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Neil Young:  Monsanto Is Seeding Fear  (Remaining Proud of U.S. Leadership After 9/11)  They Had No Idea What Was Happening  (And They Took Their Time Figuring Out How to Portray It)

UK Police Confirm Ongoing Criminal Investigation of Journalists Who Worked With Snowden

Fossil Fuel Companies Impose More in Climate Costs Than They Make in Profits

The Politics of Timber Theft

NEIL YOUNG:   The Importance of GMO Labeling
25 July 15

Message From Neil Young -
      As I write this, the dark act is up for a vote in the House of Representatives; representatives of the people. The dark act takes away the rights of those people to vote for or against things like GMO labeling in their states. It does seem ironic. If the act is passed, it will truly be a dark day for America.
Monsanto is a corporation with great wealth, now controlling over 90% of soybean and corn growth in America. Family farms have been replaced by giant agri corp farms across this great vast country we call home. Farm aid and other organizations have been fighting the losing battle against this for 30 years now.
Dairy and meat farming is done in those white sheds you see from the freeway, no longer on the green pastures of home with the old farmhouses and barns. Those beautiful buildings now stand in ruin across the country. This has happened on our watch while the country slept, distracted by advertising and false information from the corporations. Monsanto and others simply pay the politicians for voting their way. This is because of "Citizens United", a legislation that has made it possible for corporations to have the same rights as people, while remaining immune to people's laws.
Both Democratic and Republican front runners are in bed with Monsanto, from Clinton to Bush, as many government branches are and have been for years. This presidential election could further cement the dominance of corporation's rights over people's rights in America. If you have a voice you have a choice. Use it.
On the human side, the film I would like you to see tells the story of a farming family in America, but the same thing is happening around the world. It is a story that takes 10 minutes of your time to see. It is a simple human one, telling the heartbreaking story of one man who fought the corporate behemoth Monsanto, and it illustrates why I was moved to write The Monsanto Years.
The film presents a rare opportunity to hear from the source as Mr. White is one of only four farmers who is still legally allowed to speak about his case as all the others have been effectively silenced.
Thanks for reading this and I hope you look at this simple and powerful film, "Seeding Fear".

           Neil Young
           The Monsanto Years 

# Radscal 2015-07-25
I was shocked when the Proposition for food labeling in CA lost in the last election. The polls showed it had huge support, but when the votes were tallied, it lost.
# Wally Jasper 2015-07-25
Same exact thing in Oregon and Colorado. Right before the vote, Monsanto and its allies brought out its massive wealth to flood airwaves with lies and promote fears for if the labeling initiatives won. And so the initiatives lost. Now the DARK (Deny Americans the Right to Know) act, if it passes the Senate, will cement Monsanto's outright takeover of what used to be agriculture. It will spread its poisons and its altered seeds far and wide, decimating millions of acres of land and polluting streams and ground water. This is what our "representative s" are installing in this country.
We can fight back by refusing to eat GMO products, which means basically all non-organic foods that contain corn, soy and canola oil products. And coming soon, non-organic apples and farmed salmon will be genetically modified. Support local, GMO-free farmers and buy "Non-GMO Project" labeled foods.
# pop2 2015-07-25
Interesting that many of the congressional Monsanto supporters who want to overrule state initiatives re GMO and other food labeling are the same folks who scream about states' rights.
# Street Level 2015-07-25
They have the nerve to call it the "Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act of 2015" and it passed the house. This is so 1984.

Here are the first-ever pictures from 9/11/2001 taken by Dick Cheney's staff photographer hours after the New York attack after George W. Bush's airplane ferried him from Florida to Washington, D.C., reported by Tony at Wolves in the City (which were acquired from a Freedom of Information Act request):

Never-Before-Seen Photos from Inside White House on 9/11 Show Bush and Cheney As Terror Attack Unfolded

25 July 2015
By Natalie Evans
The images, released by the US National Archives, capture the immediate aftermath as the Twin Towers and the Pentagon were attacked by terrorists
U.S. National Archives/Handout via Reuters

Dick Cheney sits with his feet up on a desk staring at a television news report as smoke pours from the stricken Twin Towers.

This never-before-seen photograph is one of a collection released showing the immediate aftermath inside the White House as the September 11 terror attacks unfolded.

U.S. National Archives/Handout via Reuters

U.S. National Archives/Handout via Reuters


In another, the then-Vice President is seen with his head in his hands as he makes a phone call from the secure basement.

US Secretary of State Colin Powell and National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice are also pictured in the President's Emergency Operations Center in Washington.

The highly-secure underground bunker below the White House's East Wing can withstand even a nuclear attack.

U.S. National Archives/Handout via Reuters

The images, released by the US National Archives in response to a Freedom of Information request, capture the reaction of Goverment officials after 9/11 terror attacks.

Cheney watches a news report after two passenger planes had crashed into the World Trade Center in New York. Both towers later collapsed.

U.S. National Archives/Handout via Reuters

A third plane struck the Pentagon and a fourth crashed in Pennsylvania. In total, 2,996 people killed.

President George W. Bush was visiting a school in Sarasota, Florida, when the attacks took place.

Images from later on September 11 show a tense-looking Bush speaking with his colleagues after his return to the White House.

The images were captured by Cheney's staff photographer, PBS reported.

The photos were released by the National Archives following a FOIA request by FRONTLINE filmmaker Colette Neirouz Hanna.

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