Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Paid-Off Liars and Those Who Pay Them To Lie About the Deficit And Fraudulent Social Security (Which Controls a 3 Trillion Dollar Already-Paid-For Trust Fund) Woes, Nationwide Monitoring of Occupy By FBI, CIA Security Force Emerges From Shadows, Go Over Cliff?

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I'm pleased to highlight this essay from The Angry Bear, who is always just as outraged as I at the lies and liars who are dominating the current national dialogue (and how sure they remain about hoodwinking the populace into curing the only-frightening-when-caused-by-Democrats deficit (the largest amounts historically always incurred by Republican pursuit of tax breaks for the wealthy resulting in slowing the US economic engine) with required cuts in the safety net/Social Security/Medicare expenditures (mainly utilized by the non-wealthy)).

Fareed Zakaria wrote an essay for Time, The Baby Boom and Financial Doom. Dean Baker responded to Zakaria with Fareed Zakaria Is Unhappy That the American Left Chooses Arithmetic Over Peter Peterson.  Baker makes the point that the increase in the number of people over age sixty five has always been accompanied by an increase in productivity that makes everyone richer despite the costs of feeding the old.

Baker is far too kind to Zakaria. Zakaria’s article is a compendium of lies designed to fool people in order to lead them to their harm. The lies are not original with Zakaria but are the same lies we have been hearing from Peter Peterson sponsored think tank “non partisan expert” liars for years.

I hope that by taking a little harder look at those lies people will learn how not to be fooled by them and others like them. [Note: I have been told that I need to find another word for "liars." I understand that people are put off by it, but they need to understand that is exactly what we are dealing with here: lies and liars: words designed to deceive you by people who mean you harm. It is almost possible to believe that Zakaria doesn't know he is lying, but has merely been fooled by Peterson. But the selection of "facts" presented by Zakaria suggests he knows exactly what he is doing.]

Here is what Zakaria says:   (under the fold)

And in other holiday news . . .

FBI Secret Documents Reveal Nationwide Occupy Monitoring

The FBI and other federal agencies monitored Occupy from the beginning. (photo: Occupy Portland)
The Partnership for Civil Justice Fund

The Partnership for Civil Justice Fund reports: "FBI documents just obtained by the Partnership for Civil Justice Fund (PCJF) pursuant to the PCJF's Freedom of Information Act demands reveal that from its inception, the FBI treated the Occupy movement as a potential criminal and terrorist threat."
 Robert Reich | Call Their Bluff and Go Over the Cliff

Portrait, Robert Reich, 08/16/09. (photo: Perian Flaherty)
Robert Reich, Robert Reich's Blog

Reich writes: "House Speaker John Boehner's failure to persuade rank-and-file House Republicans to raise taxes even on millionaires fits the fanatic's strategy exactly."

The CIA's Secret Security Force Emerges From the Shadows

Greg Miller and Julie Tate, The Washington Post

Miller and Tate report: "The GRS, as it is known, is designed to stay in the shadows, training teams to work undercover and provide an unobtrusive layer of security for CIA officers in high-risk outposts."

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