Wednesday, October 16, 2013

It's All Over Now, Baby Baby Baby Blue, Shit Knower Knows Fan Hit Coming, Jamie D Moving On To Boca Loco, and Roy Cooper for NC Governor!

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Well, it's not over yet. But it sounds like a good gambit for ending this nightmare.

(And I don't mean the "draw" joke.)

Gently lifted from the most excellent Paul Campos at Lawyers, Guns and Money and Bess at Dealbreaker:

All Right, We’ll Call It A Draw

October 15, 2013 | Paul Campos

“It’s all over — we’ll take Senate deal.” GOP aide 20 minutes ago.

You fought with the strength of many men, Rep. Boehner.

Debt Talks in Disarray as House Balks

Senate Leaders Restart Negotiations as Default Looms

After the House postponed any action, the Senate majority leader, Harry Reid, and Senator Mitch McConnell said that they had resumed talks on a deal to reopen the government and raise the debt limit.

On the Edge: House Shutdown Plan Fails; Now Senate
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15 Oct 2013

Guy Who Knows From Shit Hitting The Fan Predicts Shit About To Hit The Fan

By Bess Levin

Stock market analyst Tom DeMark spends many weekends in his home office in Scottsdale, Ariz., pondering the fate of the markets. The founder of Market Studies studies the price movements of stocks, bonds, commodities, currencies, and indices to try to determine where things may be headed, and investors pay for the privilege of knowing his thoughts.

DeMark has thousands of subscribers to his company’s service through Bloomberg, and he has served as a consultant to Leon Cooperman and Paul Tudor Jones in the past. His only personal client at the moment is SAC Capital founder Steven Cohen, who has retained DeMark for 15 years as a special adviser . . . This past weekend, DeMark says, his prognostications for the stock market started to look rather bleak.

His Dow Jones Index chart covering the period from May 2012 to the present seems to be tracking, almost precisely, the months leading up to the 1929 stock market crash.

Uh, whoopsies!

I'm not saying anyone is a conspiracist, but it surely looks bad to me to see the Federal Government shut down and all the social programs operating at half-speed because of the well-planned sequester right before a market meltdown.

Or worse.

But, wait!

More good news?

15 Oct 2013

Jamie Dimon Loves The Thrill Of Running A Large Corporation That Faces Daily Threats Of Multi-Billion Dollar Fines, And He’s Excited About The Prospect Of Doing It Somewhere Else Some Day

By Bess Levin
Just kidding. Once he’s out of JPM he’s joining a Shuffleboard league at Del Boca Vista.

Jamie Dimon has no plans to head up another major bank after being the chairman and CEO of J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. That’s what Dimon told the audience at the Financial Women’s Association event last Tuesday during a “fireside” chat, when asked about his future, according to sources at the event. The CEO was casual, relaxed and jocular at the off-the-record event that drew approximately 300 people to J.P. Morgan’s 50th floor offices on Park Avenue in Manhattan.

Dimon responded to a question from the audience asking him what was next for the CEO. He said he loved the company he worked for and loved his job but didn’t see himself tackling another big job after being head of the biggest U.S. bank by assets . . . The chairman and CEO told the audience he intends to remain active and possibly serve on corporate boards, as he doesn’t currently serve on any and would also be interested in serving on one or two non-profits where he could make an impact.
[MarketWatch via @LaurenLaCapra]

And he has absolutely no plans for prison time.
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Roy Cooper for Governor of North Carolina! This guy couldn't be a better candidate.

North Carolina: Threatening Fifty Years of Progress in Ten Months

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