Friday, October 14, 2011

I'm Off to OccupyGreensboro - Fight the Cuts! (Police Break Up Peaceful Protests In NY, Seattle, Denver)

I'm off to the OccupyGreensboro March!

After a week of intense preparation, meetings, trainings and personal workouts to build stamina (ha!), I'm off to join the mob.

Just kidding! Would I be a part of a mob?
You know better.

But I am one of the Legal Observers, who writes up all the incidents for any possible problems (like court testimony) which may arise later. So, I'm going to be a calming influence (if you can believe it).

I want to leave you with a few timely essays on whither I goeth.

My good friend, Marc McDonald at Beggars Can Be Choosers leads the way.

In the era of "Occupy Wall Street," this is what it all comes down to: As Noam Chomsky has pointed out, every single right that workers today enjoy was fought for, tooth and claw. The 40-hour week. The minimum wage. The dole.

Hell, even the right of 8-year-old kids to not have to work in a dangerous, filthy coal mine in order to line the pockets of sick plutocrats (who only ended child labor when legislation forced them to).

Now, the bastards want to take it all away from us. Everything from the New Deal to Medicare.

It's interesting how there's always trillions of dollars readily available for war, death and destruction and "military" profiteers.

But when it comes to the working class, "our" government can never do enough slashing and burning of the programs that we fought for decades to give us a decent life with some measure of dignity.

So while these plutocrats are spending trillions on the likes of Halliburton and the crooks on Wall Street, they're always claiming that the "money just isn't there" for "wasteful" domestic spending.

Yes, that's definitely the problem. Our nation simply has the wrong priorities.
We just spend too goddamn much on the likes of roads, bridges, schools, teachers and firefighters.

In this song, Britain's mighty Mekons spell out what the working class must do: Fight the Cuts.

As the "Occupy Wall Street" (movement) continues to grow, it's important that we Fight the Cuts that the Ruling Class Pigs are trying to force down our throats.
At Deconstructing the Manifesto we learn:

Friday, October 14, 2011
"Denver Police Break Up Peaceful Protest, Give Park Back To The Drug Dealers" - Day 28, #OccupyDenver #OccupyWallStreet
#OWS Collage

[Update 12:30 EST: Small but hardy #OccupyTrenton just had all possessions confiscated. Livestream.]

(Humorous title courtesy John, aka PopMusicNotes, h/t Cahokia.) From Occupy Denver:

Ground Update: Central camp has been evacuated and the final structures have come down. There were a few arrests of those defending our kitchen. Occupiers have been pushed out to the perimeters of Lincoln park and yet... Occupy Denver lives on. This is NOT over. Make signs. Come down. Fear Not. OCCUPY!
As for Bloomberg's cleanup party:
From Eagle World News we learn much more.

NEW YORK - Police in New York City have arrested several Occupy Wall Street protesters who were marching down the streets of the financial district.

The march and arrests came after the protesters learned early Friday that they would be allowed to stay in the park where they are camped, instead of having to clear out the area for cleaning.

The protesters had earlier been told to leave privately owned Zuccotti Park by early Friday morning so the owners could clean the area, which they say has become filthy during the occupation. Instead, the protesters cleaned the park overnight. Police have increased security in the area.

Also Friday, police in Denver, Colorado, advanced on a public square at the state capitol building where anti-Wall Street protesters were camping out.

The officers moved into the square in the early morning hours, ordering the protesters to dismantle their tents and vacate the area.
And late Thursday in Seattle, Washington, police arrested 10 protesters who refused to leave their encampment at a city park.

The Occupy Wall Street protest began on September 17 with a small group of activists accusing what they call “corporate America” of fostering a growing economic divide between the wealthy and the poor and middle class. The number of protesters has grown, capturing the attention of news outlets and inspiring similar demonstrations across the U.S.

The GOP Primary Voter Problem Explained

 (Lifted from Driftglass' classic site)

From our friends at Crooks and Liars who inform us as to what President McCain (the real President - like Cheney) is going to do if we piss him off. (And he is already on a tear.)
[h/t Daily Kos]
Today John McCain introduced the Republican Grand Answer to President Obama's American Jobs Act - the "Real American Jobs Act". I won't bore you with the details since you've heard it at every Republican debate and on every single so-called cable news channel already. Just assume it's a combination of the worst provisions of the Ryan plan and the Republican Contract on America, given that Rand Paul authored much of it.
But there was a little twist. Witness Shadow President Senator John McCain's declaration that they will nullify the "supercongress" rather than abide by defense cuts after they quite nearly melted down our economy over a routine debt ceiling vote. These lunatics drove us right to the brink of madness and default for...nothing, because nothing is what they do!
Oh, and he also said they would play the Tit-for-Tat game, promising to introduce one of their provisions for every one of President Obama's provisions. You should read that as a solid promise to filibuster every single provision in President Obama's bill that might actually do something for people right now. Here's that clip:

John McCain seriously believe those people protesting in streets and parks across the country care even enough to play a tiny violin about the idea of Republicans introducing bills for tax cuts and regulations repeal to go one-on-one against President Obama's jobs bill, broken down? Really?
Here's some really straightforward, stark economic truth for Senator McCain and his merry band of fools: 63 percent of Americans approve of and wanted the Congress to pass President Obama's jobs bill.

This is because Americans need jobs now, not a bunch of posturing on Capitol Hill about how the Very Important Lawmakers Know What's Best For America. They understand that infrastructure spending, rehiring teachers and upgrading schools are all good things for this country and their communities. In case McCain and his cohorts are a little short on math skills, that's nearly two-thirds of voters in this country. Getting close to two-thirds of any group to agree on something usually means it's something Congress ought to be doing. By the way, on that math skills thing? Yes, John McCain is three zeroes away from remedial math class, since there aren't billions of jobs or billions of Americans, for that matter. But if there were billions and billions of Americans, two-thirds of those billions would still want President Obama's jobs plan.
Instead, we have the CrazyHouse proposing to cut Pell grants, worker protections, and job training programs while huffy puffy Senate Republicans play reverse Houdini and bloviate about how they're gonna match every provision of President Obama's broken-up bill sentence for sentence, guaranteeing complete and total gridlock in the Senate, as if there isn't enough of that already.
Oh, and then there's the abortion bills. Let us never forget those. One a week, it seems, and this week is no exception.
Meanwhile, real people with real concerns don't get to appear in foreclosure court and tell the judge they're just waiting for the Congress to get its act together so they can pay the mortgage, or feed their kids, or even rent a place to live.

This is why people hate Congress. They rushed and put together a bailout bill for the big banks as a mostly bipartisan effort, and got it done, rammed down the throats of the American people, to borrow a favorite Republican epithet.
Well, hoo-ray, the economy didn't completely implode, but they can't manage to actually get anything done that benefits people who get up and put one foot in front of the other every day with little prospect for getting ahead of their debt or getting a job, or even just managing to buy one little extra thing that would help stimulate the economy? Really?
Here's another example of their do-nothingness: Marco Rubio introduced a bill Thursday guaranteed to kill 500,000 jobs. Not just guaranteed, but designed to do that. On purpose.
Count me in as one of the 88 percent who think Congress is completely useless, and let me zero in further and say I think the Republicans in Congress are useless along with a few Democrats who vote like Republicans.
If we were not in desperate need of some actual action from these yahoos, we'd just hate them and move on, but that's not the case. People are barely hanging on by their ragged fingernails while these stiff shirts keep their pissing contest going. Enough.

Does anyone need more evidence that those folks occupying Wall Street, Boston, Los Angeles, and everywhere else actually have something to say and something to be angry about?
Does the word "guillotine" mean anything to these scumbags?

On to the march!


Anonymous said...

Leave it to the ass-kissing sycophants at C&L to blame the Republicans (and a "few Demos").

God, their partisan hackery knows no bounds. Isn't it clear to you that their site is nothing more than a Demo propaganda unit? That they continue the same sickening divide that championed in Obama? For fuck's sake.

Suzan said...

You know by and large I agree with you, B.

I do think though that C&L are pretty good at labeling the crimes; it's up to us/US to label (and try) the criminals.

Love ya.

March for Financial Justice!