Monday, November 21, 2011

Why the Tea Party Will Never Make Common Cause with the Left

Stocks Plunge As Debt Talks Near Collapse 
Which is a good thing.

Heck, a great thing!

Maybe as the stock market goes to hell for an extended period, the rest of the "vanished" middle class will awaken from their overwork-induced slumber and start demanding real change.

Monday, Nov 21, 2011

How the Tea Party Killed the SuperCommittee

The Republicans' refusal to compromise underscores the success of the right's Obama-era purity crusade

 People hold signs during a "tea party" protest in Flagstaff, Arizona
 People hold signs during a "tea party" protest in Flagstaff, Arizona August 31, 2009. Organizers say the event is an effort to work against members of Congress who voted for higher spending and taxes. REUTERS/Joshua Lott (UNITED STATES BUSINESS IMAGES OF THE DAY CONFLICT POLITICS) (Credit: Reuters) 

The Democratic and Republican leaders of the congressional supercommittee will apparently admit today that they’ve failed to produce a long-term deficit reduction plan. That it’s come to this is less a surprise than it is the latest and most emphatic evidence that real, meaningful compromise in the 112th Congress is essentially impossible.This is primarily a function of the direction the conservative movement chose to take when Barack Obama was elected president three years ago. As they seem to whenever Democrats gain control of the executive branch, conservative leaders and activists instinctively framed Obama’s presidency as a threat to the basic nature of America and fought virtually all of his policies with unrelentingly alarmist rhetoric. At the same time, they concluded that Obama only won in 2008 because George W. Bush and other top national Republicans had spent the better part of a decade pursuing a bastardized, government-friendly brand of conservatism.


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