Saturday, December 10, 2011

The "Crisis" in Europe Has Been Averted! (Diverted?) New World Order Time! (Naomi Klein, Where Are You When We Need You the Most?)

Naomi Klein published a book, The Shock Doctrine, in 2007 that can be utilized as a tour guide to the planned future of the American Empire and how the Neolib-laden government was able to create national and worldwide crises for the last 30 years (since Raygun's ascension to power) in order to consolidate power and relieve the citizenry of the burden of Constitutional government (and, of course, all their treasure).

Courtesy of Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, et al., and the prior arrest, imprisonment, and, ultimately, release without serious charges of International Monetary Fund chief, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, by the extremely law-abiding New York City cops (who took him to Rikers Island without bail, for gods' sake!), the Eurozone has now been totally imprisoned by the Finance Neolibs (except for Britain, which is already suffering from a hard-driving austerity regime), who will "lead" the now much-poorer folk out of their incredibly complex dilemma. (Remind anyone else of Dostoyevsky's Poor Folk?) And deliver the goods.

You may remember that I reported with incredulity on the improbable series of events encompassing Dominique Strauss-Kahn's imprisonment in New York City on the charges of raping a maid who turned out to be a foreign agent of who-knows-whom? The story was totally factually unbelievable from the first blow, and now that Europe has embraced the New World Order's formula for massive austerity (ah, the formula - not for babies, kids!) in light of the continuing Greek catastrophe, with the rest of the  PIIGS on deck, it's time to call the tune.

In a squeamishly familiar fashion just like the "killing of long-dead Bin Ladin," the facts will soon be slipping out. Again.

American Everyman does the honors:

Strauss-Kahn Hotel Video Released – Hotel Security and Maid’s Boss Seen Dancing and Celebrating After Maid Tells them What Happened

by Scott Creighton

A French news agency has released the hotel security tapes that show Dominique Strauss-Kahn checking out of the hotel after the alleged rape of the hotel maid. The video shows that DSK did not in fact “flee” the scene as he was accused of doing, but rather he calmly and quite routinely walked into the lobby, checked out, got help with his bags and went out to get in a cab to go have lunch with his daughter before catching a flight on his way to Germany to discuss the Greek debt crisis.

More interesting though is the video showing the maid in question and specifically, her boss and a hotel security person talking to her and then for some reason they went to another more secluded area before the police arrived and gave each other some kind of celebratory hand slapping and hugs and one even did a little dance step. All that they did prior to the police arriving on the scene and after the maid told them her story.

To the uncomplicit eye (yes, I made that word up) of a real journalist, it might seem, and rightly so, that they had some kind of plan in place and they had gone to a more secluded area in the hotel and were celebrating it’s positive outcome after the maid talked to them.

Or maybe that’s how bosses react when their employees are raped these days.

I wonder if it would be worthwhile to get their financial statements and bank records and see if either or both of those gentlemen came into a little extra cash after the DSK incident.

As I have stated from the very beginning, the DSK story was a set-up from the start. They got him out of the way so that Greece would be used as a catalyst and a model for the forced takeover of sovereign nations by technocrats in Brussels. As we all know now, that is exactly what is happening throughout the Eurozone, the 17 member states of the EU that are locked into using the Euro as their currency.

Clearly Greece was critical to the staged crisis of the Euro that now precipitates the need for 17 nations to hand over control of their economies to a trifecta of unelected technocrats in Brussels. As William Engdahl points out on Global Research today, Greece had been set up by Goldman Sachs and the European Central Bank as early as 2001 to be the weak link which brings the Euro to this “crisis” from the very state.

Had DSK been allowed to interfere with that plan, then all of this control being debated right now would have been lost because the “crisis” would have been resolved already.
I doubt that the video of the dancing hotel employees will become as iconic as the dancing Israelis were, but you never know.

Point is, I doubt they were hugging each other and celebrating because one of their employees got raped.

Something else prompted their unbridled joy and maybe, just maybe, someone might investigate what that was before a bunch of countries hand over control of their nations to a bunch of neoliberal bankers. Just a thought.

And you thought nonfiction wasn't as entertaining as fiction.


Thank whoever we have these guys on video for times like these!

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