Friday, July 15, 2011

Crooks and Liars Rules! (Need New "Air Freshener"?)

I love Stephen Colbert and Crooks and Liars for a very good reason. Nothing more actually needs to be said about the ludicrosity of our current political situation. (Not that that will stop them.) And, no, it's not for my overwhelming desire for a new air freshener.

July 14, 2011 Colbert Report: Republicans Choose None of the Above 5 comments By Heather Stephen Colbert wrapped up this segment on our debt ceiling kabuki theater by explaining Mitch McConnell's brilliant strategy for putting an end to the negotiations.
COLBERT: Also, none of the above is the leading Republican presidential candidate. But McConnell... none of the above looks good. None of the above looks good to me. But, McConnell has a simple way out of this whole mess. To keep the Republicans from being blamed for raising taxes or defaulting, all they have to do is ask the President to submit a request to Congress to raise the debt ceiling. Then vote yes on a resolution disapproving of the thing they just asked the President to do.

Then Obama would veto the disapproval and since the Republicans don't have the two thirds majority to override a veto, the debt ceiling gets raised and the Republicans get to say they voted against it, twice.

Just like in the classic Jimmy Stewart movie, Mr. Smith gives up and starts shooting people. It's brilliant!

It's brilliant. The GOP gets everything they want, except everything they asked for, and Obama gets stuck with what he wanted to begin with. And McConnell has got their nuts out of that vise... by cutting their nuts off and leaving them behind for Obama to hang from his rear view mirror as an air freshener.

Rupertgate Thursday - The Games Begin.



Mouser said...

Yes, they all stink!

Allow collapse.

ALL private central bank debt be made null and void.

End all private central banks and usury on government issued currency universally.

Hang all Rothschild and zionist associates if they obstruct the end of this crime syndicate. They will lose every single penny or their heads - their choice.


Suzan said...

Well, that's one proposal . . . .

But have they gone so far over the line that that's the best one?

You know I agree with the culprits who got off with nothing but minor penalties being drawn and quartered by angry mobs, don't you?

But I really (REALLY) would not like to see the end of civilization on my watch.

And that's why so many of us stayed with the Democrats, isn't it? We actually thought they would be working hard to stop the bad actions that our government had been guilty of for the Cheney/Bush Disaster Decade, and go forward with a progressive program that would use our resources to better the lot of all (which we could easily afford with a few less b/millionaires being created out of the fraud that has run rampant for so long).

Now that we've learned better, and the hordes are at the gates, what could save us now?

I don't think giving away our safety net programs has anything to do with saving our country and civilized society from debt (or at all).

Ending the wars and restoring a proper progressive tax rate would immediately end the red-ink nonsense easily. (And, yes, you've seen the relevant data on this blog!)

But will that take violence that none of us wants to see (just to get their attention)?

Hope not, buddy!

We all better hope not.

But it is looking grim.

BuelahMan said...

Heh. C&L is little more than a Dem mouthpiece, of which I have shown many times over to be Obama's ass-kissing sycophants, extraordinaire.

Colbert is the same.

Both entities carry Dem water. Period.

THAT is their purpose, Suzan. Plain and simple. There is nothing noble or patriotic about them.

What I cannot understand is the incessant desire to CONTINUE to carry that water AFTER what I explained (clearly) early on is going on (and now I have been substantiated many times over). But not only what I say/said until C&L banned me, but what is plainly evident to any sane, thinking being.

Yet, these types of entities STILL perpetuate the false paradigm.

Seems like we would find a source that was correct 2-3 years ago and NOT just trumpet the Bush bashers who lap up the Obama destruction as if there is a solution in him or the Dems.

Suzan said...

I agree with you in principle (somewhat) in that lots of our so-called Dem collaborative efforts have been taken over by the Blue Dogs/Dims who are only interested in reelecting Obama and continuing the Bush putsch.

But Blue Gal still writes there and I've always liked Sandy Underpants, so maybe it's not a total done deal at that site.

I do try to analyze everything I cite here though, so sorry to have riled you up with this article.

Hope you and yours are doing fine.

I'm out of a place to live again, so for me, not so good.

Love ya, baby!