original_ekobe acmavm 4 days ago 

As far as I am concerned Bush, Cheney, Rumsfileld, along with every other Repub, Obama, Perlosi, Kerry, and the Clinton cartel all ought to be sharing the same jail cell for life in some remote gulag. When do you plan to apologize for the state secrecy apparatus and the fascist state you helped create along with interminable war now in its 13th year, billions of our treasure pouring into Israel, for Profit insurance, assassination of Amerikans void of due process rights, NDAA, torture, force feeding, Gitmo, Manning and Snowden persecutions and conversely, not a single bankster prosecuted; carte blanche giveaway to Wall Street elites, the Gulf Spill, Deep water drilling, environmental sell outs, Tar Sands, Patriot Act, to name a small handful?