Thursday, March 31, 2011

(Hilarious!!!) Krugman Nominates Greenspan for Worst Ex-Fed Chair In History (Commentary)

Friends, you will just adore this update to a subject I've written about in a white heat many times before.

Try not to gasp! (And is she misspelling Gandalf on purpose?)

Edifying verbal turmoil at DealBreaker.


(But you've gotta hold your mouth right (and learn to read MAESTROese).)

It's an oldie but a goodie - and it doesn't seem to have a shelf life.

(And, yes, I'm taking a moment. Then I gotta go buy a gun.)

Paul Krugman Nominates Alan Greenspan For Worst Ex-Fed Chair In History GaldalFed: oof

GaldalFed: brutal

Maestro69: what?

GaldalFed: re: Krugman…

Maestro69: hold

GaldalFed: the post…about your FT thing

GaldalFed: k

Maestro69: no idea what you’re talking about

Maestro69: was the guttersnipe trying to blame me for that contracted period of economic dislocation? he needs new material

GaldalFed: it was in response to your FT op-ed saying we should repeal Dodd-Frank


GaldalFed: “Alan Greenspan continues his efforts to cement his reputation as the worst ex-Fed chairman in history”

GaldalFed: ouch

GaldalFed: not that we care what he thinks :)

Maestro69: is that a joke? you think I actually might? the only time that bearded fruit even registers on my radar is when I’m trying not to blow my load too fast and picture his face. he was of particular help the weekend I spent last summer at Buffett’s bunny ranch.

GaldalFed: ha

GaldalFed: you the man

GaldalFed: it’s kind of funny tho…

GaldelFed: how things have changed

Maestro69: what’s kind of funny

GaldelFed: oh just you know how when you were in office you had 3 staffers clipping all your glowing press or as you like to call them “blow j’s without clean up”

Maestro69: yes I remember that

GaldelFed: and now people are saying stuff about you like krugman

GaldalFed: and they’re saying I’m going to be remembered for saving the economy

GaldalFed: and that you’re an out of touch old man and it’s only a matter of time before you’re complete irrelevant?

Maestro69: lol Benji

Maestro69: first off, do you even know what the point of the FT op-ed was? it’s a little game I’ve been playing for the last couple years called:

Maestro69: FUCKING

Maestro69: WITH

Maestro69: PEOPLE

Maestro69: think about it, professor

Maestro69: what’s the true test of a baller? burning down the house and then not only not saying you’re sorry, but loitering in the rubble, inserting your two cents about how the rebuilding effort is a joke, pissing in their faces etc.

GandelFed: okay…

Maestro69: as for so-called “relevance”? you know how relevance is defined? In cheddar. Coin. Bills. And I don’t have enough g-strings to stuff mine.

Maestro69: I always have and always will own every bitch’s ass in corporate america

Maestro69: the paulson consulting isn’t the only gig I’ve got going, to say nothing of the 300 large I pocket every September for giving a 5 minute speech and sipping pina coladas headlining UBS conferences in the Maldives

Maestro69: you know what’s in store for you when you finish your measly second term, which you only got because i said “give the kid a break”?

Maestro69: jack shit

Maestro69: no cushy gigs on the other side

Maestro69: you’ll be back to playing D&D with your fellow academics

GaldalFed: that’s not true

Maestro69: oh but it is, Gilligan

GaldalFed: you’re a jerk

Maestro69: preacha tellin’ the truth and it hurts!

Maestro69: as for the lack of love from the mainstream media?

Maestro69: I’m okay with your boy from Princeton maligning me in his little blog

Maestro69: Considering to this day I could submit an excerpt of my forthcoming memoir “If I Did It” or a play-by-play of me choking out the EIC of the FT before nutting in his eye and they’d print it, no questions asked.

Maestro69: remember that, bitch, when you’re scrounging around for loose change, or for a writeup of your autobiography.

GandelFed: I hate you.

Maestro69 has signed off.

The Exceptional Mr. Greenspan [NYT] Dodd-Frank Fails To Meet Test Of Our Times [FT] Earlier: Fed Chairmen: They’re Just Like Us! Scenes From A Bailout Bernanke’s Big Moment

(Charlie Parker named this song after one of his heroin dealers.) _________________


Marc McDonald said...

I read Greenspan's piece in the "Financial Times," a couple of days ago. He said we need to stay away from regulating Wall Street.

Let the Free Market rule, Greenspan says.

Oh, there is one exception to this rule, of course.

If Wall Street crashes, then we taxpayers need to bail out the crooks on Wall Street to the tune of $1 trillion.

And so it goes with the Rich & Powerful in America. Heads, they win....tails, you lose.

Suzan said...

I thought it was $3 Trillion.

Although I've seen estimates that say worldwide (where we have no real idea about how the $$ was transferred around) it's in the double digits (of Trillions).

Thanks for commenting, Marc.

Sometimes I wonder if anyone is even still paying attention.

That's what they depend upon, of course.

Love ya,