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Is Making People Aware of the Dangers of the Current Nuclear Policy "Fear Mongering" As Quoted By "Experts"? What Fears Should Be Mongered? Groupons!

Oh Yes, By All Means, Let Us Pursue More Nuclear Electrical Generator Units from General Electric. More Plutonium Never Hurt Anyone. OH WAIT . . . .
Did you ever wonder to yourself after reading the history of the development of nuclear capacity, et al., "WTF were they thinking the world would be like after its use?" Were there no limits on this thinking? (And no moral concerns - let alone safety concerns?)
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Fukushima Nuclear Meltdown May 12 2011 TEPCO has been lying all along about the severity of the crisis Fukushima Nuclear Meltdown, Exposed Fuel Rods; Media Shrugs 120511top2 Paul Joseph Watson Despite the bombshell revelation that fuel rods at the Fukushima Dai-Ichi nuclear plant have been fully exposed since the early days of the disaster, that reactor number 1 is officially in meltdown, along with news that reactor 4 is on the verge of collapse, the corporate media is largely (un)interested in the story amidst continued fearmongering about terror attacks and endless coverage of the Bin Laden carnival act. Bloomberg. One of the few mainstream news outlets to give the story the attention it deserves, reports, “Tokyo Electric Power Co. said one of the reactor cores at its stricken Fukushima Dai-Ichi nuclear plant is more seriously damaged than previously thought, setting back the utility’s plan to resolve the crisis.” “Fuel rods in the core of the No. 1 reactor are fully exposed, with the water level 1 meter (3.3 feet) below the base of the fuel assembly, Junichi Matsumoto, a general manager at the utility known as Tepco, told reporters at a briefing in Tokyo. Melted fuel has dropped to the bottom of the pressure vessel and is still being cooled, Matsumoto said.” In other words, officials have been forced to admit for the first time that reactor 1 suffered a nuclear meltdown, leading to concerns that “radioactive fuel may have burned a hole through the bottom of the containment vessel, causing water to leak.” In addition, reactor number 4 is also reported to be “leaning” and in danger of complete collapse. TEPCO has consistently underplayed and outright lied about the severity of the crisis in the two months since it began, claiming all along that fuel rods were only ever exposed for a limited period of time, when in fact they have been fully exposed since the very beginning. Those who maintained that TEPCO was deliberately lying about the severity of the situation, labeled alarmist by many quarters of the media, have now been vindicated. But the corporate press has only offered a collective shrug to today’s shocking developments, burying the story under a mountain of propaganda about Bin Laden’s alleged personal diary as the establishment continues to keep people obsessed and fearful of terror attacks. TEPCO’s proven deception has prompted a top official with the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission to issue a statement today that implies the Japanese have been lying about levels of radiation released from Fukushima, in addition to other measurements, since the very start of the crisis. “The reliability of instrumentation complicates our understanding of the exact plant conditions at any given time,” Bill Borchardt, the commission’s executive director of operations, said Thursday. That’s diplomatic talk for ‘they’ve been lying to us all along’. The exposed fuel rods have been spewing radiation that has largely been unaccounted for by authorities in their official measurements, but despite the fact that there is a 20km exclusion zone around the site, evacuees were put at risk after they were allowed to return to their homes earlier this week to collect belongings. Although the scale of the Fukushima disaster has been put on a par with Chernobyl and latest developments suggest the crisis is only getting worse, the mass media has collectively decided to virtually ignore the story altogether, proving once again that Americans are being fed on a diet of bread and circuses that leaves them dangerously ignorant of what really matters in the world.
And if you don't think it is scary as hell (to most conscious observers) to realize that this has been going on for a long time . . . . How about one more "little" thing that has floated by under the radar?

Speaking of way too many bad laws, here’s one: The “Defense Authorization” bill now before Congress, HR 1540

HR 1540 reinstates a second engine for the F-35 that even the Air Force doesn’t want anymore. It also reinstates the Bush era National Missile Defense system in California and Alaska. You know the one, the missile that has yet to pass any kind of a test to show that it can do what the billions of dollars system is supposed to do.

HR 1540 seriously hampers the START Treaty to limit nuclear weapons.

Hr 1540 adds $118 billion to our budget to fund the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, that should be ending. [here is a good place to start those reduction the GOP is calling for.]

BUT, most of all the reason that HR 1540 is a BAD law is that “it gives presidents the power to single-handedly launch wars and to lock people up without trial. This legislation, Section 1034 of the worst bill ever, undoes the limitations on one-man rule put in place by the U.S. Constitution over two centuries ago. This is the biggest formal shift of power in our government since we’ve had a government.

Add to this a chilling tidbit from the N Y Times, this A.M., “WASHINGTON — The Pentagon, trying to create a formal strategy to deter cyberattacks on the United States, plans to issue a new strategy soon declaring that a computer attack from a foreign nation can be considered an act of war that may result in a military response.

If you think that's all they've been doing (under cover of no real reporting) . . . how about all those evil "entitlements" that must be stopped because they are too expensive for people who are on the hook already to pay for lots of wars and more tax cuts for the ultra-wealthy to finance them? (As if.)

Do you think the Disability "entitlement" (which you've already paid for in all sorts of taxes for the last 30 years or so) is safe from the powers-that-be who are just waiting to spring it on us in order to look "serious" about cutting the deficit/debt (to the thugs who caused it)?

I'm guessing Disability is destined to go the way of Medicare (planned phasing out). If not now. Soon. From the Wall Street Journal:

Disability Judge Put on Leave From Post Damian Paletta The Social Security Administration placed on leave an administrative law judge who has approved an unusually high number of applications for disability benefits, one week after a page one article in The Wall Street Journal detailed his decisions.

David B. Daugherty, based in Huntington, W. Va., awarded benefits in each of the 729 disability cases he decided in the first six months of fiscal 2011, according to government data. In fiscal 2010, Mr. Daugherty denied benefits in just four of the 1,284 cases he decided.

On May 19, the day the Journal story ran, a team from the agency's inspector general's office seized computers and interviewed employees from the West Virginia office.

Mr. Daugherty, who joined the agency as a judge in 1990, was escorted out of his office Thursday. In a phone interview several hours later, he said he had "no idea" why he was placed on leave, but said it would probably last until the investigation was complete. He said he would continue to be paid while on leave, which he said would be temporary. He said he didn't know whether he would ultimately be given his job back.

Judges are rarely removed from office, as they are supposed to be independent from agency pressure. But they can be pushed out in extreme circumstances when supervisors believe it is necessary, agency officials have said.

Social Security declined to comment on the case. A spokesman for the inspector general's office said the agency was "doing work" in the Huntington office but declined to comment further.

There are 1,500 administrative law judges who rule on disability cases in which applicants have been denied at least twice by Social Security. Judges award benefits roughly 60% of the time, according to government statistics, but some have much higher approval rates. In the first half of 2011, 27 judges awarded benefits 95% of the time, not including those with a handful of cases. In addition to his 100% approval rate, Mr. Daugherty was notable for his volume; only three judges have cleared as many cases this fiscal year as he did.

In the interview Thursday, Mr. Daugherty said it was "pretty much coincidence" that he approved all of the cases in the first six months of the year.

"Lawyers were just so extremely well-prepared, and the medical evidence was all there," he said. "There's not a soul in this tri-state area, not a lawyer…who would tell you I would award benefits to somebody unless the medical evidence is plump up right there in the file."

He said the lawyers have "discovered the combination to the lock," meaning they have figured out how to bring cases to judges that are hard to deny.

Several judges have said they are under pressure to move cases as quickly as possible in order to clear a backlog of 730,000 pending cases. Top Social Security officials have said judges are supposed to balance the need for paying people who deserve benefits with the need to protect taxpayer money.

People apply for benefits if they are unable to work because of mental or physical-health issues. Some have to wait more than two years for the government to decide whether or not to award benefits.

The Journal story triggered a congressional probe in the Senate and expanded the scope of an existing investigation in the House, where lawmakers are looking into the rapidly growing entitlement programs. One of the U.S.'s two disability programs, Social Security Disability Insurance, is funded in part through payroll taxes and paid out $124 billion in benefits to 10.2 million Americans last year. SSDI is set to run out of funds in 2018.

Investigators are looking at, among other things, why Mr. Daugherty approved a large number of cases for clients of Eric C. Conn, an Eastern Kentucky attorney who specializes in disability cases. Mr. Daugherty has denied any favoritism for Mr. Conn's clients.

First, you accuse the administrators of good programs of graft. Next, find a few culprits. And if you can find a sex scandal somewhere in the mix, BINGO! (Also, very good if you can charge that there are hookers involved.) Stay tuned. All these paid-for "entitlements" are scheduled for extinction (with the funds turned over the those dependable Wall Street guys). They reap billions, pay back a few million. Heck, it's a fee! From our "friends" who want to keep us well-informed at the Wall Street Journal:
BofA, Morgan Stanley Settle Military Foreclosure Charges WASHINGTON — Subsidiaries of Bank of America Corp. and Morgan Stanley will pay more than $22 million to settle charges that they wrongfully foreclosed on active-duty military members without first obtaining court orders, the Justice Department said. In one settlement, BAC Home Loans Servicing, formerly known as Countrywide Home Loans Servicing, will pay $20 million to settle charges that it illegally foreclosed on roughly 160 service members from 2006 to May 2009. The department said Countrywide also agreed to pay any service member wrongfully foreclosed from June 2009 through 2010. Department lawyers alleged Countrywide didn't consistently check the military status of borrowers on whom it foreclosed through at least May 2009. The department said the settlement represented the largest financial recovery in a case brought under the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act, which provides a range of protections to active-duty service members.

Morgan Stanley's Saxon Mortgage Services Inc. will pay $2.35 million to resolve allegations it wrongly foreclosed on 17 service members between 2006 and June 2009.

The department alleged in both cases that the mortgage servicers intentionally disregarded the rights of military personnel.

. . . In January, J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. admitted to overcharging thousands of military members and foreclosing on 14. Those numbers have since been raised as the bank continued to look through files, with the bank's general counsel announcing last week that 27 wrongful foreclosures have been found.

Chief Executive James Dimon called it one of the "biggest mistakes" the bank has made and has apologized multiple times.

So at least the "smartest banker in the world" has apologized. Or was it something different that Obama called his friend, Jamie, at the beginning of his term as Jamie's company continued to defraud military families (as well as many others)? And on another but still quite relevant subject, I continue to want to know where they plan to live when we are swamped by the little accidents that will continue to release radiation wastes with 1000 years left of half lives. A source of a different nature over at Twelfth Bough has some relevant thoughts if you think your intellect can handle being "fear mongered" a bit more. (I have no idea how many of these thoughts are anything other than real fear mongering. I'm running them because they are easily found with any search engine turned to these concerns, and somehow they don't seem any more incredible than that nuclear wastes have been being released since the first day of Fukushima reporting.)
The Malignant Flowering of Curiosity We can "know" something in the marrow of our bones, but can we prove it? No we can't. But by surveying the evidence, studying behavior, and drawing conclusions through inductive and deductive reasoning, we can detect and note PATTERNS.
Now we can see why there needs to be a flu psyop... ? If radiation -- POISON -- causes the disease known as polio, and that disease is substantially related to the disease known as influenza, and there's an "outbreak" of the influenza disease due to all the POISON in the environment.....? The disease cannot be tied back to the radiation. Thus a new scientific narrative is required, and a new vaccine. The flu psyop covers for the intentional (False Flag / "Act of God" / "Human Error") poisoning, and furthermore TREATS the poisoning with: MORE POISON! People, that is a win win win if we ever saw one. Now we know that unspeakable amounts of radiation have been released into the atmosphere. Flu season in the US runs from fall through early spring. We will go out on a limb here and predict a really bad flu season, maybe even the horrible mutation they've been warning us would happen eventually? The West Coast will be hit very hard, but many important people will be spared. Just lucky we guess.
Why do we think such a thing might be possible? Because it fits the pattern of events that have already transpired, things we and others have been studying and writing about for the past several years. The pattern of bad things happening and being blamed on the wrong parties. False flags.
Can we point to a pattern of testing on humans without their informed consent? Yes. Here are four books documenting radioactive, chemical and biological weapons and substances testing on US citizens, by the US government.
Between April 1945, scant months before the bombing of Hiroshima, and July 1947, the scientists of the Manhattan Project followed the construction of the atomic bomb with a chilling second act: medical experimentation on hundreds of unsuspecting Americans....But the radiation experiments did not end there, nor even with the end of World War II. The malignant flowering of curiosity about the effects of radiation on humans continued for three more decades. Until the 1970s, government scientists and physicians made use of unwitting Americans in order to discover the effects of exposure. Scientists already knew that radiation was dangerous....But scientists wanted to know more. What types of physiologic damage were caused by specific levels of radiation? So, in hospitals, schools, and other institutions across the nation, they administered amounts of plutonium, x-rays, gamma rays, and radium that far exceeded established tolerance limits... [From The New England Journal of Medicine, December 16, 1999, reviewing The Plutonium Files: America's Secret Medical Experiments in the Cold War, by Eileen Welsome]
Does anyone seriously think they STOPPED EXPERIMENTING in the 1970s??? Because our common sense tells us they most certainly have not stopped a damn thing. Experiments continue apace.
Click on the link above to see a real freak show of worries (what happens when your government has been exposed as telling lies about important issues over and over).
From my buddies, Danny Schechter and Cherie Welch at The News Dissector (read the whole essay - they are always great!):
HAHA: Borowitz Report, Republicans Propose Replacing Social Security with Groupons Plan Would Offer Deep Discounts for Cat Food, Surgery WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report) – Presenting what he called a revolutionary plan to slash the nation’s mountain of debt, Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) today proposed eliminating the Social Security program in its entirety and replacing it with Groupons.
“Instead of waiting each month for a check from Social Security, America’s elderly will receive valuable Groupons for everything they need, from Ramen noodles to cat food to caskets,” Mr. Ryan said in an appearance on Fox News.

Adding that Groupons would also help provide for elders’ medical needs, the congressman illustrated his point by holding up a Groupon offering 30 percent off on open-heart surgery in Cincinnati.

Moving on from Social Security, Mr. Ryan also proposed replacing Medicare with a new program in which seniors are shot at by Predator drones.

Additionally, Mr. Ryan said, in his new budget so-called “friends with benefits” would lose their benefits.

“If they’re really friends, they should be satisfied if the evening ends with a voucher,” he said.

Speaker of the House John Boehner, appearing alongside Rep. Ryan, offered these words of praise for the Wisconsin congressman: “Preachers like Harold Camping go around predicting the end of the world, but it’s guys like Paul Ryan who do the hard work of making it happen.

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