Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Lying Fiscal Cliff Liars Exposed (Brutally) - Real Disaster for Deficit Hawk Industry!

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Remember when our favorite inept President (Dumbya) was pushing that exciting (to the Big Boys, anyway) Medicare Part D Drug Bill for Big Pharma that refused to allow the government the ability to negotiate the best price on all those hyper-expensive (in the U.S., anyway) drugs?

It's only taken a decade to see what those unstoppable higher costs were put in place to achieve.

I just love Dean Baker.

I know. I shouldn't say it every time I run one of his stellar essays, but I can't help myself.

This guy rocks.

And he's a first-rate economist!

Take it away, Dean.

Dean Baker

Dean Baker is a US macroeconomist and co-founder of the Centre for Economic and Policy Research.


I cannot tell a lie.

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