out in the compound to replicate a crash site? Compare the following crash and burn sites: A fabricated crash and demolition of "America's most guarded 'stealth' secret?" An authentic recent crash and demolition of an F15 in Libya Tell me I'm crazy.
Er, not yet.
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