Friday, March 9, 2012

Mossad Works Well With Saudi Arabia - Compliments of Not-So-Dumbya?

I always get chocked up when I realize what concern our precious Dumbya had for our country's citizens' welfare during his reign of terror.

And he never minded showing his behind. He always seemed proud of it somehow (especially when making fun of underlings or demonstrating his golf swing).

As we currently learn much more from Senators Bob Graham (Co-Chair of the Congressional Inquiry into 9/11 and former head of the Senate Intelligence Committee) and Bob Kerrey (who served on the separate 9/11 Commission) about the heavily censored Saudi role in the 9/11 events, try to remember that the picture below was taken in 2002. They look comfy, don't they?

They are (and Bandar bin Sultan is now buying most of the Aspen resort due to his pockets being heavy with extra change resulting from the current manipulated fuel prices). (Click on the picture for a full look at Dumbya's heavy seriousity during his conversation with his close friend and almost brother, the Saudi Prince called Bandar Bush by his Mother, Barbara, and many other close acquaintances, and then remember the hand holding and kisses that we witnessed between them during and after the regrouping following the 9/11 attack when it was explained away by the mainstream media (MSM) as being done by Afghanis (but not the 15 identified Saudis in the photos) who lived in caves (mainly in Pakistan) but could fly U.S. jets perfectly after a few aborted lessons in Florida.)

Mossad Doing Business with Saudi Arabia: Stratfor Source

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