Thursday, April 25, 2013

Jerry Looked Up At Him At One Point and Said, "You See, Comedy Is What We're Really About. The Music, Yeah, This Music Thing Is All Well and Good, But Comedy Is What We're Really About."

When the events in our world get just too unbelievable for words (like this week's).

Some of us turn to the memory of that echoing chant "GRATEFUL DEAD! GRATEFUL DEAD! GRATEFUL DEAD!" for comfort and enlightenment.

Rolling Stone has done us a good turn in this month's issue.

Thank you, Bob and Phil.

And Jerry, most of all.

Furthur Keep the Dead Alive at Historic New York Theater

Q&A: Bob Weir on Life With Jerry Garcia and the Grateful Dead

Phil Lesh Dedicates New 'Ramble' Site to Levon Helm

Jerry Garcia Back From The Grateful Dead

Bob Weir performs during the Move Me Brightly 70th Birthday Tribute for Jerry Garcia at TRI Studios in San Rafael, California.

Click to listen to Grateful Dead's 'Comes a Time'

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