Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Bill, Hill, Barak and Michelle

Barack Obama was officially nominated by acclamation by Hillary Clinton and the New York delegation today, who took over the microphone when the New Mexico delegation yielded to the Illinois delegation who then yielded to the New York delegation to cast the votes that put him over the top. And he broke protocol unexpectedly to enter the mass of celebrating delegates and shake hands and say "Thank you!" If only it were that easy to end this national nightmare, we could all link arms and sing Kumbaya. Bill Clinton, who has given a pretty good speech once or twice in his life, may have outdone himself tonight. He was so low key and humble at the beginning of the speech, that he joked amiably that the campaign had been so fierce it had increased global warming. The audience hesitated two beats before it burst into appreciative, but wary applause. This was by far the most life-enhancing nominating convention I've ever seen. Following Hillary's gracious speech Tuesday night, Bill's made me think once again that I had stepped through the looking glass and was no longer in Kansas (the racist, bigoted, hate-driven politics of the US). And although the Rude Pundit is just a tad cynical, he also gave Hillary props. And you should read what he wrote about Dennis Kucinich "bringing the thunder" to the right-wing bastards. We both are so proud. Oh, and Joe Biden is no longer just biding his time. Sorry. I just couldn't resist. I've been waiting to use that for a while. And I know I'm kinda softheaded about this next bit of news, but when Joe hugged his son Bo, who is leaving for Iraq, I couldn't figure out how everyone witnessing this sweet moment didn't get all teary-eyed and choked up. Now where did I misplace that bridge? Suzan _________________________________

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