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Is WikiLeaks a Better Source of the (Largely Unreported) Truth (or is the CIA-Mossad Connection Omnipresent and Working Overtime)?

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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Is WikiLeaks a CIA/Mossad Front?

WikiLeaks is getting a lot of publicity in anticipation of a classified film Wikileaks claims to have in its possession that shows evidence of a US massacre of civilians. Images have power – think Abu Ghraib, think Mi Lai – and efforts at "perception management" by the department of defence will be much complicated by documentary evidence that leaves little to interpretation or "perception" of a human rights crime committed by US forces. Wikileaks plans to show the video at the National Press Club in Washington, DC on 5 April. But Wayne Madsen is reporting that WikiLeaks may well be a CIA/Mossad operation. Then again maybe Madsen is an operative.

Who(m) can you trust?

Too many questions, not enough answers.

From A(r)thur Zbygniew:
CIA, Mossad and Soros behind Wikileaks Suspicions abound that Wikileaks is part of U.S. cyber-warfare operations WMR has learned from Asian intelligence sources that there is a strong belief in some Asian countries, particularly China and Thailand, that the website Wikileaks, which purports to publish classified and sensitive documents while guaranteeing anonymity to the providers, is linked to U.S. cyber-warfare and computer espionage operations, as well as to Mossad's own cyber-warfare activities. Wikileaks claims to have decrypted video footage of a U.S. Predator air strike on civilians in Afghanistan and that covert U.S. State Department agents followed Wikileaks's editor from Iceland to Norway in a surveillance operation conducted jointly by the United States and Iceland. Iceland's financially-strapped government recently announced a policy of becoming a haven for websites that fear political oppression and censorship in their home countries. However, in the case of Wikileaks, countries like China and Thailand are suspicious of the websites' actual "ownership." Wikileaks says it intends to show its video at an April 5 press conference at the National Press Club in Washington, DC but that its presenters may be detained or arrested before that time. WMR's sources believe the Wikileaks "militancy" in the face of supposed surveillance appears fake. Our Asian intelligence sources report the following: "Wikileaks is running a disinformation campaign, crying persecution by U.S. intelligence- when it is U.S. intelligence itself. Its [Wikileaks'] activities in Iceland are totally suspect." Wikileaks claims it is the victim of a new COINTELPRO [Counter Intelligence Program] operation directed by the Pentagon and various U.S. intelligence agencies. WMR's sources believe that it is Wikileaks that is part and parcel of a cyber COINTELPRO campaign, such as that proposed by President Obama's "information czar," Dr. Cass Sunstein.
In January 2007, John Young, who runs, a site that publishes a wealth of sensitive and classified information, left Wikileaks, claiming the operation was a CIA front. Young also published some 150 email messages sent by Wikileaks activists on cryptome. They include a disparaging comment about this editor by Wikileaks co-founder Dr. Julian Assange of Australia. Assange lists as one of his professions "hacker." His German co-founder of Wikileaks uses a pseudonym, "Daniel Schmitt."
Wikileaks claims it is "a multi-jurisdictional organization to protect internal dissidents, whistleblowers, journalists and bloggers who face legal or other threats related to publishing" [whose] primary interest is in exposing oppressive regimes in Asia, the former Soviet bloc, Sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East, but we are of assistance to people of all nations who wish to reveal unethical behavior in their governments and corporations. We aim for maximum political impact. We have received over 1.2 million documents so far from dissident communities and anonymous sources." In China, Wikileaks is suspected of having Mossad connections. It is pointed out that its first "leak" was from an Al Shabbab "insider" in Somalia. Al Shabbab is the Muslim insurgent group that the neocons have linked to "Al Qaeda."
Asian intelligence sources also point out that Assange's "PhD" is from Moffett University, an on-line diploma mill and that while he is said to hail from Nairobi, Kenya, he actually in from Australia where his exploits have included computer hacking and software piracy. WMR has confirmed Young's contention that Wikileaks is a CIA front operation. Wikileaks is intimately involved in a $20 million CIA operation that U.S.-based Chinese dissidents that hack into computers in China. Some of the Chinese hackers route special hacking program through Chinese computers that then target U.S. government and military computer systems. After this hacking is accomplished, the U.S. government announces through friendly media outlets that U.S. computers have been subjected to a Chinese cyber-attack. The "threat" increases an already-bloated cyber-defense and offense budget and plays into the fears of the American public and businesses that heavily rely on information technology. It is also pointed out that on Wikileaks advisory board is Ben Laurie, a one-time programmer and Internet security expert for Google, which recently signed a cooperative agreement with the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) and has been charged by China with being part of a U.S. cyber-espionage campaign against China.
Other Wikileaks advisory members are leading Chinese dissidents, including Wan Dan, who won the 1998 National Endowment for Democracy (NED) Democracy Award; Wang Youcai, founder of the Chinese Democracy Party; Xiao Qiang, the director of the China Internet Project at the University of California at Berkeley, member of the advisory board of the International Campaign for Tibet, and commentator on the George Soros-affiliated Radio Free Asia; and Tibetan exile and activist Tashi Namgyal Khamsitsang.
Our sources in Asia believe that Wikileaks ran afoul of their CIA paymasters after it was discovered that some of Wikileaks's "take" was being diverted to Mossad instead of to their benefactors at Langley. After a CIA cur-off in funding, "Daniel Schmitt" took over and moved the Wikileaks operation to Belgium and Sweden with hopes of making a more secure base in Iceland.

There are strong suspicions that Wikileaks is yet another Soros-funded "false flag" operation on the left side of the political spectrum. WMR has learned that after former Senator Norm Coleman (R-MN) decided to oppose Soros's choice of UN Secretary General Kofi Annan's deputy Mark Malloch Brown as President of the World Bank, succe(e)ding the disgraced Paul Wolfowitz, Soros put the Wikileaks operation into high gear. "Daniel Schmitt" hacked into Coleman's supporters list, stealing credit card info, addresses, and publishing the "take" on Wikileaks. Democrat Al Franken, who was strongly backed by Soros, defeated Coleman in a legally-contested and very close election. It is also believed by informed sources that Soros is behind the operation to move Wikileaks to Iceland. By becoming a power in Iceland, Soros can prevent Icelanders from paying back the British and Dutch investors in Icelandic online Ponzi scheme banking and continue his all-out war against British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, who has, in turn, targeted Soros for betting against pound sterling. Iceland is classic prey for Soros. The Icelandic krona has been decimated as a currency and has no where to go but up in value, especially if the British pound and the euro depreciate. Soros is currently talking down the euro, planning its fall and shorting it, just like he did versus the pound in London in the 1980s. After the UK's and Europe's currencies are devalued, Soros will buy every euro note in sight, thus making trillions.

Soros and his Wikileaks friends have in Iceland a practically unregulated banking system desperate for an influx of capital - money that will come from the exiled Russian tycoons in Israel, London and the United States. Israeli investors like Bank Leumi, and awash in siphoned-off Bernard Madoff cash, will do their bit for this smash-and-grab operation by Soros's Quantum-linked hedge funds.

With Wikileaks firmly ensconced in Iceland, the "brave" and much-heralded information leakers will run an international blackmail operation against Soros's foes and launch computer break-ins against Soros's business rivals and non-Quantum banks. Wikileaks will be used as the info-hitmen against President Obama's and Rahm Emanuel's enemies in the 2012 re-election campaign.

From Iceland, Soros will be well-positioned to gain control over the massive mineral resources under the melting ice sheet of Greenland. Under the ice are the only major rare-earth deposits outside of China and with such minerals at his disposal, Soros can control the world's electronics industries. This past week's volcanic activity in Iceland could, however, disrupt or destroy Soros's plans to establish and control a North American-European gateway in Iceland. Wikileaks and Iceland media law are stalking horses for Soros.

Soros's game plan for Iceland and its "freedom of information" zone was hatched years ago.

Anything my readers can add to this will be appreciated. Just trying to find some peace.


RealityZone said...

Hmmmm great post.
I will have to check into this further.
All the players are very capable of this.
Disinformation was an old Soviet tool.
These snakes in the swamp seem to have modernized it.

BTW; It is not my lap-top. For some reason your blog is very slow and difficult for me to maneuver around.

Suzan said...

Thanks, RZ.

I hope you do check into it. Let me know anything truly interesting, okay?

I've felt like we learned the disinformation techniques from the Goebbels crowd we brought out after WW2 (and used to train our own). The Soviets were babes in arms to these guys originally.

I'm sorry about the slow loading of the site. Today it nearly drove me crazy here, but then I switched to a netbook computer (atom processor) and it snapped right in everytime I clicked the mouse.

So, what can we know for sure?

Is it the pictures/video that are slowing you down, or the whole site in general?

Thanks for the comments and info!


I will have to check into this further. All the players are very capable of this. Disinformation was an old Soviet tool.

RealityZone said...

Sorry to say it is the whole site. I was having the problem myself on my blog. rjs told me to shorten up the page, [less threads] and it worked. I think I went to 25 topics for the front page. has been rumored for a long time to be a Mossad tool.

These 'volunteers' dogged me so much during the Gulag Gaza attack by Israel that Rawstory finally banned me from their site. lol

Suzan said...

Sorry about that RZ. I'll take a look, but I just logged in here with the original computer that was slow before and it's loading very quickly now.

I'll take a look at that link.



Jack Jodell said...

It's getting to the point where you don't know who to trust anymore---shades of the Nixon era! All we can do is check and re-check information we are presented. Eventually slant or outright BS will be exposed. The amount of disinformation the CIA and paranoids on the far right have put out (and still do) is utterly amazing and disgusting!

Suzan said...

Thanks, Jack.

I agree. With the full-scale disinformation campaigns going on constantly it's tough to believe almost anything we hear/read immediately.

Is ObamaCare really just what the Rethugs wanted?

Are the Israelis preparing an attack on Iran that would ensnare the U.S. into another mideast war?

Will the financial reform bill be just another gift to the banksters?

We never know the true facts until much later do we?


Jack Jodell said...

I don't really know WHAT the Repugs want as far as health care goes, and I don't think they do either. They just irrationally hate Obama.

As far as Iran goes, we cannot afford, nor would we stomach another drawn out Mideast war.But that is exactly what the neocons are pressing for, and God only knows what the loose-cannon Israelis will do! This is an uneasy, watch and see period, I'm afraid...

Jack Jodell said...

The banksters will always find a way to steal from us---they always have. We'll just have to see what shenanigans they pull this time!

darkblack said...

Ah, the joys of keeping two contradictory thoughts in one's head and giving them equal relevance in real time.

It wouldn't surprise me if the Company was engaged in ostensibly conflicting Right- and Left-wing disinformation strategies concurrently - The ideological schism between Planning and Operations in that organization was noted by Agee long ago, and in spite of the best efforts of 'conservative elements' to 'spread freedom' via an ideologically unilateral approach to all things spooky, that schism will undoubtedly never change.

I think the phrase '...primary interest is in exposing oppressive regimes in Asia, the former Soviet bloc, Sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East' is somewhat telling, given the vested corporate American interests in those regions, and no doubt in order to get the information they choose to reveal Wikileaks must cultivate contacts within the intelligence community worldwide...A difference from actual penetration and co-opting a targeted organization to be sure, but many might not deem it necessary to appreciate that fine difference for their own purposes.

Finally, it's somewhat humorous to note the alleged Company reaction regarding a purported Mossad intel rakeoff, given the utter lack of meaningful cooperation by U.S. intelligence to foriegn intel services unless it serves the U.S. interest exclusively - 'Shocked! Shocked! To find gambling is going on here!', but a deliberately contrived forest of mirrors has always been a part of the process.


Suzan said...

I think we both were early readers of Agee, Le Carré (even Conan Doyle)? It was all fun back then wasn't it?

I just loved that clever espionage bull until I saw how it screwed up my (and all my friends') life.

The thing that confuses me somewhat today is the myth of incompetence that surrounds our traditional espionage efforts and the skill that must be involved in their being able to play both sides against the middle so well.

But maybe I give them too much credit?

Would that it were so.

Thanks for your well-informed comments. I love it when you chime in here.


It wouldn't surprise me if the Company was engaged in ostensibly conflicting Right- and Left-wing disinformation strategies concurrently

. . . a deliberately contrived forest of mirrors has always been a part of the process.

RealityZone said...

this is from wikileaks
i do not think the cia, mossad wanted this to come out. this is plain flat assed out murder. they are murdering the wounded, and re-killing the dead.

Suzan said...

Yes, thanks.

The tricky part is when a channel is used by both parts of the spectrum (without origin designation).

Just thought it interesting to see what others thought about the possible subornation of WikiLeaks.

Sibel Edmonds' Boiling Frogs has something that will further enlighten you.

Or terrify you, but it's been going on for a very long time so don't be too shocked.

We must combat these bad situations by getting the word out as the light of day will act as a disinfectant and drive these people out of their privileged positions and into the prisons.

Book on ‘Arming America’s Enemies’ Written by America’s Enemies?!

darkblack said...

'...being able to play both sides against the middle so well.'

An uninformed public aids this greatly, I suspect.
Most sensible sheep don't want to look into the Abyss - too much effort, and not enough gratification.

'But maybe I give them too much credit?'

If you substituted the word 'blame' for 'credit', I'd have to respectfully disagree, S. There can never be too much blame.


Thanks for all you do, also.

Suzan said...

Thank you, friends.

And you know me well when you realize that there is no amount of blame that I will not attribute to the greedsters.


Short Short Stories said...

The government is deep in many things. Is Facebook a CIA infiltrated social media site? Probably.

Regarding Wikileaks, propaganda is out there. It is fed to the masses. TeaPartiers gobble it up.

About BennieBoy Bernanke: it looks like there are those in Congress looking at his legal violations using his set up holding company, Maiden Lane II and III to buy up toxic mortgage junk directly. A strict violation of the law. The Fed is only allowed to buy what is guaranteed by the full faith of the US government, and not what is backed by zombie banksters.

thanks, jerry

Suzan said...

Thanks for commenting, Jerry.

I certainly agree about Facebook although with the way the web is now rife with reporting to government "agencies" from almost all the portals, does it even matter anymore? They've got us any way we turn, thus the latest court rulings are unsurprising.

Don't you agree that the Tea Partyers came into being in order to shovel more BS out to the masses uninterruptedly? It looks like a seamless connection for the dissemination of distracting CIA disinformation to me, and as the reporting on Fox's true ownership had reached warp speed, they needed a different channel to tout.

Oooh, if it were only true about BennieBoy. But my guess is that all of them from Greenspan and Paulson on down had companies upon companies set up to take advantage of what they had wrought in the years before. And they really needed more moolah didn't they? Wonder where the bulk of it really goes? Into some foreign entities? Hmmm.

We are cooked.

Turn us over.


About BennieBoy Bernanke: it looks like there are those in Congress looking at his legal violations using his set up holding company, Maiden Lane II and III to buy up toxic mortgage junk directly.

Short Short Stories said...

Hi Suzan,

What BennieBoy had done was while acting as Fed Chairman. He used the taxpayer's cash via the Fed to buy directly toxic mortgages and not government securities. He used Maiden Lane holding company, which he set up, to buy directly private bonds.

I totally agree that the TeaPartiers were used to rally the dummies to protest against their own self interests by the likes of Republican operatives, who funded the movement, such as Dick Armey.

All the portals are open and the government is looking inside them--at us.