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Kandahar Massacre: U.S.Govt. Response Meant to Provoke Renewed Violence in Afghanistan (Ensuring End of U.S. Plans To Leave)?

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Kandahar Massacre: One Step In Three to Provoke Renewed Violence in Afghanistan

March 24, 2012


Scott Creighton

There have been three recent events which seem to suggest someone out there doesn’t want the peace talks with the Taliban to succeed. The Taliban has now pulled out of those talks which have been going on for about a year. Are these events accidents? Are they part of a larger destabilization plan designed to keep our forces in Afghanistan as long as possible?

The Taliban in Afghanistan have not only pulled out of talks with the U.S. and the Afghan government over the three most recent provocative actions by U.S. forces in their occupied country, but they have also vowed revenge for the 17 recently murdered civilians from the Kandahar province. These reactions by the Taliban, directly attributable to deliberate actions of the U.S., promise to escalate tensions in occupied Afghanistan right at a time when the Obama administration was set to start with withdrawing troops from the country (20,000 by Sept. 2012) in preparation for a complete withdrawal of combat troops by the end of 2014.

“The Islamist movement said it was compelled to suspend the talks as the US had only responded to its demands, including the release of Taliban prisoners from Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, with a list of conditions.

US officials believe the Taliban decision is a tactical move, reflecting internal tension rather than a definitive halt to discussions.

But the Taliban said the “atmosphere for negotiations” had been undermined by the burning of the Korans, the killings in Kandahar and footage of US Marines appearing to urinate on Afghan corpses.” Military News
The talks with the Taliban have been going on for quite some time (June 2011) but they were only recently announced to the public in early Feb. of 2012.

Three things that are extremely provocative to Muslims in an occupied country:

If someone within the military industrial complex were looking to incite a renewed offensive from the resistance in Afghanistan in order to justify our continued presence in that country, these three things would certainly have been at the top of a PR expert’s action item shortlist of things to do to stir up the locals. 
And they all happened in a very short period of time thus ending the talks with the Taliban which had been going well by most accounts until the atmosphere for negotiations had been undermined by these actions. 
It’s still unclear what precipitated the Kandahar Massacre but the jury is no longer out with regard to the official “crazed lone gunman” story. That didn’t happen. 
It remains to be seen whether or not it had been planned as a night raid which went wrong or it was a group of soldiers who were sending a message to the local villages in retaliation for an IED attack which wounded U.S. soldiers. Either way, the spectacularly cruel aspect of the incident, the murder of so many children in their homes, could easily have been influenced by those who would wish to instigate further tensions in Afghanistan. 
The NATO night raids have been a particular sticking point in the ongoing negotiations since they began. Either way you look at it, it’s yet another night raid of civilian targets which is bound to cause more anger.
It has also been reported that the burning of the Korans was a premeditated act though the official U.S. “investigation” claimed it wasn’t. The truth is, they didn’t just burn one or two copies of religious texts, they burned hundreds and they made sure it was known. 
One has to question how the video of the 4 soldiers urinating on the Muslim men made it’s way to the public’s attention. This provocative act seems tailor made to incite hatred of Americans and NATO in Afghanistan. 
Do all of these actions add up to a malicious campaign to inflame the “hearts and minds” of the Taliban just as there seemed to be serious progress taking place in the peace talks? We were handing over control of the prisons in Afghanistan and the last negotiating point to the peace deal were the night raids. Will these actions (and make no mistake, they were deliberate) completely derail the peace efforts?
Were they the result of an administration decision to justify a prolonged occupation of Afghanistan or were they the result of rogue commanders in service to their real bosses at the military industrial complex? Is it yet another October surprise designed to deny the seated president a small “progressive” victory prior to an election?
Time will tell as to the motivation behind these acts, but a few things are for sure, they are part of a pattern that once set in motion, ended the peace talks between the U.S. and the Taliban. And there will be retaliation and more bloodshed of U.S. troops and Afghani people alike. And that’s just the way the M.I.C. likes it.

stan stonebraker, on March 24, 2012  said:
Keep the pot boiling or the money streams dry up. Every death, massacre, bombing, or “terror” attack is just free advertising for the M.I.C. as you call them. What a racket! I can’t help but think that the recent attacks in France are also part of preserving the Afghanistan gravy train of death. The French have their own arms cartel to support.

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