Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Dumbya Can't Stop Bragging About His Family (Bar's Fetus Jar)

George Bush - Miss Me Yet ? I know you've already seen this somewhere today, but really. If I didn't comment on it and its obvious ramifications, I couldn't forgive myself (long term anyway). Seems that Dumbya is the way he is (no, not fetal alcohol syndrome boy or drunkard adult boy or even murderous thug war-criminal boy this time) because his Mother had an odd way of reaching out to him (so to speak) to build their relationship during his teenage years. Thus, the family responsible for more death and destruction than Genghis Khan - or any other political figures you can think of responsible for widespread mayhem - are "pro-life!" Or something like that. What makes me think this is important enough to run as a separate essay is that soon (no, not just yet, but soon) we'll be hearing that all those other Rethug buffoons aren't important enough to run with Scary Palin in 2012 . . . . But Jebbie is ready (or his son (or nephew) or Yale-educated drunkard Dumbya daughter), and how lucky we must be to have more of that family "ready to serve!" So, better you know now. . . .

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libhom said...

You make an interesting point about "pro life" mass murderers. Hitler was one of them too.

Suzan said...

Yes. Seems like all those authoritarians "in favor of" any type of birthing (just so long as more troops continue to hit the scene at regular intervals) turn out to be the same ones who are almost looking forward to taking away their lives in service to "their" efforts (or junta - which is a very good word for what their "efforts" have been historically).

They've got plans for those babies, don't they?

This could be a campaign or anti-campaign slogan. If we only had people who were actually smart running campaigns.

Thanks for commenting!