Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Imagine an Arab Country Financing a Massive Movie Production Detailing the Story of An Iraqi Sniper, Portraying Him As a Hero, and US Soldiers as Savages.  (How Would US Media, Government and Audiences React?)

So Hicks, we are told, killed the students “execution style” because of a dispute over parking spaces.

The same way that Chris Kyle – “The American Sniper” - made 164 confirmed “kills”, killing “savages” because that’s what national heroes do.

And US wars and sanctions on Iraq killed, starved and wounded millions to bring democracy to the Arabs.

This selectively insane logic will persist, however, because there are millions of unrepentant politicians, extremist media pundits and well-armed men and women who refuse to see the recklessness of their “logic”.

They will continue to feed violence - which unlike what Hicks is led to believe - didn’t start on 11 September 2001 - and spit out the most dangerous of militant phenomena:  al-Qaeda, IS and all the rest.

Being a graduate of UNC and an ex-inhabitant of Chapel Hill, I personally had a pretty big problem with the local law enforcement's take on the genesis of last week's shooting of the three young Muslim professionals.

A parking problem?

What university setting doesn't have plenty of those?

And who would blame an execution-style killing inside of the house of the victims on something as pedestrian (so to speak) as a parking problem?

Not me.

Or anyone I know.

And I really doubt the local LEO's did either.

The foreign policy of the U.S. is a far likelier candidate, and I have hoped against hope that it would be changed long before the blowback blew back into my backyard (thus, my initial heart-felt support of BHO).

No such luck (so far), and I wonder how many more such executions are being planned (not to mention have already taken place) as we are seriously told by authorities that we should believe prosaic explanations such as "parking disputes."

As a life-long supporter of and marcher for individual rights and freedom of speech (excluding, obviously, hate speech), I urge everyone to remember the wages of bigotry, racism and hatred and/or fear of the unknown, and the innocent victims (internationally) of it.

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Chapel Hill police claimed that the “ongoing dispute over parking may have led to a triple shooting”. The media embraced the statement with little questioning

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