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Millennials Not Apathetic or Uncaring?  (Fascists Gather As Election Putridity Quotient Increases Sharply)  Civil War?  (They've Been Hoping for It)  Ceaucescu Memory Evoked  (Why Hillary's Speeches Worth So Much)  Clinton Foundation in Haiti Questioned

Fascist attack?

In a speech delivered by Donald Trump to an audience of thousands in West Palm Beach, Florida, the Republican candidate turned his campaign in a more distinctly fascistic direction. Presenting himself as both the savior of America and the victim of a ruthless political and economic establishment, Trump sought to connect deep-seated social anger among masses of people with an “America First” program of anti-immigrant xenophobia, militarism, economic nationalism and authoritarianism.

Responding to the latest allegations of sexual abuse, Trump proclaimed that he is being targeted by international bankers, the corporate-controlled media and the political establishment who fear that his election will undermine their interests.

He offered as an alternative his own persona—the strong-man leader who is willing to bear the burden and make the sacrifices necessary for a pitiless struggle against such powerful adversaries. Trump warned that the November 8 election would be the last opportunity for the American people to defeat the powerful vested interests that are supporting Hillary Clinton.

The clear implication of the speech is that if Trump loses the election, the struggle against the political establishment will have to be carried forward by other means:  in other words, by force and violence.

Frankenstein's Monster: Donald Trump Was a Rampaging Paranoid Demagogue Yesterday — Just Ask the People Who Enabled Him

The voting day question of this election hasn’t been whether Donald Trump will quit or whether Hillary Clinton will be indicted; it has been whether millennial voters will turn out and for whom. Millennials — 18- to 34-year-olds — now represent 69.2 million voters, and they are almost a perfect match in size to the baby boomers, who now number 69.7 million. Millennials are a large enough voting bloc to literally decide who wins. And there are 10 states where the millennial vote could be decisive. The question, of course, is: Will millennials vote?
As we went into this election cycle all signs pointed to the affirmative. Thanks in large part to the energy of the Bernie Sanders campaign, we witnessed building millennial participation. Millennials turned out in record numbers during the primaries in certain contests. In New York, for instance, they helped break state records and voted at a higher percent of their demographic than they had done in 2008 when they supported Barack Obama.
But the post-primary climate has been quite different. A recent GenForward survey shows that 16 percent of voters 18-30 are planning to sit it out and 9 percent have still not decided. Given that Trump only pulls 18 percent of the demographic and Clinton draws 36 percent, these numbers are significant. The survey also shows that young voters support third party candidates far less than the media frequently suggests: Gary Johnson polls at 11 percent and Jill Stein at only 4 percent.
USA Today reports that, “according to Public Policy Polling results from Sept. 29, 63% of 18- to 29-year-olds had an unfavorable opinion of Republican nominee Donald Trump, while 40% held an unfavorable opinion of Clinton.”
So what do we make of the “Nobody 2016″ movement? Is it yet another sign of a new disaffected slacker generation? Are these just clueless youngsters who don’t understand the realities of the political world?

Nobody 2016:  The Millennial Voters Are Engaged, Not Apathetic — But the Candidates Are Pathetic

The "putridity" of this election is getting denser fast . . . as Andrew Levine had been quoted in the last column and John Oliver made clear in the "Last Week Tonight" video regarding the level of horridness that had risen far above the clouds where it had been residing since the last week and was now miles above what we'd been experiencing then.

The irony of what seems like a full-fledged civil war breaking out in the U.S. between the political factions is that that's what the U.S. government has seemed to have been inculcating overseas in more than a few countries since the 9/11 event.

And we're not even worried about Sunni, Shia, Kurd, etc., ethnic/religious differences here.

Just all ready-for-a-fight U.S.A.-ers are the applicants.

And what a fight it has evolved into.

Although I'm sure that the reaction can't be as bad as it's depicted (by both factions). Nothing, surely, can reach that level.

Every society eventually reaches a breaking point. Ours is nearly there. Some of those who might feel threatened, the so-called elite and insiders, think that they can buy protection as easily as they can buy a Gulfstream.  How naïve!  Who are the private security contractors?  Who are the various SOGs?  Like law enforcement and the rest of the military, they are the Deplorables.  The Deplorables will take your money, but you will not take their lives.  Better said, they won’t give up their lives for you or your family.  The security you believe you have purchased is an illusion.  Make that delusion.  Best to get that out front here and now.
ome who feel threatened, or nervous, might fall back on the tired adage of ‘We gave them (the Deplorables) everything; what do they think they will do without us?’  Well, the use of ‘we’ is arrogant, because those who have actually produced something of value are few and far between.  Industrialists, for lack of a better term, are those who produced for society things of lasting value.  There are few true industrialists today, and many who still remain have shipped their production overseas, jacking up the compensation of bonus-based execs, but contributing to the hollowing out of America.  The true industrialists did produce the cars, trucks, machine tools, generators, servers and even computers.  They produced lifesaving medicines and treatments.  They made steel plants and built railroads.
They produced jobs.  They even produced the guns that the Deplorables have by the hundreds of millions. The Deplorables recognize that entire contribution.
. . . Some might think this is all Trump’s fault. Again, that shows a degree of ignorance and naïveté which characterizes the elite.  Trump is a symptom, not a cause.  He might even be a salve, as the changes he could bring might defuse some of the current anger.
On the other hand, Hillary is a lit match in a room of dynamite. She, like many of the self-important, thinks her very existence is a favor to the rest of us.  She epitomizes the absolute worst of what America has become.  Above the law, wealthy not through accomplishment, but through influence peddling only, and a bull in a china shop in terms of her effect on both the country and the world - and I apologize to bulls for that analogy.  The world is more unstable because of her.
America is less safe because of her. Russia and the US - the two largest nuclear powers - are more at odds because of her.  With her in power, we will reach the breaking point at home and internationally, perhaps leading to ‘accidental’ nuclear war, as the heightened rhetoric impacts clear thinking.  Society is more stratified because of her.  Race relations have deteriorated because of her (and Obama).
A recently hacked email of John Podesta finds him saying “she (Hillary) has begun to hate everyday Americans. No doubt the same feelings were voiced by Nicolas Ceaucescu.  It turned out the feeling was mutual.
Elect Hillary, and continue with business as usual, and it is likely this warning will become an epitaph for the America we know.  Society may collapse regardless, because the rot is already very great, but she will hasten the day of reckoning.
The Deplorables have already considered what is coming. They are as prepared as they can be.  Years of decline have enabled many to build their survival skills, to make due with less, to build real communities where one man can trust another, to discover what is truly important and what can and should be salvaged from this society.
Read the entire essay here (and weep).

Keiser Report:  Hillary Speeches

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We discuss the Wikileaks #PodestaEmails documents which shed some light on why a self-described not very charismatic speaker is paid so much for her speeches… to bankers and brokers. Max talks to entrepreneur Sinclair Skinner (@SkinnerLiber8ed) of BitMari about the startup and crypto landscape in Africa and about the Clinton Foundation’s role in Haiti.

Published on Oct 15, 2016

Wow! Wikileaks’ Julian Assange claims he’s in possession of 50,000 John Podesta’s emails. Podesta is the chairman of the Hillary Clinton 2016 presidential campaign. Thousands of his emails have already been released and more are coming everyday. Redacted Tonight correspondent John F. O’Donnell files this report breaking down what’s most controversial about what the leaks reveal about the inner workings of the Clinton campaign.

Published on Oct 15, 2016

Lee Camp reveals the total incompetence of the 2016 Presidential Debates. The energy policies alone are absurd and unsettling. Lee unearths what’s really going on behind the blatant lies and misdirection about coal, natural gas, and our environment. This and more on Redacted Tonight.

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The recent Wikileaks release cover the gambit of things that we all suspected such as Hillary Clinton’s connection to the Big Banks and Walmart. Lee highlights the shocking details we can find in the speeches to Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, and Fidelity Bank. Are the details really as damning as we thought? Was there a reason why she wouldn’t release the transcripts of these speeches despite being asked multiple times by various media sources? Lee Camp breaks it all down on Redacted Tonight VIP.

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