Saturday, March 19, 2011

First You Fuck Up the Country's Finances With Fear, Pointless Wars (To Civilians) and Tax Cuts for the Wealthy. Then You Destroy the Social Programs!!

And Steal the Next Election. Thank god someone tells it straight. And calls the economics no-minds on their ignorance and venality. (And from whence did the current deficit-cutting frenzy arise? FAUX SNOOZE!!!) I have grown completely disenchanted with living in a land where no one seems to have noticed the total disappearance of the freedoms and liberty (not to mention a plethora of jobs) we once enjoyed without thinking about them much due to the deliberate destruction of the Constitution and Bill of Rights (that was fought for so desperately by our esteemed forefathers) in a puff (or three puffs) of smoke, and the ensuing deep decline of American civilization (signified by the disappearance of the middle class) seemingly bought and paid for by those Koch brothers and their clones. Talk about class war. No. Don't. Even our side won't put up with that. Whoever our side is at whatever moment we pause to think in the continuing devastation. I'm pretty sick of those around me pretending that things will right themselves with no government action necessary (in the face of each new daily adversity) other than negative actions like cutting deficits, run up by war mongers and tax cuts hugely benefitting the wealthy, with the savings of those at the bottom of the wealth pyramid, and that we shouldn't think too badly of the leadership we've received so far because "they are trying the best they can." I'm heartsick about it. How about you?

As the Global Economy Trembles, Our Nation’s Capital Fiddles Robert Reich Thursday, March 17, 2011 Why isn’t Washington responding? The world’s third largest economy suffers a giant earthquake, tsunami, and radiation dangers. A civil war in Libya and tumult in the Middle East cause crude-oil prices to climb. Poor harvests around the world make food prices soar. All this means higher prices. American consumers, still reeling from job losses and wage cuts, will be hit hard. (Wholesale food prices surged almost 4 percent in February, the largest upward spike in more than a quarter century.) Even before these global shocks the U.S. recovery was fragile. Consumer confidence is at a five-month low. Housing prices continue to drop. More than 14 million Americans remain jobless, and the ratio of employed to our total population is at an almost unprecedented low. So you might think our elected representatives would want to avoid a repeat of what happened the second half of 2010 when the fragile recovery began tanking. They’d certainly want to prevent a double-dip recession. You’d think they’d be creating booster rockets to counter these recessionary forces – freeing up more spending, exempting the first $20,000 of income from payroll taxes, imposing a moratorium on bank foreclosures, giving Americans another six months to file their income taxes, lending states whatever money they need to prevent more of their own budget cuts. Think again. Amazingly, the big debate in Washington is about whether to cut $10 billion or $61 billion from the federal budget between now and September 30. House Majority Leader Eric Cantor recently stated the Republican view succinctly: “Less government spending equals more private sector jobs.” In the past I’ve often wondered whether they’re knaves or fools. Now I’m sure. Republicans wouldn’t mind a double-dip recession between now and Election Day 2012. They figure it’s the one sure way to unseat Obama. They know that when the economy is heading downward, voters always fire the boss. Call them knaves. What about the Democrats? Most know how fragile the economy is but they’re afraid to say it because the White House wants to paint a more positive picture. And most of them are afraid of calling for what must be done because it runs so counter to the dominant deficit-cutting theme in our nation’s capital that they fear being marginalized. So they’re reduced to mumbling “don’t cut so much.” Call them fools. The U.S. economy is flirting with another dip at a time when the global economy is teetering and most Americans are still in economic trouble. But nothing is being done in our nation’s capital because knaves and fools are in charge.


Cletis L. Stump said...

Really, not much left to say.

The Ex-Wiz said...

Oh yes there is, C.

But not really worth the time we'll spend crying about it.

Tomorrow I put the icing on the cake. The crap cake.

(We all should be making plans to MOVE!!!!!!!!)

Thanks for commenting.


rjs said...

suzan, it's not just washington that's ignoring the problems this country is facing...when i first started hitting the econ blogs in late 08, i could count on a lot of the salt-water types to at least speak out for the unemployed and foreclosed, whether they're just discouraged, or just dont care, i barely see any of them with more than a passing mention of the problems facing those less fortunate...i'm getting ever more shrill because except for a few like robert reich, everyone else is turning away..

Suzan said...

Not me though, sweetie!

I'm just as shrill about it as a fishwife these days as I see the chances for renewing my life (not to mention a real renewal under new leadership for the nation) slip away with the "new" times - i.e., going on to new wars, new tax cuts, and the annihilation of Social Security and the safety net.

They'll have to kill me first.

Me and the Bobs.


whether they're just discouraged, or just dont care, i barely see any of them with more than a passing mention of the problems facing those less fortunate