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Things Are Getting Worse in the American Classroom, Not Better, Killing the Internet As We Know It, Monopoly's Poster Children, and the Wal-Martization of Higher Education (Dead Banker Bodies Tell Tale)

Looking forward to everyone living under one global economy? Or did you think we already are?

If you did, you ain't seen nothing yet. Or at least not everything that's been set up for you, me, all of us.


We Better Get Net Neutrality Signed into Law Before Media Mergers Kill the Internet as We Know It

Monopoly’s Poster Children - Ireland, Europe, The U.S. And The Financial Crooks

The Wal-Mart-ization of Higher Education

In the past thirty-eight years, the percentage of professors holding tenure-track positions has been cut nearly in half. Full-time tenure-stream professors went from 45.1 percent of America’s professoriate in 1975 to only 24.1 percent in 2011, with only one in six (16.7 percent) professors now possessing tenure.

. . . Wal-Mart seems to provide an apt analogy for the economic trend that has occurred in academia. Wal-Mart has become well known for keeping its number of full-time workers to a minimum, and hiring many part-time workers, with low pay, no benefits, and no job security.

“There has been a widescale transformation of the faculty work force,” says Gwen Bradley, communications director for the American Association of University Professors (AAUP). “It’s reflecting what’s happening in the economy in general. Some call it the Wal-Martization of higher education. It’s much cheaper in the short term to hire part-time faculty.”

I may be going out on a limb here, but Queen Noor (just kidding about the Queen part) seems to me to have her finger on the pulse of our ongoing political drama(s) (for what it's worth). Doug Hagmann is the reporter on the scene.

You may have heard a part of the following argument or maybe almost all of it. My guess is that your first thought will be to think the ramifications of it are ridiculous in our information-ridden culture and that it couldn't possibly be true.

Or maybe she's just kidding.

I don't really think so after reading the whole essay . . .

I don't think that anything she reports could be kidding. And a lot of it seems pretty far out upon first encounter.

But what do you think? Be sure to read down the list of all the "suicides." It's a real head exploder.

From Exposing What Lies Beneath the Bodies of the Dead Bankers and What Lies Ahead for Us:

The Enormity of the Lie

We must understand the legal restraints that were severed during the Clinton years and the Congress that changed the rules regarding financial institutions.

We must understand that the criminal acts were bold and bipartisan, and were designed to consolidate wealth through the destruction of the middle class.

All of this is part of a much larger plan to establish a one world economy by “killing” the U.S. dollar and consequently, eradicating the middle class by a cabal of globalists that existed and continue to exist within all sectors of our government.

The results will be crippling to not just the United States, but the entire Western world.
What began decades ago is now becoming more transparent under the Obama regime. Perhaps that’s the transparency Obama promised, for we’ve seen little else in terms of transparency with regard to the man known as Barack Hussein Obama.

For those not locked into the captured corporate media, we’re starting to see the truth emerging. The truth is that we’ve been living under a giant Ponzi scheme and we, the American citizens, are the suckers.

As illustrated by the list of dead bankers above, however, the power elite need a bit more time before the extent of their criminality is revealed.

They need a bit more time to transfer the remaining wealth from middle-class America to their private coffers. Timing is everything, and a magic act only works when all props are in place before the illusion is performed. Only when their timing is right will the slumbering Americans realize the extent of the illusion by which they’ve been entranced, at which time they will be forced into submission to accept a financial reset that will ultimately subjugate them to a global economy.

I contend that this is the reason for the recent spate of deaths, for those who met their tragic and untimely end had the ability to expose this nefarious agenda by what they knew or discovered, or what they would reveal under subpoena and the damage they could cause to the globalist financial agenda.
It is an insult to the public intellect that the media so readily pushes the official line that the deaths were all suicides given the unusual circumstances surrounding nearly all of those listed. This in itself should be ringing alarm bells with anyone of reasonable sensibilities, or at last those who are paying the slightest bit of attention to the larger picture.

The media is either complicit or completely inept.

Read the whole essay here.

And start organizing (if you notice the personal implications of it) to stop this madness.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Have you also been thinking, perhaps, about how the current education establishment seems to be making education really much more difficult to get today?

Me too.

If you like the view of the future as a global village where the very wealthy control everything and the serfs work very, very hard to keep food on the table, you've probably been enjoying what's been going on in the hallowed halls of Education.

From the incredibly callously inspired "No Child Left Behind" educational facade to the "Common Core" Commando Crap (who makes up this marketing BS and thinks our citizenry ignorant enough to buy into it for more than 30 seconds?) we learn gradually that there is a plan for the U.S. economically:   serfdom.

Things are getting worse in the American classroom, not better. The experts and the special interests purporting to fix the educational system are continuing, instead, to asphyxiate it.

The grandiose quote, above, in which “our young people” show up as abstractions needing to be prepped for some simplistic, highly competitive imaginary future (fully understood by the experts), is part of the mission statement of the Common Core State Standards Initiative, the Obama administration’s showcase education reform initiative.

Just like the disastrous No Child Left Behind Act of the Bush era, in whose wake it follows, it’s all about testing and uniform standards and the “rigorous” evaluation of schools and teachers; and it’s clueless about the nature of childhood development, not to mention reality. Its primary mission, as with NCLB, is to pull education out of the hands and hearts of teachers and turn its administration over to politicians and their corporate sponsors. It both defunds and belittles the learning process.

And the primary metaphor for school remains “the pipeline” — either the cradle-to-prison pipeline, which is what education amounts to for so many young people in poverty-stricken neighborhoods, or the cradle-to-career pipeline, as Education Secretary Arne Duncan would have it.

It’s not that the pipeline is broken. Rather, as educator Adam Bessie put it in a brilliant piece of graphic commentary published at Truthout, “the metaphor is broken” — the metaphor of the public schools as an industrial sluiceway, washing our children anywhere at all.

An educational system that fails to revere children and honor their potential — that turns schools into 3R boot camps, demanding the regurgitation of specified data on command, but shrugs off the importance of holistic thinking or simply learning to think for oneself — is insane at its core. Welcome to the 21st century!

And we've been driven beyond the bounds of sanity in order to be able to accept it as reality.

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