Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Why What Has Happened To US Has

From the best writer on the internet(s) today. Read it and heed it, friends, as he exposes all the so-called commentators (not journalists by any stretch of any imagination), this time in the guise of DFB, who rule over the MSM and continually obscure to their own enrichment and self aggrandisement what has really happened to our country under their tutelage. We have not long to take action. From Driftglass' castle:

The question remains, where were you, Mr. Brooks, when Reagan was instructing them that the government is always wrong, always evil? Where were you when the leaders of your Movement were teaching them that everyone not in the Movement was a Commie? That compromise was treason?
"The members of this movement do not accept the legitimacy of scholars and intellectual authorities."
Yes, but where were you, Mr. Brooks, when the yahoo, bigot, militia-nuts and Fundy votes were being aggressively courted by your Party? When Young Republican gatherings became occasions for the endless burning of East Coast elites in verbal effigy? When anyone in the press not mindlessly spewing paranoid wingnut bile was denounced by your Party and Movement leaders as part of the Liberal Media Conspiracy?
"The members of this movement have no sense of moral decency."
But where were you, Mr. Brooks, when Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush openly and vigorously played the race card to win the White House? When the Right was rising to power on the backs of the poor, the weak and the powerless? When Newt Gingrich and GOPAC taught Republicans to call Democrats "traitors" and "liars" and "unAmerican" in every speech? Where were you when your Dear Leader lied us into a catastrophic war and then lied to us to keep us there? Where were you when Terri Schiavo's mortal remains were being tossed around like a puppy's chew toy for pure, partisan political advantage? Where were you when New Orleans drowned? When Reagan killed the Fairness Doctrine and gave birth to Rush Limbaugh?
"The members of this movement have no economic theory worthy of the name."
But where were you, Mr. Brooks, when voodoo economics was hollowing out the middle class and destroying our industrial base? Where were you when radical banking regulation was setting us up for the kill? When Republicans were running up crippling deficits and then demanding that Democrats pick up the tab? You see Mr. Brooks, as hard as you try to pretend otherwise, you are not an alarm bell in the night warning a sleeping nation of impending disaster. You are just another symptom of that disaster. Because, Mr. Brooks, the answer to the question "where were you?" is a simple one : you have been busy being fatally, loudly and very, very profitably wrong about your Party and your Movement your entire fucking life. And worse - oh so much worse - it turns out that, once again, the decadent, America-hating Left has been right all along.
Which you will never learn from the MSM in a zillion years. Get busy, folks. Organize! ___________________________________


One Fly said...

And most every other pundit/writer/whore is just as bad or worse.

And the sheep will bleet for more.

Suzan said...

Which is why we must kill the sheep and replace them with well-armed lambs?

Thanks for the comment, sweetie!


Anon said...

Very good!

- Aangirfan

Penny said...

Hey Suzan-

these people are around to spoon feed the dummies.

Look, here you go. Pablum.
Yum Yum

And you will like it, because we tell you so.

If that sounds harsh, I am sorry.
It is my frustration coming through when the problems are obvious and they are all around.
People just got to open their eyes.

But, not only that, their are good people spending unpaid time, such as myself and yourself, digging up the truths so they get out there..

All the sheeple have to do is spend a few minutes of time daily to get themselves informed.

Suzan said...

You're so positive, Penny!

I love it.

Wish I were.

I am afraid that these are the same people who will walk willingly into the ovens, looking for the soap and exits on the other side; and even when they see none, still believe that they just couldn't have been misled by their "leaders."

I myself have no faith in leaders anymore.

"Watch your parking meters" has become my mantra.

Love you!

And you too, Aangirfan!


All the sheeple have to do is spend a few minutes of time daily to get themselves informed.