Friday, September 10, 2010

George W. Bush Is BAACK - Ready for Another 9/11? (The Backward Slide into Rec/Depression)

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Shhhhh! Now that we know that GW (Dumbya) Bush is BAAAAACCCKKK, does this mean another 9/11 is right around the corner? Maybe . . . and maybe not. But don't place any bets just yet. The Backward Slide into Recession may bite you first. Which will be worse?


Suzan said...


I have no idea where your comment went.

Send it again (if you like).

Love you!


Liberality said...

I do not miss that ass-wipe one little bit!

And while I'm not happy with Obama at least he IS NOT GWB!!!

Suzan said...

I'm with you, Lib, and did you hear about the fake human rights award that Tony Blair has been awarded by the NeoCon "Constitution Centre" group?

What a laugh.

Wonder when they start the dinner parties with the jokes about that?

"Must be some human rights here somewhere!"


Mr Blair is being honoured for his work with the Tony Blair Faith Foundation, which promotes religious tolerance, and for his initiative to improve governance in Africa.

. . . The ex-Prime Minister will be presented with Liberty Medal by former US President Bill Clinton even as his newly published memoirs reignited debate on his political leadership.

. . . He cancelled a planned book signing in London last week after eggs and shoes were thrown at him at an earlier book signing in Dublin. Protesters were angered over his role in launching the Iraq War.

. . . The medal, first given in 1989, comes with a 100,000 US dollars (£65,000) cash prize. Mr Blair will donate the money to his faith foundation and African Governance Initiative.

War Criminal To Receive Human Rights Award

Jack Jodell said...

Once the rich get sick of, and have bought, all the useless luxury goods that are available, then and only then might they turn their attention to creating jobs so those below them can purchase meaningful, productive, economy-building products again. The problem is, by the time they do that, all of us below them will have died.

Suzan said...

Come on, Jack.

They bought all that garbage years ago. Remember the Bush Bonanza?

They have already shipped all their financial interests overseas and care absolutely nothing about what happens to this country now.

There will be no jobs created here for at least 10 years.

Maybe 20.

Read John Mauldin for the facts (which I'm going to publish tomorrow).

Love you!

And keep the faith (cause you are surely gonna need it!).


Once the rich get sick of, and have bought, all the useless luxury goods that are available