Tuesday, October 9, 2012

War Provocations Float By Largely Unnoticed Among US Crowd Mesmerized By Latest Gas Increase ( Debt = Trick To Remake the Social Democracy That U.S. Has Been)

Scott Creighton always provides a different take on events. His attitude today is not lighthearted or very forgiving concerning his President's recent obliquity. And debt is the drug being used to bring a final fascist political system to the besodden new world.

War Provocations Increase Exponentially

by willyloman

by Scott Creighton

“You have to be ready at every moment to go to war if it is necessary. If you are not ready for this, you are not a state, if you are not ready for this, you are not a nation,”

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan

The point of war is debt. Debt is the primary currency of our for-profit privatized central banking system which is collapsing under the strain of the unsustainable ponzi scheme which has been propping it up for over a decade. QE infinity (the promise to infuse 80 billion dollars a month into the various banking institutions that caused this collapse in the first place) will not be enough to rescue the zombie banks, hedge funds and vulture capitalist institutions… and they know it.

What’s needed is another large nation or two to absorb into their privatization/deregulation scheme and another large scale global conflict from which they can siphon off a couple trillion dollars in national debt interest fees.

A global conflict will also galvanize the public mind against the perceived enemy at a time when the people are just starting to understand that the banks and financial institutions themselves are in fact the only enemy they actually face.

With the pending austerity measures about to land on the heads and the tables of the 99% just as soon as Obama “wins” his election, nothing could be more useful to distract the American public and keep the dissenters quiet than a full scale new war in the Middle East. What happened to the anti-globalization movement in the wake of 9/11? That’s the model.

With this in mind, there have been a number of recent provocations in the Middle East aimed at starting a regional conflict which very well could encompass much of the region if not the entire globe. These recent developments are to say nothing of the illegal sanctions imposed by the likes of Hillary Clinton on Iran on the trumped up charge that Iran is attempting to build a nuclear weapon, which they clearly are not. Though the sanctions are not nearly as damaging as the U.S. had hoped, they are making li(f)e difficult on average Iranian families and their children, which of course, is no concern to people like Hillary Clinton.
  1. False flag mortar attack launched by FSA rebels in Syria toward Turkey
  2. Turkey’s vastly inappropriate response, targeting the financial sector of Aleppo over the course of 5 days
  3. False flag drone incursion blamed on Iran somehow, not sure how that was supposed to make sense
  4. Israel’s cyber attack on Iranian oil rigs looking to cut off supplies to China
  5. Turkey’s own attack on an Iranian pipeline which supplies not only Turkey but much of lower Europe
While thousands of Turkish citizens gather to protest the coming war and what looks like Turkish provocation of that conflict, Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan comes forward to address the people telling them they better prepare for war, that if they don’t do the bidding of NATO, the U.S. and Israel, then they don’t deserve to be considered a nation.

It would appear that this conflict has been scheduled to begin in earnest (as we certainly understand acts of war to have already been committed) prior to the Nov. coronation of Barack Obama.

There are many valid reasons to come to that conclusion. First would be the increased provocations. The second and most obvious is the failing economic system and the deterioration of the dollar. QE infinity will certainly devalue the dollar and inflation will rise to the point where they can no longer ignore it’s impact on the people.

But perhaps the most compelling reason they have for provoking a conflict prior to the election is left cover.

The anti-war movement in America or what’s left of it, will only remain complicitly silent as long as there is a credible threat that their opposition to Obama’s policies may help manifest a presidential loss in Nov.

Once the “election” is over and the emperor is crowned anew, they will feel a bit more courage when it comes to taking a stand against his imperial aggression at a time when it is neither required nor justified. Thus the threat that is Romney serves to silence their natural opposition.

However, once a conflict has begun in earnest prior to the election and once they begin the lame duck session of congress which promises with the help of the Obama administration to impose near genocidal austerity measures on us, then there will be another reason to “support the president” and his agenda as he struggles gallantly against the republicans to hammer out another of his compromise betrayals of his base.

Whatever happens, remember, at the root of all this is debt. Debt is the trick they are using to remake the social democracy that this country has been for nearly one hundred years. Debt is the weapon they are using to remake Europe into their fascist wet dream. Debt is the key to all of it, created by the American Dream Act and exponentially expanded by once illegal derivatives which were deregulated by law at the end of yet another Clinton regime not all that long ago.

This conflict will close minds to the truth, close doors to opportunity for the masses and be the final piece in the puzzle of how to turn the United States into a full blown closed society, a fascist society resembling that of any other 3rd world nation.

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