North Carolina’s State Treasurer has diverse responsibilities beyond managing the pension investments.  But, Elmer seems to have the edge in many facets of the Treasurer’s myriad duties.  North Carolina’s Treasurer sits on more boards and commissions than any other elected official.
Elmer likes to point out, “when selecting North Carolina’s next state treasurer, financial experience and expertise should trump political pedigree.”  It was no surprise to me that the State Employees Association of North Carolina (SEANC) undertook the most thorough of vetting processes for candidates for state treasurer – a grueling 2-hour Q&A public forum — and ultimately endorsed Elmer as their choice for North Carolina’s next State Treasurer.
. . . North Carolinians have a chance to break the cycle.  Let’s hope they understand the past pension looting and seize the opportunity to end it.

Another Phony Jobs Report

March 4, 2016

Paul Craig Roberts

And if true it is damning

The monthly payroll jobs reports have become a bad joke.

No growth in real retail sales, but 55,000 retail trade new jobs in February.

No growth in real consumer income, but 40,000 more waitresses and bartenders.

86,000 new jobs in Education, health services, and social assistance. February is a strange

month to be hiring new teachers. If February brought a quarter million new jobs, how come a

big hike in social assistance jobs?

Manufacturing lost 16,000 jobs.

Murder Is Washington’s Foreign Policy