Friday, August 8, 2008

The Sins John Edwards Did Not Commit

I said to anyone who would listen at the time of John Edwards' quick exit from the presidential race that something unusual and/or unexpected must have happened to cause such a rapid departure, particularly coming on the heels of his promise to stay in until the end. Now we know what it was. What I want to know (and it is only just that we find out soon) are the details of the blackmail and who was behind it. Brent Budowsky speaks for me and most of my friends. Read it here or in full below. _____________________________________

August 8, 2008 The Sins John Edwards Did Not Commit Brent Budowsky John Edwards did not lie to get America into a war that has cost more than 4,000 American lives. John Edwards did not commit acts of torture that violate the Geneva Conventions, American laws and commonly accepted standards of decency. John Edwards did not commit massive acts of violation of the FISA law that involve thousands of counts of spying on Americans in violation of federal law. John Edwards did not slander war heroes such as John Kerry and Max Cleland in the mindless pursuit of power. John Edwards did not claim pre-emptive power to initiate wars without authorization, nor did John Edwards claim the power to issue pieces of paper that would negate a thousand American laws that he chose not to faithfully execute. John Edwards did not claim executive privilege in the most outrageous, extra-legal manner in order to cover up major wrongdoing and probable criminal acts by multiple members of his administration. John Edwards's sin hurt one very good woman and good kids, which is an unpardonable wrong. John Edwards will not issue pardons for crimes that did grave damage to the nation.
But he did hurt Elizabeth and his children and I find that (personally) unforgiveable. Suzan _______________________________


lostnacfgop said...

Thanks for sharing this. It provided some comfort, though I'm still disillusioned by this serious error in judgment by my favored candidate.

Suzan said...

I'm with you.

And even if we find out (a long time from now undoubtedly) that he was stalked and played up to atrociously (by a committed "hunter"), it won't help my original good opinion of him to return.

I just can't get over the unfairness to Elizabeth - someone who could never deserve this - and who should know that more than her lucky husband?

Thank you for your kind comment. It lifted my depressed mood on this dreary day.