Thursday, June 4, 2015

Rich People Pay "Poor" Taxes (Don't Make Me Call Your Mother!) and Make War on Their Inferiors:  Land of the NeoFools (The Tyranny of Great Wealth - Tom Paine)   Cervantes' Quixote Spears US  (Both Siderism Runs Amuck)

Infuriating Glimpse at How Rich People Pay Taxes (At Rates Negotiated for Their Secretaries)

The truth about the last crash and the next one is right on the face, er . . . title, of 2010's Michael Douglas' wheeler-dealer reprise "Wall Street:  Money Never Sleeps" (and many people (traders mainly) paid attention); the message, however, is that anyone will take advantage of anyone because of the opportunity to make an ungodly (good word, right?) amount of money - and think that's a good reason for being forgiven for yielding to temptation and hurting/taking advantage of everyone else.

It's too bad that the moviegoers on the bottom of the economic pyramid never watch the right movies. Or maybe the educational system strikes again? The financial movies that expose what's going on among the top players on Wall Street, and all the other money streets in the world, are not difficult to comprehend, or even just watch (you know, for the million-dollar interiors and the lavish parties). So it must be that folks are afraid they are boring.

As if.

Because if seeing how others spend/throw away your money is boring to you . . . .

The truth about the running of the U.S.'s (and the world's) affairs (so to speak), and those who run and benefit most from them, is probably the most interesting show you'll ever see put on, kids.

How Much Corporations Paid U.S. Senators To Fast-Track TPP Bills (Richard Burr - Republican - North Carolina - Received $60,000)

Was Don Quixote tilting at windmills or dragons? (And did these real-life guys ever leave D.C.?)

Or has the Land of the NeoFools triumphed once again?

Tilting at Windmills

Men of Dementia (Dementians?):  NeoCons

What the NGO's do to enrich themselves and appear as charitable is one byproduct (not polite to say "excrement").

How the Red Cross Raised Half A Billion Dollars for Haiti and Built Only 6 Houses (and Can't Account for the Rest)

The need for conquering the world is another.

And not that the meaning of money honeys has been ignored at this blog before (I believe I published that fabulous familial chumminess photo of Hillary leaving a gathering of the wealthy on Rupert Murdoch's arm seven years ago or so), but Ms. Wal-Mart's corporate friendlies should not come as a surprise in 2016.

From our buddy Oz (the Wizard of Aaaahzzzzz - otherwise known as Driftglass):

Yes, they're all on "our" side.

Both siderism?

I swear to god (you know what I mean) that they've ALL had plastic surgery.

Our leaders.

Thought leaders anyway.

Just ask them.

$4.4 Trillion So Far for "ISIS Never-Ending Generational War" - Retired General John Allen (Obama's Special Ambassador for This War)

Pentagon Unsure How Live Anthrax Strains Went To 51 U.S. Labs and Three Foreign Countries in Last Decade

Not really news (anymore).

Just one more "Whoopsie" in the land of no-consequences-for-those-in-charge.

". . . an almost unfathomable degree of negligence and recklessness."
- Patrick Martin


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