Saturday, December 24, 2011

Happy Christmas!

For all time.


buelahman said...

Thinking of you today. Merry Christmas!

Suzan said...

Thank you, sweetie!

Hope you and your loved ones are having a wonderful holiday season.

Hoping for a much better new year!


A13 said...

Merry Christmas Suzan :)
Regards and Cheers

Suzan said...

The same wish for merriness to you and yours, A!

Hope things are going well for you all.

Love ya,


Octopus said...

Cephalo-Festivus (i.e. what y’all call Season Greetings) is that time of year to contemplate the meaning of life. This may come as a shock to you, but cephalopods do not worship Cthulhu – only readers of H. P. Lovecraft do that. We prefer the Tetragrammaton, ‘WAHU’ (pronounced “wah-hoo,”) which has nothing to do with holy mackerel or monkfish. Sometimes, we attend the Universal Universalist Church of C-D (pronounced ‘cod’), which has nothing to do with pious carp. Most cephalopods are free thinkers.

This week in The Times of India science section, there was report on spiders, specifically why female spiders nibble off the heads of males. It prolongs copulation and ensures insemination. Not so odd, I thought. Among human beings, there are close correlations between sex and headless males.

For black widows, cannibalism results in healthier babies, since head munching the male transfers nutritional benefits to the offspring. Not so odd, I thought. How many human males lose their heads raising teenagers.

Cephalopods also experience a close correspondence between Eros and Thanatos, since propagation of the species is our last undertaking in life. After we find a mate and exchange Wows, Mr. and Mrs. Octopus irrigate and nurture the clutch without rest or food until we drop from exhaustion – falling easy prey to predators. It’s an inglorious and ignominious end to an otherwise sublime and contemplative life.

Nevertheless, I consider myself fortunate. At least our young come into this world fully programmed to survive without intervention from the parents. It means no encumbrances such as life insurance, mortgages, retirement annuities, or college savings plans.

What my human friends tell me: They have spent a lifetime saving for retirement and their kids’ education. Yet, their IRAs, 401Ks, 529s, and homes are all underwater.

Underwater is natural for a cephalopod but apparently bad news for a human being.

Suzan said...

Thanks, Octo!

I truly "appreciate" the instruction as I've come to think my relationships also have a strong connection to thanatos, but I'm hoping for further positive input.

I was thinking the other day of saving all my life for my own offspring's college education and how I got that done right before the market ensured that my savings would not be available to me for any type of retirement.

The only good thing, of course, is that the rest of the world (outside of the predators who rigged the game and then bet big against us) are faring just as badly.

Now, if we'd only "smarten up" before we all go down in the next "humanitarian" or "self-defense against monsters" war(s).

Thanks again for the comments!