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While Bales May Not Be Totally Innocent, He Surely Didn't Do This (How Possibly Could He Have Attacked Two Villages, Raped Women, Shot Babies, Using At Least 3 Different Guns?)

I'm sorry, but having lived a life based on logic, I just cannot help but say a few words on the ridiculous story being circulated about Robert Bales' responsibility for the latest American murders in Kandahar, Afghanistan.

It may not have reached the level of the "yuk" factor without all the surrounding cognitive dissonant insider reporting, but it certainly has nothing going for it in a rational world.

But you decide after reading the facts. Please!

Kandahar Massacre: No Matter How Much the MSM Try to Frame Him, Staff Sgt. Robert Bales is Innocent

March 19, 2012 by willyloman

Scott Creighton

The MSM Misrepresents Robert Bales’ Financial Situation – The Army Moves his Family on Military Base to Keep Mrs. Bales from Press – Investigation Shows Different Weapons Used in Attacks – U.S. Impedes Afghan Investigation – Bales Didn’t Do It

Staff Sgt. Robert Bales by all accounts was a good guy. He played high school football, was a business major in college, held pizza parties at his home and ran off the trouble makers in the neighborhood. Then, on his fourth tour of duty, he crept out of his barracks in the middle of the night, walked 1.5 clicks to a civilians home, and set to work waking up the inhabitants getting them out of bed putting them on their knees and shooting them in the forehead one after the other.

When that was done, he dragged their bodies to a pile and lit them on fire to hide the evidence of his crime. He then walked another mile to another village and killed another 4 members of a household. He attempted to burn some of their bodies then he set to walk back to his base over a mile away. In all, after an hour had passed, 16 innocent people died and many others were wounded.

One of those 16 victims who died on March 11th 2012 was a two year-old little girl. She was shot in the forehead at point blank range at three o’clock in the morning in the safety of her little bedroom. Whatever monster did that deserves to die.

He deserves to suffer for a prolonged period of time and then to die. Just take him out, no fan-fare, no press. No weeping, no protesters, just take him out back of the courthouse and put him down like the rabid dog he is. That’s justice and if justice in this country still means anything at all, anything, then whomever shot that child and the other 8 children and the 7 others that night, he/she deserves all the bitter consequences our tattered justice system can bring to bear.

Problem is, Staff Sgt. Robert Bales didn’t do it.

Bales is getting the full white-wash treatment from the complicit press these days. Everywhere you look the talking point is emerging; these things happen in war.

“It’s hard to say whether the case will even go to trial because in war crimes like this it’s very possible that there will be … an insanity defense, that he is unable to recognize the wrongfulness of his act because of a severe mental disease or injury” Fox News
They’re saying he was a “good guy” a “family man” and the pressures of modern day soldiering made him snap. A fourth deployment, his home being foreclosed on, the traumatic brain injury, his foot missing a piece, drinking… it all culminated with the man performing a super human feat, walking all those miles and killing all those people, then covering his tracks and returning to base to confess anyway. Does someone who has gone temporarily insane cover his tracks? Does he take fuel to burn the evidence with him as he walks miles to the crime scene? Does he immediately confess his crimes if by the definition of temporary insanity, he didn’t know he was committing a crime in the first place?

According to the official story it all culminated with the man shooting a 2 year old girl in the forehead at point blank range in her little bedroom in the middle of the night.

But Robert Bales has a 4 year old girl himself. He has a three year old son.

I submit to you a different narrative; Robert Bales did not commit these perversions. Not just because it doesn’t fit the official “crazed lone gunman” narrative they are currently in the process of fabricating, not just because he doesn’t fit the mold of the “snapped soldier” archetype, but because the physical evidence and the eye witnesses and the circumstantial evidence and the timeline presented all point to a carefully planned operation to further destabilize the region thus providing the necessary pretext to forgo Obama’s promise to withdraw 20,000 troops from Afghanistan by September of this year.

Take a look first of all at how the corporate media is trying to exaggerate his family’s financial difficulties.

They claim that his previous home was “abandoned” and the current one he was living in was so far behind in mortgage payments that he practically abandoned that one as well.

But none of that is true.

The only reason his family isn’t currently living in their current home is because the army came over and moved them out and onto the military base prior to announcing Robert Bales and the “crazed lone gunman”. They came and got his family and shuttled them over to the base so they could keep his wife from making statements they couldn’t control.

His wife and two young children, a 4-year-old daughter and 3-year-old son, have since been moved to the military base, Joint Base Lewis-McChord, from their home in Lake Tapps, Washington, some twenty miles away.” Yahoo News
In fact, they had attempted to put the house on the market 3 days prior to the incident of March 11th. If they were about to be foreclosed on, could they sell the house that way?

The corporatist press is also claiming that another property they owned in Auburn, Wash. was taken or about to be taken, but when you look deep into the article you find the truth buried. Take this article from Bloomberg “News” as an example: Bales Faced Losing Two Homes

Early in the article you read this:

“The Army sniper’s home in Lake Tapps, Washington, where wife Karilyn once made Impossibly Easy taco pie and watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse with his young daughter, was to be sold for $50,000 less than what they’d paid. They’d already defaulted on another home, scheduled for public auction in 2009 after the couple fell $15,644.19 behind in payments.” Bloomberg “News”
Then, much later in the piece, if you continue to read that far, you find this:

“Two months later (in 2009), the couple’s Auburn house was scheduled to be auctioned at the entrance to the King County Administration Building.

The Baleses owed $15,644.19 on the house plus $1,333.46 in trustee’s fees, according to the auction notice. The auction subsequently was canceled without explanation. A Bank of America Corp. filing in King County in August 2011 said the couple was $16,978 in arrears on the rental property.” Bloomberg “News”
The fact is, they hadn’t defaulted on that home but rather it was a rental property. Robert’s wife worked. She was an executive somewhere and probably made ok money. Sure, with two kids they could use more, and they probably did have some financial difficulties, but the truth is, they did not lose that previous home. In fact, one thing the corporatist media fails to say these days, is that they were looking to sell both of the homes 3 days prior to the incident. How could they sell that house if it had been defaulted on?

The Baleses’ house had a lock box on the front door on Friday. Phillip Rodocker, a real estate agent, said that he was contacted by Ms. Bales on March 8, three days before the shooting in Afghanistan, and that she told him she wanted to sell the house in Lake Tapps.

“She told me she was behind in our payments,” Mr. Rodocker said. “She said he was on his fourth tour and it was getting kind of old and they needed to stabilize their finances.”

… Zillow, the real estate Web site, shows the house listed for $229,000, about $50,000 less than the family paid for it in 2005. Mr. Rodocker said the house was going to be a short sale, meaning the Baleses owed more to the bank than what it would sell for.

Mr. Rodocker said Ms. Bales also asked his colleague to sell a second property, a house in Auburn, Wash., that he said she had bought before the Baleses were married.”  New York Times

They are carefully trying to craft a narrative that puts Staff Sgt. Bales behind the trigger of those guns that killed 16 people in Kandahar on March 11th 20122. They need to fabricate a severe financial situation that would precipitate a complete psychological break from reality to do so. Using his families financial situation, misrepresenting it in fact, is the first step to doing just that.

But the truth about his family’s finances and the reason for their absence from their current home paints a starkly different picture.

And again, one has to wonder at the coincidence of his wife putting the homes on the market a mere 3 days prior to the massacre.

Buried in the very last paragraph of the Bloomberg “News” article is a rather interesting development in the investigation of the crime scene in Kandahar. Several different weapons were used by the assailants.

“This organized, violent attack on civilians was not committed by a single American soldier, but by several of them,” Sayeed Mohammed Akhund, one of the five members of parliamentary team, said in a phone interview. “Our findings show different types of weapons had been used. How can one guy attack three different houses and kill 16 civilians?” Bloomberg “News”
This development is supported by several eye-witnesses who reported seeing multiple soldiers shooting civilians and others who heard multiple gunshots coming from different locations simultaneously.

They (Americans) poured chemicals over their dead bodies and burned them,” Samad told Reuters at the scene.

Neighbors said they had awoken to crackling gunfire from American soldiers, who they described as laughing and drunk.

They were all drunk and shooting all over the place,” said neighbor Agha Lala, who visited one of the homes where killings took place.” Reuters

Neighbors and relatives of the dead said they had seen a group of U.S. soldiers arrive at their village in Kandahar’s Panjwayi district at about 2 a.m., enter homes and open fire.

An Afghan man who said his children were killed in the shooting spree accused soldiers of later burning the bodies.” Reuters

The Americans stayed in our house for a while,” he said. “I was very scared.” BBC
Afghan officials also gave varying accounts of the number of shooters involved. Karzai’s office released a statement quoting a villager as saying “American soldiers woke my family up and shot them in the face.Reuters
Since when do eye-witness reports count for nothing in our justice system?  According to investigations they now have physical evidence of multiple weapons being used as well. Also reports are in that helicopters were used during the massacre and they actually transported the assailants to and from the villages.

“Lali also said their investigations led them to believe 15 to 20 US soldiers had been involved in the killings
… The head of the Afghan parliamentary investigation, Sayed Ishaq Gillani, told the BBC that witnesses report seeing helicopters dropping chaff during the attack, a measure used to hide targets from ground attack” Russia Today
Then of course there is the fact that Bales could hardly have walked that distance, committed those crimes, stacked bodies and burned them in the time line provided by the official “crazed lone gunman” story.

“Afghan lawmakers have begun raising doubts that just one man carried out the killings. “It is not possible for only one American soldier to come out of his base, kill a number of people far away, burn the bodies, go to another house and kill civilians there, then walk at least 2 kilometers and enter another house, kill civilians, and burn them,” said Abdul Rahim Ayubi, a lawmaker from Kandahar province. He noted that the houses targeted were more than one mile apart. Kandahar parliamentarian Mullah Sayed Mohammed Akhund told The Wall Street Journal that local villagers witnessed more than one solider during the night and Afghan soldiers said they heard simultaneous shootings coming from different locations.” National Journal
The villages are one and a half kilometer from the American military base. We are convinced that one soldier cannot kill so many people in two villages within one hour at the same time, and the 16 civilians, most of them children and women, have been killed by the two groups.”  Outlook Afghanistan
In the end, when all of this is considered: the physical evidence, the efforts to misrepresent Robert Bales’ financial situation, the Army securing Mrs. Bales on the base to keep her from talking to the press, the eye-witnesses, the distance traveled between the crime scenes, and even Robert Bales’ personal history… when you look at all of it the “crazed lone gunman” theory simply doesn’t add up.

And that’s to say nothing of the way they deliberately burned Koran’s a few weeks prior to this happening. Clearly that was also designed to stir things up in the region.

Theory (stay with me folks)

The unit that Bales was working with is Special Ops Green Berets. They are a “hearts and minds” psyops unit. It’s possible that a small unit was flown in, mercs perhaps (perhaps from Libya?) in order to carry out a clandestine black op mission. They could have been outfitted with regular army uniforms and sent on this mission to further destabilize the Taliban in the area.

According to the official story Bales was drinking prior to leaving the base and according to witness reports the soldiers (plural note) were laughing and obviously drunk when they were attacking the civilians. Could have been the ones drinking with Bales but I don’t think so. CIA assets (mercenaries) drink too you know.
More than likely Bales and his unit were off that night, no night missions, and so they were doing what guys away from home do on a weekend when they’re off… they drink.

My guess is, Bales is drugged, separated from the rest of the unit, and secured till they needed to wake him. His unit is carrying on partying without him til later when they’re alerted he has gone off reservation and they have to go out on foot patrol to find him.He’s been missing for a while so they don’t question it.

Meanwhile, another set of helicopters (not the ones assigned to their base) is flying in mercs dressed as regular army from a different location. They go directly to the villages, commit the crimes, and leave. This explains all of the eye-witness reports of helicopters and multiple soldiers. Also explains the different rounds used and the burning of the bodies to conceal the evidence.

The search is called off because Bales supposedly wandered past the search party and Bales is woken up in an interrogation cell, told the crimes he “confessed to”, shown a confession he “signed”, and told he would get all the help he needs. That the Army wouldn’t leave him behind.

That’s the theory anyway.

I don’t know. I can see Gen. Betrayus (yeah yeah I know that’s not his real name) and his cast of regular CIA assets (mercenaries) doing something like this long before I can see Green Berets doing it. Doing it as a mission and on purpose.Don’t forget the guy running the Pentagon now used to be the guy running the CIA. His history of the premeditated murder of civilians goes way way way back.

Whatever happened the ongoing creation of the narrative and the hard evidence makes one think it was more than likely a deliberate planned mission and not the act of a “crazed lone gunman”.

But that understanding leaves one to assume that one or more of our Green Berets went out in the night and shot a 2 year-old girl in the face in her bedroom. Maybe it’s just fantastical thinking on my part but I want to believe it was someone other than one of our boys who did that. I don’t know what the military is making these days but that act takes a very special kind of monster and I refuse to believe that’s who’s wearing the uniform. Killing civis is one thing, executing a baby is another. That’s not collateral damage, that’s pure evil.
Either way, from the evidence at hand there seems to be only one conclusion to come to, Staff Sgt. Robert Bales is innocent.



One Fly said...

I don't doubt there's some shit going on here and this could very well be it. They will probably get by with it as they generally do.

That's why it's done because they know they can.

Suzan said...

But will the GET THE HELL OUT OF AFGHANISTAN people be able to score any points out of this brave humanitarian psy ops blackness?

We'll hold our breath for now.

icyhighs said...

Agreed more evidence is needed before any sort of conclusion.
But highschool football, pizza parties and a business degree (in other words, a character witness) in a previous life is no guarantee of how a person behaves in a war. If you're seemingly lord of everything around you, and somebody arms you with weapons, money and food, let's see how you partake of your superiority. It's not necessarily an American trait, just a human one.

Suzan said...

God, I hope not.

Imagine. Thinking that bombing from drones to get what you want is a "human" trait.

I may be overreacting, but it certainly seems to fit in with the current actions of those sociopathic/narcissistic me-firsters, who seem to be in charge.