Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Oswald Was A Known CIA & FBI Agent Before Kennedy Murder? Here's the Evidence Also Obama Speech Retorts (Lightning Strikes Again?)

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*Did you know that Bill O'Reilly had been a 9/11 (whoops!) JFK Truther? For over 40 years? Well, bet you didn't know he did a report about the secret documents linking the questionable Oswald/DeMorenschild friendship connection sponsored by the CIA on Inside Edition back then and said the following: "Before I die, I'm going to figure it out." (From Philly 9/11 Truth) Right. BACK THEN. Watch the video, please. (And on a lighter current note we have some commentary on Obama's speech last night: "8:36 PM — Oh crap, it’s the Bill O’Reilly show. Who cares. Nobody on Fox even cares about Bill O’Reilly in 2010. Hey Bill, go dress up like a Mormon Amway salesman and cry in front of a monument, maybe then the wingtards will lurve you again. (PS: They never did.")

I've been carefully compiling lots of facts on both the 9/11 Truth Movement and the JFK Murder Exposure Support Groups (yes, there are lots of them too), and guess what? It's not true that if an intricately planned murder plot had occurred that someone (out of some piece of the woodwork) would have come forward to expose it and therefore prove the Warren Commission wrong, which is the rightwing answer to doubters. The clear, undeniable truth is that they've been coming forward in droves since the day of the murder, and have either been quickly murdered themselves (by those named) or silenced by the MSM. And since this treatment has almost exactly mirrored that given 9/11 Fantasy MSM scenario doubters, it seems fair to run a few facts to clear up that matter. So, just give this source a moment of your undivided attention. One book of spectacular interest (if your interests flow in that vein) is Our Man In Mexico: Winston Scott and the Hidden History of the CIA by Jefferson Morley (with a foreword by Michael Scott (son of Winston Scott)). I've made it my business over the past few weeks to compile the following facts included in it. (Right, find a comfy chair and a soothing drink (you'll be glad I warned you).) But, first, from the Publisher's blurb we hear quite a mouthful (emphasis marks added - Ed.):
Mexico City was the Casablanca of the Cold War - a hotbed of spies, revolutionaries, and assassins. The CIA's station there was the front line of the United States' fight against international communism, as important for Latin America as Berlin was for Europe. And its undisputed spymaster was Winston Mackinley Scott. Chief of the Mexico City station from 1956 to 1969, Win Scott occupied a key position in the founding generation of the Central Intelligence Agency, but until now he has remained a shadowy figure. Investigative reporter Jefferson Morley traces Scott's remarkable career from his humble origins in rural Alabama to wartime G-man to OSS London operative (and close friend of the notorious Kim Philby), to right-hand man of CIA Director Allen Dulles, to his remarkable reign for more than a decade as virtual proconsul in Mexico. Morley also follows the quest of Win Scott's son Michael to confront the reality of his father's life as a spy. He reveals how Scott ran hundreds of covert espionage operations from his headquarters in the U.S. Embassy while keeping three Mexican presidents on the agency's payroll, participating in the Bay of Pigs fiasco, and, most intriguingly, overseeing the surveillance of Lee Harvey Oswald during his visit to the Mexican capital just weeks before the assassination of President Kennedy. Morley reveals the previously unknown scope of the agency's interest in Oswald in late 1963, identifying for the first time the code names of Scott's surveillance programs that monitored Oswald's movements. He shows that CIA headquarters cut Scott out of the loop of the agency's latest reporting on Oswald before Kennedy was killed. He documents why Scott came to reject a key finding of the Warren Report on the assassination and how his disillusionment with the agency came to worry his longtime friend James Jesus Angleton, legendary chief of CIA counterintelligence. Angleton not only covered up the agency's interest in Oswald but also, after Scott died, absconded with the only copies of his unpublished memoir. Interweaving Win Scott's personal and professional lives, Morley has crafted a real-life thriller of Cold War intrigue - a compelling saga of espionage that uncovers another chapter in the CIA's history.
From the book (I'm placing the text in quotes so I don't have to indent everything and waste so much space - Ed.): "After Angleton's departure, Horton returned the next day to the Scott home on Rio Escondido and spent several hours behind the locked door of Win's study. Janet shooed away various people who had come calling. Her children came and went with no inkling that there was a visitor in the study, much less one from the CIA. Horton was "amazed" at what he found though he didn't specify why. The haul included a plethora of secret files, including tapes and photos of accused presidential assassin Lee Harvey Oswald visiting Communist embassies, and the unpublished memoir of a CIA man whose career spanned the era from the Blitz of London to the Tet Offensive. When no one was looking Horton lugged three large cartons and four suitcases to an unmarked truck parked at the curb. The contents of Win's home office were shipped by plane back to the CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia. The Agency had taken possession of Win Scott's personal correspondence . . . travel itineraries . . . credit union correspondence; financial records; appointment books for the years 1967-1969; and at least one short story, entitled 'A Time To Kill.' There were extraordinarily sensitive tape recordings. From Win's safe, Horton obtained a stack of eight-square-inch reel-to-reel tape boxes. One tape was marked 'Black Panthers.' Another was labeled 'Lesbians.' The biggest batch, a stack of tapes three or four inches thick, was marked 'Oswald.' The treasure in the trove was a 221-page manuscript entitled 'It Came to Little.' The story tha Win Scott told in those pages displeased and disturbed his longtime friends in CIA headquarters, including Angleton and the Director of Central Intelligence himself, Richard Helms. Helms and Angleton were the two most powerful men in the American clandestine service. Both had known Win for more than 25 years. By snatching up the only two copies of the manuscript, Horton thought the Agency had dodged a proverbial bullet." (pgs. 6-7) "For CIA insiders attentive to fine factual points, Win's memoir had long been disturbing, especially the statement that Oswald 'was observed on all his visits to each of the two Communist embassies.' The Agency's top lawyer worried about its implications. 'The underlying problem,' noted CIA general counsel Scott Breckinridge in 1978, was that Win's first-person account refuted the Agency's preferred narrative of Oswald's visit to Mexico City. The CIA's story, as Breckinridge faithfully detailed it to Congress, was that 'other than a telephone call on 1 October 1963' that led to a 'routine report to Headquarters,' the Agency and its personnel had 'no real knowledge of [Oswald's] presence there until after the assassination of President Kennedy.' Breckinridge had no choice but to share the Oswald chapter with Congressional investigators who had learned about it from other sources. But he made a point of impugning Win's credibility by quoting John Horton's view that Win had 'gone to sea' and drank too much. The CIA did not much care for Win's account because it called into question the Agency's position that Oswald was but a blip in their eyes. No CIA surveillance photographs of Oswald have ever surfaced." (pgs. 180-181) Like the one of Oswald's head superposed on someone else's body holding that rifle that no one who knew Oswald said could have been valid? There are stories of the photos taken of Oswald in various CIA settings throughout the book, and the stories told to the Warren Commission are completely opposite to this truth that is clearly seen here - among hundreds of other stories and documents which tell a completely other truth. I cannot help saying that after seeing the so-called recovering alcoholic Glenn Beck perform his 12-Step-Program-For-Alcoholics-On-The-U.S. Exercise on the Mall last weekend, it's good to find documentation of where the rightwingers define the casual use of alcohol as a reason to disallow the personal documentation of one of their own about one of history's most important events. Only trust drunks? Or is that ex-drunks? I may have this wrong, but aren't there plenty of stories about both Dumbya and Cheney that will fill a like stadium? There is a whole realm of these stories in this book to read, and lots of other books whose contents which I hope to introduce to you in the months to come (if I have the opportunity). Read some of them, if you will, and start your own blogs on the craven leadership we possess in that sector today. Nothing like being a voice for "change!" My idol, Maru the Crackpot, has the ultimate after-Presidential-speech coverage at her place:
Gpukes pissed Prez Obama didn't credit Bush for Iraq pullout, getting us there in the first place, completely mismanaging it, spending more than $700 billion on it without making any effort to pay for it, and getting over 4000 Americans killed for absolutely no reason."Obama was right to honor our troops, but he should have spent most of the speech thanking the war deserter . . . ahem, W, without whom those poor saps would never have been there," whined rethug Senator John Cornhole of Texas."What he should have said was 'my balloons are too tight, goldangit'," a cranky and confused John McCain told Fox Nooze.
I've got to give a shout out to the unstoppable Tom Harper at Who Hijacked Our Country for his continued reporting on the unesteemable Koch (If Only Abortions Had Been Legal) Twins:

Koch Industries: Spend Billions Financing the Teabaggers, Then Beg for Government Handouts

Gotta hand it to those Koch Brothers, aka the Kochtopus. They’ve spent bazillions out of their own pockets to get the inbreds all riled up against Death Panels and Obamacare. They’ve spent so much money, they’re now trying to get some of it back — from the exact same health care law that they spent billions trying to defeat.

The word “Irony” comes to mind, only that’s too many syllables for the useful idiots who keep enabling the Kochtopus.

. . . The Koch Brothers aren’t quite as well known as Dick Armey, FreedomWorks, Americans For Prosperity or what’s-his-name from West Virginia who murdered all those coal miners a few months ago. But this family is possibly the single biggest bankroller of extreme rightwing causes, from the 1960s to the present.

From the John Birch Society, fifty years ago, to today’s Astroturf teabaggers — you can follow the money back to the Koch Family.

How do we cut that serpent’s head off?

Shades of Ross Perot!!!! Damn! Damn! Damn!!!!!!!!! (Found at Rants from the Rookery.) One hopeful note to end with (in France!): GMO Crop Sabotage On the Rise: French Citizens Destroy Trial Vineyard Keep those cards and letters coming! Suzan _____________


Jolly Roger said...

I'm anything but a tin-hatter, but it is clear as day that Oswald was a winger pretending to be a Commie. I'm quite certain he didn't know what they ultimately had in store for him, but the next time you get a chance to watch the Ruby video, just look at Lee's eyes when he saw Ruby-who he CLEARLY recognized. Right THEN, he finally understood what his role in the big game was to be.

Suzan said...


I swear my Dad and I said exactly the same thing to each other that day, November 24, 1963, upon viewing the first tape playing of the scene during the murder of Oswald by Ruby (which occurred the day after my birthday) when the greatest tragedy of either of our lives seems to have occurred on the 22nd.

I still think both are true, and have just been fitting the puzzle pieces together ever since.

Didn't the Congressional hearings in the mid-70's (with all their relevant testimony ignored by the MSM and preposterous theories promoted by those in charge and then misconstrued purposively in order to confuse the audience) just set you on fire again?

The records finally being released since the mid-90's have started that fire again for me. And then, of course, there's this little tidbit:


And wait till you see the part I'm writing about today!!

Love you and thanks for the comments.


darkblack said...

It might seem to the casual observer that the muddying of waters in this matter was of a rare perfection, but such an effort was understandable given the magnitude and complexity of the literally change the world's future.
The planning for incongruous details (Oswald's overseas posting and subsequent defection/repatriation, CE 399, and Zapruder frame 313 to name a few) to be swept under the carpet with a wave of anti-commie hysteria was by the numbers, all the leading players either 'in on the con' or safely in the bag...And like a matryoshka doll, when one 'plausible' explanation collapsed another was brought from within until the general public was exhausted from the byzantine complexity of it all.

This assassination really is the 'ground zero' of the current American malaise, in my opinion.


Suzan said...

Thank you, kind sir,

I've been awaiting such a comment for so long . . . .

Makes me think it's not all for naught.


My sincere thanks for your comment,


but such an effort was understandable given the magnitude and complexity of the literally change the world's future.

This assassination really is the 'ground zero' of the current American malaise, in my opinion.


Tom Harper said...

Thanks for the shoutout. The more publicity for the Kochtopus, the Kochroaches, the better.

GMO crop sabotage -- I like it. Go France!