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Bye Bye Dylan Ratigan, Alice Walker Says Israel's Treatment of Palestinians Worse Than U.S. Slavery, Corporations Used to Pay 3 Times What Workers Pay in Taxes - Now It's 1/5 (Have You Seen PoorBoy Tommy Friedman's Mansion?)

That fabulous David DeGraw has a number of Ratigan videos emphasizing the historical importance of this man to those of us who mourn his passing from the scene at MSNBC. (And what is the story there and when will he be on Current TV?)

Real Deal Dylan Ratigan Walks Off Into The Sunrise

A Tribute to the “Mad As Hell” Newsman

As Vince Vaughn put it, “Well, well, our little boy is all grow(n) up.” My brother from another mother, Dylan Ratigan is doing his last show on MSNBC today. Congrats on one hell of a run!!

It has been inspiring to watch the “young hotshot” reporter from CNBC evolve into the “Mad As Hell” newsman on MSNBC. From reporting & ranting about “the greatest theft of wealth in history” to “get money out” to “the 30 million jobs tour” to “more for less, sustainability,” Dylan has helped evolve the narrative far past the Left Vs. Right, Republican Vs. Democrat divide & conquer groupthink trap. I think I would be in an insane asylum if it wasn’t for Dylan boldly speaking truth to power in the sea of bullshit that passes for TV “news.”

While some may consider it sad to see him leaving his show, I’m excited to witness his evolution from caged cable newsman trapped inside a dying medium, to a free, pioneering, trailblazing champion of sustainability in whatever forms that may take. I don’t know many people who have the guts, or vision, to walk away from a boatload of cash and a national TV gig. The way I see it, this is what separates the shortsighted self-obsessed careerist talking heads from the real warriors who want to get their hands dirty and truly help evolve our society from an unsustainable disastrous path to a sustainable and prosperous future.

Here’s a tribute to Dylan I posted back in October, 2009:

One Person in the Mainstream Media Who Gets It: ‘The Greatest Theft in History!’

One Person in the Mainstream Media Who Gets It: 'The Greatest Theft in History!' (Videos)As a refugee from CNBC, financial reporter Dylan Ratigan has found his voice on MSNBC’s Morning Meeting. He speaks truth to power in a way very few others in the mainstream media are capable of. His economic reporting background and understanding of complex financial issues led him to the realization that a financial coup has occurred in the US, and he’s not afraid to take on the Economic Death Squad from his cable news outlet. He’s done such an amazing job of educating the masses on this issue that we used audio clips from his show in our new Economic Death Squad video. Here are some insightful recent clips. Show them to your friends and family to educate them on this crime against humanity.

Wall St Gangsters: The Largest Theft in History

Goldman Sachs magic trick

How the Federal Reserve Enabled the Greatest Theft in American History

Dark Pools, The Banksters Trying to Subvert Financial Reform

America Has a Disease, Will You Rise Up?
Here’s our video featuring audio clips from Dylan:

The Greatest Theft in History – Wall Street Economic Death Squad – Part II

Here’s his famous “Mad As Hell” moment:

And here’s one of several interviews I did with him back in October 2011:

Prosecute the Wall Street Mafia! Bill Black, Dylan Ratigan & David DeGraw on the Destruction of the Rule of Law

Alright bro, you’ve talked the talk, now let’s walk the walk ;-)

Good *Morning* & Good Luck . . .

Does it really take a poet to frame the perspective on one of the most important issues of our time and speak the truth (to power) about the reality of the Israeli mistreatment of the Palestinians?

Alice Walker Declines Request to Publish Israeli Edition of The Color Purple

Pulitzer prize-winning author cites 'apartheid and persecution of the Palestinian people' in letter to Yediot Books
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Alice Walker 

Alice Walker's views have undergone a sea change since the publication of a Hebrew edition of The Color Purple in the 80s. (Photograph: Tara Todras-Whitehll/AP)

The Pulitzer prize-winning author Alice Walker has refused to allow an Israeli edition of her classic novel The Color Purple to be published because she believes the country "is guilty of apartheid and persecution of the Palestinian people".

In a letter to Yediot Books, published on the website of the Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel, Walker explained her decision. Although a Hebrew edition of the award-winning novel was published in the 1980s, the author was a juror on a tribunal that met in South Africa last autumn to discuss the Palestine situation. Walker said the testimony she heard was devastating.

"I grew up under American apartheid and this was far worse," she wrote. "Indeed, many South Africans who attended, including Desmond Tutu, felt the Israeli version of these crimes is worse even than what they suffered under the white supremacist regimes that dominated South Africa for so long. It is my hope that the non-violent BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions) movement, of which I am part, will have enough of an impact on Israeli civilian society to change the situation."

Walker, who took part in the 2011 aid flotilla to Gaza, cited an earlier example of her attempts to "rid humanity of its self-destructive habit of dehumanising whole populations" in her letter: when the film of The Color Purple was completed, she lobbied against it being shown in South Africa.

"It was not a particularly difficult position to hold on my part: I believe deeply in non-violent methods of social change, though they sometimes seem to take forever, but I did regret not being able to share our movie, immediately, with (for instance) Winnie and Nelson Mandela and their children, and also with the widow and children of the brutally murdered, while in police custody, Steven Biko, the visionary journalist and defender of African integrity and freedom," wrote Walker. "We decided to wait. How happy we all were when the apartheid regime was dismantled and Nelson Mandela became the first president of color of South Africa. Only then did we send our beautiful movie! And to this day, when I am in South Africa, I can hold my head high and nothing obstructs the love that flows between me and the people of that country."

The author thanked Yediot Books for its request to publish The Color Purple, the story of a poor black girl in the deep American south between the wars, and said she "would so like knowing my books are read by the people of your country, especially by the young, and by the brave Israeli activists (Jewish and Palestinian) for justice and peace I have had the joy of working beside".
"I am hopeful that one day, maybe soon, this may happen," added Walker. "But now is not the time. We must continue to work on the issue, and to wait." Walker signed off with the hope that "a just future can be fashioned from small acts".

And although we know the gap between workers' and corporations' taxpaying obligations is large and growing, did you know it was this much larger (Grand Canyonicity) from what it was in the 50's? (And some think they didn't win the Class War?)

And, of course, this is the house in which middle-class worker bee - or so he claims - (New York Times columnist) little Tommy Friedman lives. Of course, he did marry a billionaire's daughter (over 30 years ago, but who's counting?). So, there's that.

This Is Thomas Friedman’s House

Literally. Seriously. He seriously lives here. Honestly. If you were this free from Want, wouldn’t you be writing the same fantasy bullshit too? (No.) [Balloon Juice]

So, go off and make fun of that "class war" now.


Phil said...

If one must live in an ecological disaster area, one must do it in style. Friedman seems to have nailed it.

Suzan said...

Oh, Phil!

You devil you.

What I really hate about the guy (and all of his ilk) is that they make a pretty nice living pretending to be unbiased about the messes they aided in creating.

And continue to encourage.

But it's rude to ever mention someone's wealth in our increasingly unequal society, isn't it?

Or so they hope.

Love you,