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War on Syria? "Chillingly Reminiscent of Reagan’s and John Negroponte’s 'Special Project' the Contra 'Freedom Fighters' Who Were Sneaking into Nicaragua Killing Civilians and Police"

Ready for war on Syria?

Sure, those brown people who don't take our orders easily are scary, but do we have the right to replace their governments just because we'd like to be the ones who determine their future course? That's the question of this decade, isn't it?

Sometimes I think that this was one of the big issues addressed in the response to 9/11, which we never heard a word about until the U.S. military invaded Iraq. With Libya as the last victim of this mindset, it seems that many more will be in line just as long as we have some type of minor humanitarian issue we can use as a red flag. (The videos attached show a much different view of this coming conflict and some relevant history about the financing of terrorism.)

Channel 4 offers up a rather obvious bit of anti-Assad propaganda looking to strengthen public support of yet another NATO backed “humanitarian intervention” blitzkrieg style bombing campaign, this one in Syria. Notice how the notion of the “rebels” and “activists” is fading away and what they are now focusing on is the armed insurgents sneaking into Syria, killing troops or whomever else they choose to target. This is chillingly reminiscent of Reagan’s and John Negroponte’s “special project” the Contra “freedom fighters” who were sneaking into Nicaragua killing civilians and police, committing a slew of human rights violations, and generally terrorizing the population in an effort to destabilize the left-wing Sandinista regime who were unfriendly to near fascist US corporations and banking interests.

“The U.S. played a very large role in financing, training, arming, and advising the contras over a long period, and the contras only became capable of carrying out significant military operations as a result of this support.”
“During the time congress blocked funding for the contras, the Reagan government engaged in a campaign to alter public opinion and change the vote in congress on contra aid.[37] For this purpose, the NSCOffice for Public Diplomacy for Latin America and the Caribbean established an interagency working group which in turn coordinated the (S/LPD), which conducted the campaign.[38]
The S/LPD produced and widely disseminated a variety of pro-contra publications, arranged speeches and press conferences.[39] It also disseminated “white propaganda” – pro-contra newspaper articles by paid consultants who did not disclose their connection to the Reagan administration.” Wikipedia
That last sentence is the interesting one, the one that directly ties into Channel 4′s “special project”, helping disseminate “white propaganda” about Barack Obama’s “freedom fighters” in Syria aka the “Free Syrian Army”.

Judge for yourself. Here’s the video.

Why are these recent “rebels” from Libya and Syria always hiding their faces when they claim to be a former soldier of the targeted regime? Because chances are, if they showed their faces someone would be able to research them and find out they were some businessman’s son who never served a day in his life.

Why would insurgents sneak up on armed soldiers in the middle of the night wearing bright white jumpsuits that would make them easy targets for Syrian snipers on guard duty?

Here is the Deputy Foreign Minister of Syria, Faisal al-Mikdad, talking about the Western foreign influence on the Syrian “uprising”. He talks about the vast sums of money dumped into his country in effect buying an insurgency. He talks about the numbers of dead and wounded and how these so-called “humanitarian organizations” always fail to mention the fact that over 1,100 of those killed were Syrian soldiers defending their country from mask-wearing bandits.

Imagine if a thousand US soldiers and cops were killed by American insurgents paid by Iranian or Chinese interests.
Hell, they tried to fabricate a story about one official being targeted in the states by an Iranian backed plan. That story was a complete fabrication but many were talking about using it as justification for all out war on Iran. Imagine thousands lying dead in the streets, gunned down by AK carrying thugs with masks on their faces. Would the world condemn the US for fighting back against those murders? Of course not. It’s absurd.
Also notice Faisal talks about the disinformation being peddled about the Syrian government. Yes, they have a president and prime minister who are elected. The first prime minister was an Orthodox Christian. How does that play into the “evil dictatorship” story we are being sold by the MSM?

Neoliberal News of the Day: Monday Nov. 14th 2011

Obama meets with leaders from Russia and China to press for tougher sanctions on Iran – Armed with the custom made IAEA report, President Obama met with leaders from these two holdout countries. There is no doubt that he tried to use the “Israel is crazy, we got to do something before they attack” argument. (All this pressure on Iran right now might also be a globalist bargaining chip in their effort to keep Russia and China from blocking UN votes on Syria; the argument being if they approve the lesser evil, the attack and regime change in Syria, then they will back off of Iran… just a thought)
Others understand that Israel is just playing a part in a neo-liberal scheme right now and they have no real intention to attack Iran – “Uri Avnery, an Israeli peace activist and former Knesset member, writes in “Palestine Chronicle” that Israeli threats are so much bluff and bluster.  His article is titled, “Israel Will Not Attack Iran. Period.” “In a rare show of unity, all of Israel’s service chiefs, including the heads of the Mossad and Shin Bet, are publicly opposing the whole idea.” Avnery explains why: “An Israeli assault on a major Muslim country would instantly unite Sunnis and Shiites, from Egypt and Turkey to Pakistan and beyond. Israel could become a villa in a burning jungle.””
All across the country police are breaking up the Occupy Wall Street protests and arresting protesters – In one such case in North Carolina, riot cops were armed with fully automatic assault weapons when they moved in to arrest protesters.
Jackbooted thugs across the country are breaking up the Occupy movement – This is exactly why the government sunk so much money into militarizing the police forces after 9/11. They knew what they were about to do and they knew what the public reaction would eventually be.
Chairman of the European Branch of the Trilateral Commission and Bilderberg Member Becomes Leader of Italy
Technocratic government of “Chicago Boys” type economists are taking over in Italy, just like they did in Greece (and in Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Indonesia, India, South Korea, ect. ect. ect.)
Armed insurgency in Syria is a destabilization campaign: Arab League laying ground work for invasion
The process to neo-liberalize Libya is well underway and the harsh transition is being justified by the MSM – It’s all about “smaller government” and business driven approaches to everything ergo, “neo-liberalism”

Westerners looking at the new Libya from afar tend to offer recipes for recovery that feature widespread privatization of state-owned companies and a robust private sector that takes over the tasks of job and wealth generation…
… In their 2007 book on the Libyan economy, authors Waniss Otman and Erling Karlberg call the Libyan worker under Gadhafi “one of the most protected in the world,” adding that Libyans have a “subsidy mentality,” and a “job for life outlook which has ill-prepared Libyans for the more aggressive and cut-throat world of competition.”
Ali Tarhouni, Libya’s acting finance and oil chief, says he hopes the new Libya will feature a smaller government and a larger and freer private sector, but he has no illusions that it will be an easy transition.”
Rival factions of NATO thugs continue to kill civilians and each other in destabilized Libya

IAEA Iran Report: New Spin Same as the Old Spin

by Scott Creighton

The gist of the new IAEA spin on the Iranian nuclear program is that a Russian (who is actually Ukrainian) nuclear weapons expert (who is actually an expert at making nano-diamonds for industrial use) worked in Iran from ’96 to 2000 helping them design a PLAN for creating a process to enrich material to make a nuclear weapon (uranium based nuclear weapon). That’s the main thrust of this new report, that Iran developed the knowledge of how to enrich uranium and that they could restart their program somewhere in secret.

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Urgent Message to the Rumproast and Blogging Communities Concerning StrangeAppar8us

We have a sad and urgent message about our dear friend and Rumproast blogger StrangeAppar8us: for the past ten days, he has been hospitalized and fighting for his life.  He is stabilized now to some degree, but is on a long, difficult road about which nothing is certain but that it will include disability. We wish we could tell you, our wonderful readers and friends, more, but we are committed to honoring Strange’s privacy, which is also the wish of his family. The day after he was hospitalized, I flew to Pennsylvania, accompanied by his friend and Rumproast founder Kevin K. and his lovely wife. Marindenver is here with him now as well.

We will be doing everything we can for Strange, including setting up fundraisers and putting together his work, but for now we have an immediate need for homes for his three cats, most likely permanent homes, though I hope with all my heart someday he may be reunited with at least one. They are all seven years old, spayed and neutered, and I am hoping he may get one back someday, but we have no idea if that will ever happen.

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