Monday, November 26, 2012

Happy Birthday!

Posted 11/23/12 but not published due to lack of internet access.

Happy Birthday to me.

Against all f*cking odds.

I made it!

Thanks to all my friends and supporters.


- S


rjs said...

you keep that up, suzan, & you'll end up older than me...

One Fly said...

A belated Happy BDay for sure Suzan. Made it to what?? The age when you get handouts from those who say they don't wanna do that.

Penny said...

A fellow Sagittarius
Why am i not surprised
Happy belated

Suzan said...

Thanks, friends!

Come onnnn, RJ. Everyone's older than you!

No, T. The age when those you gave all the handouts to earlier have now lost their memories. And it's not due to age.

Yes, Penny!

We are the sunny philosophers, no?

Love you all!