Monday, March 14, 2011

10,000 Dead/Tide of Bodies/Rods Likely Melting In 3 Reactors - The End? (Oh Gee! Another Easy Money Scheme Gone to Hell)

If you want to see the full power of a tsunami, click here.

But this is no problem, really. Wonder what the Koch Brothers are up to in states other than Wisconsin?

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Official: Rods Likely Melting in Japanese Reactors TOKYO (AP) - Japanese officials say the nuclear fuel rods appear to be melting inside all three of the most troubled nuclear reactors.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano said Monday: "Although we cannot directly check it, it's highly likely happening."

Some experts would consider that a partial meltdown of the reactor. Others, though, reserve that term for times when nuclear fuel melts through a reactor's innermost chamber but not through the outer containment shell.

Is this a precursor of our end? Stay tuned as we now tend to not believe anything the MSM reports as totally "true." (I really hate it when they give those Bible freaks breathing room.) Weaseldog poses this comforting thought (and he's a scientist):

Another Safe Explosion That Is Different Than Chernobyl

I know I'm supposed to feel better that these reactors don't have graphite control rods. So if they meltdown and spew radioactive steam high into the atmosphere, the disaster will have a different style than Chernobyl. And Different = Safer.

As it is, those reactors are being cooled with seawater mixed with boron. Take a guess where the highly radioactive waste water is being discharge. I hope the Japanese can learn to eat something other than seafood, and rice...

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