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Delicate Flower Bernanke Not Called As Witness? (This Is a Face That Can Do No Civilly-Liable Wrongs), Battered, Smug, Little Tsarnaev Brother Denies Guilt, and US Bankrolled Anti-Morsi Activists

From those wits at Dealbreaker we hear the latest on trial lawyers' laments (and Boies was the one whose poor argumentation let Gates off, remember?).

10 Jul 2013

Keep This Delicate Flower Off The Witness Stand

By Jon Shazar

He’s too gentle a soul to be subjected to the harsh interrogations of Hank Greenberg’s hired thugs/lawyers. Plus, he’s an open book: Read it.

Starr International Co., Greenberg’s closely held investment firm and an AIG shareholder, hasn’t shown the “extraordinary circumstances” needed to warrant the testimony because information on Bernanke’s role in the 2008 bailout can be obtained from other sources, the U.S. argued in a filing in the U.S. Court of Federal Claims in Washington.

As a general rule, high-ranking government officials are not subject to depositions regarding the reasons for taking official actions,” Brian Mizoguchi, a Justice Department lawyer, wrote in the filing yesterday….

Mr. Bernanke has important testimony to give in this case,” David Boies, a lawyer for Starr at Boies, Schiller & Flexner LLP, said in an e-mail. He said Starr will respond in court to the U.S. filing within the next couple of weeks.

Bernanke, 59, was served with a deposition notice on June 21 by Starr, which seeks to interview him on Aug. 16, according to the government’s filing. The U.S. contended that whatever Bernanke has to say is available from sources such as Board of Governors meeting minutes or depositions of lower-ranking officials.

It's a good thing that the USA still guarantees a fair trial and the presumption of innocence before guilt is proved in court. Or used to.

MIT Police Chief John DiFava, who was also in the courtroom, said Tsarnaev looked “smug.”
“I didn’t see a lot of remorse. I didn’t see a lot of regret,” he said. It just seemed to me that if I was in that position, I would have been a lot more nervous, certainly scared.”
DiFava added: “I just wanted to see him. I wanted to see the person that so coldly and callously killed four people, one of whom being an officer of mine.” AP

So the MIT Police Chief took over the role of pronouncing guilt before the trial this time. Funny how the self-appointed "prosecutors" have no trouble being seen as "persecutors" at this moment in history, isn't it? Pre-law students like myself probably remember when real prosecutors bent over backward to not be seen as persecutors. They even used to brag about how much they went out of their way to give the defendant every advantage to prove his or her innocence.

Ah, the old days.

Why is it that DiFava was there to make sure he got a quote in the paper fingering Dzhokhar for the “assassination” of Sean Collier? Why is it that he is deliberately using emotionally laced language in an effort to convict that kid in the court of public opinion?
Kinda makes you wonder who really was smug and remorseless in court today.

The entire official story of the Boston Bombings has been falling apart since day one. Suspects have been murdered by the FBI during interrogations apparently for refusing to sign off on a “confession”, it’s come out that our intelligence agencies had been in contact with the suspects for a prolonged period of time prior to the bombings and a surprise “confession” of sorts ends up magically appearing in a boat where Dzhokhar emerged looking drugged and confused.

The videos we were promised which show the two brothers planting bombs at the Boston Marathon never showed up leaving many people wondering why it was that these two were singled out from the images of thousands of people fleeing the scene . . . especially when law enforcement pretended like they didn’t know who they were.

Reports that a police officer was wounded in a big shoot-out with the two brothers turned out to be yet another lie when it was announced, quietly that is, that he was hit with friendly fire. Turns out the big arsonal of guns the cops reported the brothers had was also less than accurate. They had one gun supposedly until cops ran over Tamerlan and then Dzhokhar had no guns. But they still locked down two cities under martial law all the same.
The list of problems with this case go on and on.
But one problem with the official story that gets far too little attention is the tragic death of Sean Collier, the officer referred to by MIT Police Chief John DiFava.
Turns out Collier was executed. Someone ran up to his vehicle and shot him for no apparent reason. They claim the Tsarnaev brothers did it to get “another gun” but that doesn’t explain why they went to MIT’s campus to do that. It also doesn’t explain why they didn’t take his gun.
But the story of Collier’s death gets more interesting when you consider it was his death that night that convinced the majority of Americans of the guilt of the two brothers much like the murder of Dallas police officer J. D. Tippit  convinced millions of Lee Harvey Oswald’s guilt so many years ago.
Lots more here.

And also below. Big news day, huh?

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