Monday, June 15, 2009

Paul Krugman Responds (on Vacation!) to Rethuglican Whinings (B(oe)ay(ner)ing)

The B(oe)ay(ner)ings continue but Professor Krugman nails them to the wall with the undeniable facts. Read on for the data on the Reagan tax cuts' (but not his huge military spending increases, which came later) prompt effectiveness (not for the rich obviously as they were always quite effective there). Now it may be true that the Rethugs hear what they please, but the chart doesn't lie, although the commenter below might. Read on for the humor content at least.

Dr. K, Your chart shows one of the problems that modern “liberal” macro-economics suffers from-the concept of time. EVERYONE knows that Reagan’s 1981 tax cut’s didn’t kick in until Clinton’s second term creating the boom of the 1990’s. And that the rising unemployment in the Reagan graph starting in 1981, when Reagan’s tax cuts went into effect, was caused by JFK in 1962. It’s true I saw it on Fox News. — J.H.
I swear I believe I saw that on FAUX Snooze too! Suzan ____________

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