Sunday, August 24, 2008

Are We Having Fun Yet?

I haven't posted since Friday night due to straining my neck muscles while doing (what again?) who knows what. I noticed I couldn't turn my head easily yesterday, and it is not improving. Whatever it was I did, I hope I don't do it again as I am paying for it dearly already. Another reason I've been loathe to post is that I saw the new sHillary (disguised as a McCain) commercial and haven't really recovered. Seems that even John McCain is complaining (watch the Rethuglican whine!) that our girl sHill has been "passed over" undeservedly. Now that Obama has chosen Jumpin' Joe Biden for his Veep slot, I guess that means McCain is free to offer sHill the number two spot for the Rethugs (and don't think she couldn't do the job - witness the Clinton years when they ended the idea of any type of concerned liberal government ("as we know it") that would ensure the common good and provide for the general welfare of all people). Nothing could surprise me at this juncture. I feel like we've been treated to more scenarios already than anyone could possibly entertain as politically liable during one lifetime. Those (including Elizabeth Edwards' terminal cancer, John Edwards' outing, sHillary's exposure as even more incompetent than most thought probable, the evidence damning Cheney and Bush for their numerous impeachable crimes and many, many more) along with the lawsuit being pursued by Philip Berg, one of sHill's supporters, which for some reason takes dead aim at the underpinnings of Obama's candidacy by questioning his citizenship and thus allegiance, thereby seemingly spooking the crowd and assuring his demise at the Convention long before the nomination has been secured, have made me jumpy - looking over my shoulder constantly (maybe that's how I hurt my neck!) for the police, wielding truncheons and tear gas, who are just waiting to take down those fond progressive Democrats who hoped against hope that Obama could triumph over maverickity McCain and throw them a few bones. I also can't get a certain thought to leave my horrified imagination that during the time (remember reading this?) that sHillary joined the fundie prayer group and became lifelong friends with the real con artists that somehow she and Karlotta Rover became friendly enough to enable them to pursue a joint political alliance which is just raising its cocky little head now. I put nothing past either of them. In my heart of hearts I just hope that the guy who spoke so intelligently, eloquently and sincerely will be rediscovered before we head into real election season and face the catastrophe that the Rovererd troops have been preparing for us since 2006. Fat chance. Suzan P.S. Any contributions you may be able to make to this blog's continued operation will be wholeheartedly appreciated. Kisses and hugs to those who have been supporting my efforts. I couldn't do it without you guys! ___________________________________

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