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Like To Read? Better Than Fiction! The True Story of Bush: "Most Ruthless Disinformation Machine the World Has Ever Known" Snakes in Human Skin

Before you spend another moment of your time congering over the unable to be forgotten or ignored facts that because it is so obvious that Dumbya never did and still doesn't (and maybe can't) read (and how could he have written a book - much less a truthful one about what really happened during his Presidency anyway), and that the construction of Bush's fake presidential gravitas (and knowledge?) was a tribute to the much-desired Svengalian pervasiveness of the evil Karl Rove throughout his triumphant reign, you have to give a few moments of intense thought as to how serious people could believe he had anything to do with the writing of a history about it? Other than be instrumental in dispensing a novelette of progaganda designed to further confuse those who wish they didn't know as much as they do about his time as the USA Decision Maker. And throw the spotlight on something positive about the Bushes once again (and help enhance Jebbie's future opps).

Instead of wasting your hard-earned money to see what might be (but probably isn't) hidden between the covers of that piece of fantasy writing, you should instead read Russ Baker's Family of Secrets, which is the true story of the Bushes and what their presence in humanity (and I'm stretching this term about as far as it goes) has meant to the world. And you. You are robbing yourself (again) if you don't watch this video and read this book. Russ is one of the finest investigative reporters we have currently. Go to your library. They have it because it's an exceptionally well-written document about our recent history (and generally that's what libraries acquire). And if they don't, tell them to order it.

Russ Baker, investigative journalist and author of Family of Secrets presents an in depth examination of the Bush dynasty and America's invisible government plus the back story on Bob Woodward's and Bush Sr's unknown roles in Watergate.

"One of the most important books of the past 10 years." - Gore Vidal David Margolick, contributing editor for Newsweek - "This book - more than all of the others - will be the one people will be mining for years to come for original insights into the Bush family and people will be developing new ideas on which Russ broke new ground." Sydney Schanberg, journalist, winner of the Pulitzer Prize - "The truth is existential. It doesn't depend on you believing it. It's there." This book also details the history of the Bushes with the BP money managers and why Katrina and ultimately the latest BP disaster have been and will always just be airbrushed by the bought-and-paid-for MSM. It makes clear why no real reporting will be allowed on these subjects.

And the beaches will be closed. And the people arrested if they protest. Read it. And for even more insight into what you have been missing, please view the video below. Want to know all about Bush's ties to Tony Blair (Blair Petroleum?) and why he was so easy to blend into the Bush Family Cabal (Bush's Royal $$$/Oil/CIA/ruling class connections and the true story about Bush Jr.'s relationship with his Poppy (who himself was a seasoned CIA plant to stop the Congressional investigations after the Nixonite-Cuban-assassination group was revealed to the public) )? And how Bush Jr. was initially reformed and wholly constructed by Karl Rove to be the Bush That Succeeded (after his Father could only grind out one term) and how almost everything we think we know about the Bushes is untrue - including all types of world travel by Dumbya - nuclear deals with India and Scottish oil deals to pay off Pat Robertson - and what Enron's real purpose was and who staked Dumbya's first companies? Go to the video! Mind blown yet? Keep investigating! Learn about all the meetings that were going on prior to 9/11/01. Yes. You will not be left unsurprised somewhere. More? Even more (JFK assassination - Bush Sr. connections)? Bob Woodward and the spy rings in the White House prior to Nixon's administration? How the rest of the Nixon tapes contradict the only ones released to the public for the incriminating portions that were then able to force out the unable-to-be-controlled by the Bushes Nixon? And who was Alexander Butterfield anyway? (CIA's inside guy, anyone?) Have you noticed yet that everything you thought you knew is wrong? Well don't look now. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ In a similar vein, I was reading the following essay at Big Think and it certainly rings true (particularly in light of everything else we've come to understand about how our country has been "governed" for the past 30 years). How do we protect ourselves from those who mean not only to do us personally a great wrong, but how do we protect our society? This is a responsibility I see our representatives having and if they don't fulfill these duties they need to be held accountable. One responder to the essay ventured that it's extroverts who really cause all the trouble. Funny how Hitler, Stalin and Dumbya never struck me as "extroverts" before. They all seem to me to be portrayed throughout history as men who happened into power (not accidentally in all cases, of course) and then saw a great opportunity to extract vengeance on enemies as they accrued power and wealth. There seems that there may be more to it though. (Emphasis marks and some editing was inserted - Ed.)

Question: Are leaders more likely to be sociopaths? Paul Lawrence: Well the question becomes you know, do these people without conscience, let’s call them PWOC’s is a rather shorthand way for that. Talking about them getting into leadership positions and they probably get into them out of all proportion to a percentage of (the) population, we estimate they maybe 2% to 4% of the population are such people. And we think they get into the leadership positions maybe 8% or 10% of the time, but you know, any percent is a mess because they can wreak havoc in exploiting other people. They probably get there more than others because it’s the only thing they’re looking for in life. You know normal people have got a lot of things they’re trying to get in life. They’re trying to have healthy families and good relationships with friends and so forth. And if you’re aren’t paying any attention to that, you can probably get to a power position more readily, because you can be pretty cunning and pretty smart, and a lot of them are very charming. You know, they don’t come across, a lot of them, as evil, they come across as very charming people and they can worm their way into those spots and we have to be cautious. A lot of history records the fact that such people have gotten into important positions. The whole Dark Ages was a period in which those people got into leadership positions in governments on a large-scale basis and there was a tremendous amount of warfare and suffering during those times. I think the whole Renaissance has been an effort to move away from that kind of leadership. I think the effort to put together the Constitution of the United States, which I discuss at some length in the book, was a(n) effort to create a government that can protect itself against such kind of leadership. Making it . . . by balancing the power and not getting power concentrated in any one office is a way of avoiding that kind of leadership. So it’s come up throughout history and that is thoroughly discussed and we see it not only, obviously, in business, we can name and do name prominent leaders in business who are highly suspect of having that feature. But the point is, they do get into some of those roles and . . . . For instance, take the scandal in Wall Street with the crash in the market and the resulting worldwide depression. I discussed that in a chapter which I come out with a fairly bold statement which is still not the way in which the government is defining what happened. There were a few, there didn’t have to be many, and they didn’t necessarily didn’t have to be all CEOs of the big banks who saw the opportunity to buy up subprime mortgages — which were really written without much interest in whether they recipient could repay them and so were subject to a lot of foreclosures — but the banks that wrote them knew they could instantly sell them to the Wall Street banks because they were collecting these mortgages wholesale so they could slice and dice them up into a sort of a mysterious package and sell them as Triple-A bonds certified by the grading agencies, and collect 100% on the dollar for those bonds to people who were trustees of pension funds and endowments, and we sitting in responsibility to make those investments in bonds, by law they had to do it so those bonds looked pretty good to them.

They didn’t realize that the bonds were probably . . . they were phony. They were really worth maybe only 50% of their face value at the moment they bought them. And that was the con, the absolute fraud that was pulled off. And we still don’t have a clear understanding by the public or even by the Department of Justice that that is what happened, and we should be prosecuting those people and getting the evidence out that will prove that those are criminal actions. Question: What would we do if genetics could pinpoint someone as a psychopath? Paul Lawrence: Well, obviously, that’s an extremely difficult question. It’s going to raise a lot of moral questions. What do we do with people that are positively identified by DNA of being psychopathic types? And these are characteristics that they didn’t ask for, they didn’t choose them, they were simply an accident of birth, yet nevertheless makes them a hazard to other people that they have to find some what to protect themselves from, somewhat to constrain people, so they can’t do things like Hitler did to so many people in the world. Well, you know, I don’t have all the answers to that. I have thought about it, a lot of people thought about it. I think, you know, it is one possibility when you’re considering candidates for a powerful position and considering who is going to get a job, you can say, "Well, maybe we ought to test them and see that they get a license, so that they’re qualified," the way we do with people that are going to be airline pilots or the people that are going to be a number of professional roles like doctors and lawyers and so forth — they have to produce a test for being licensed for those roles.

Well, if it’s a powerful role, we could say that part of the licensing process is to test your DNA to see whether or not you’re, you know, an innate psychopath because we do not want such people in such power positions. "You’ve got to go find something else to do in this world besides that because we cannot... we cannot trust you with that kind of power." As just one idea. I don’t say it’s the answer, I think we’ve got to think of a lot of ideas and put our minds to work on it.

And speaking of the bought-and-paid-for MSM, here's the latest Entertainment Always news: NewsBeast? Hey, it's just money (isn't it always?). And it speaks loudly. (And sometimes in a British accent.) Although the purchase of Newsweek for $1 bespeaks a nice little piece of insider sugar (and another opp for people in the know to congratulate themselves as they consolidate control of the news venues).
Newsweek and the Daily Beast Have a Deal
Jeremy W. Peters

Tina Brown is back in the world of print.

After a brief and interrupted dalliance, Newsweek, the 77-year-old magazine, and The Daily Beast, Ms. Brown’s two-year-old Web site, have decided to put their cultural differences aside and will join forces.

Ms. Brown confirmed the deal in a column posted Thursday night in which she said the agreement was finalized with a coffee mug toast Tuesday evening. “As for me, I shall now be in the editor-in-chief’s chair at both The Daily Beast and Newsweek,” she wrote.

A Newsweek-Daily Beast partnership joins three outsize personalities: Sidney Harman, the 92-year-old stereo mogul who recently bought Newsweek for $1; Barry Diller, the media magnate who finances The Daily Beast and a host of other Web properties; and Ms. Brown, whose various stints as a high-flying — and high-spending — editor over three decades have always drawn intense curiosity from the media business.

One person who was involved in the deal said both publications would retain their separate identities. The arrangement is in many ways a win-win for both sides, with Mr. Harman getting a respected editor who will generate buzz around a magazine that many in the publishing world had left for dead, and Ms. Brown gaining an editing job back in a well-known publication.

It also gives Mr. Diller, a member of the board of The Washington Post Company, the longtime former owner of Newsweek, a print magazine. That has the potential for far more revenue than The Daily Beast, a digital news and aggregation enterprise that has been neither fish nor fowl. Mr. Harman and Mr. Diller have met in recent days to discuss the terms of a partnership, as Ms. Brown negotiated the financial terms of her contract. Newsweek, bled by an exodus of staff members, a rapidly declining readership and a flight of advertisers, is a shell of what it used to be: a member of the small prestigious club of weekly magazines that helped set the tone for news coverage.

Mr. Harman was seen as a savior for the magazine when he bought it and someone to help it rebuild its reputation. But he has struggled to find an editor for three months, leaving the magazine effectively rudderless. It became difficult for him to recruit an editor after the first discussions between him and The Daily Beast fell apart, partly because candidates did not want to be seen as groveling for a job that Ms. Brown had walked away from, people close to the deal said. But according to one of these people, Mr. Diller and Mr. Harman continued to talk and grew to admire each other. For Mr. Diller, the idea of owning a print product was appealing.

“Both could understand the industrial logic of this deal,” this person said. The deal to bring Ms. Brown on board will probably be seen as a test of whether both Newsweek and Ms. Brown can reclaim their former glory in the print galaxy. Ms. Brown appears to believe at least part of that is true. She said early Friday morning she hoped The Daliy Beast would help “power the resurgence of Newsweek.”

Mr. Harman initially pursued Ms. Brown and Mr. Diller, chairman of IAC/InterActive Corp, to join forces. The terms of the deal call for 50-50 control. The new company will be named the Newsweek Daily Beast Company. The deal was first reported by The New York Observer. In a joint statement posted on The Daily Beast early Friday morning, the companies said the venture would be owned equally by Mr. Harman and IAC.

“In an admittedly challenging time, this merger provides the ideal combination of established journalism authority and bright, bristling website savvy,” Mr. Harman said. Mr. Diller called Mr. Harman “a compelling force and I’m sure he will stimulate this undertaking every day.”

Well, we certainly need more mindless stimulation, don't we?

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Marc McDonald said...

Hi Suzan, nice piece. Thanks for bringing "Family of Secrets" to my attention. I've read as many Bush Crime Family expose-type books as I could get my hands on (Mark Crispin Miller's "Cruel and Unusual" is another good one), but somehow I overlooked Baker's book. I will definitely check it out.

Suzan said...

You are very welcome, Marc.

It's the creme de la creme of the oeuvre.

And not to be missed by anyone who is serious about understanding history and their lifestyle.

Love ya,


Tom Harper said...

"Family of Secrets" sounds interesting. I've read a lot of stuff by Wayne Madsen that talks about the Bush family's 1930s dealings with Nazi Germany and America's own rightwing movements.

It seemed too over-the-top when I was reading it, but now it probably doesn't go far enough. What was over the top yesterday is too tame and too watered down today.

Suzan said...

You're absolutely right, Tom.

And wait till you see the info (that I've been writing about nonstop for years) concerning Poppie's CIA background and Dumbya's grooming from drunk stud puppy to Leader of the Unfree World!

I remember when I first read the story about the Billy Graham walk on the beach xtian conversion fiction, and wanted to tell EVERYBODY about it but no one ever responded to my blogging at all.

Disappointing, sure. But now we see all of Russ' evidence in one place and all the Bushit appears as a very smooth piece (of CIA propaganda).

Go get that book!

Love ya,