Monday, October 15, 2012

What? Riots in the Streets and EU Awarded Nobel Peace Prize? (Satire Long Obsolete)

I guess in a world where Henry Kissinger, a brand-new full of "hope and change" (and warless) Obama, and, of course, Mother Teresa get one this makes sense.

But a confederation of frightened populations and on-the-brink-of-bankruptcy countries?

They should start calling it the "Hope for Peace" Prize?

A different look at current events may be required now.


The Euro Spreading Peace in Spain

Like most people, I reacted to the news that the EU had won the Nobel Peace Prize with a shout of sarcastic black laughter as in… “good lord the fools really ARE running the asylum!” laughter.

In picking this moment ~ just as the euro brings national antagonisms to a new high ~ the committee members have revealed a sublime comic genius. It is 40 years since, hearing that the award had gone to Henry Kissinger, 

Heck, the late Irena was even Jewish,; she coulda/shoulda been a contender. ~. a shoe in even!

Tom Lehrer declared 'satire is now obsolete'. Not even Lehrer at his most fanciful would have imagined the committee passing over Irena Sendler, who had repeatedly risked her life to save children from the Warsaw Ghetto, in favour of Al Gore. 

None of his conceits was as bizarre as Barack Obama picking up the award before he had properly started his presidency (although that one turned out to be oddly apt: those hopey-changey early days were his high point).

But this?

This beats everything.

I have issues with Max Keiser but sometimes he is hilarious, bang on and quite educational. Although I disagree with his nomination of Julian Assange for the Nobel Peace Prize, every other issue Max speaks to here is important and the information he offers should become more widely known in the West. 


Circulate this information. What is unfolding in Europe are the final phases of the ballyhooed and NWO in Western Europe. Max summarizes it all well in this entertaining rant. By the sounds of it, he is not a fan of Christine LeGare.

And although this guy is a little too wild for my taste sometime . . . .

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