Thursday, November 28, 2013

(Not In Your Lifetime) Anthony Summers Has Revised His JFK Findings Based On Newly Released Govt Documents (No House Is Safe) Especially Wal-Mart!

"Not in your lifetime" was what Earl Warren, Chairman of the Warren Commission, responded with when asked when would all the details of JFK's assassination be made known.

"I only kill professionals."

No house is safe.

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Terrible bad reviews/reviewers. I'll be so pleased when they start employing knowledgeable adults again.

Pretty good "black-listed" script by a relative unknown.

And all my favorite actors.

Give it a look. And then look again.

Happy Thanksgiving!

William Kelley comments on Anthony Summers' new book about the JFK assassination, Not In Your Lifetime, that this is "the best, most objective, thorough, and definitive account . . . ."

As I'm a fan of James Douglas’ book, Who Killed JFK and Why It Matters, which he calls the second most important book on the assassination, I think this one deserves some attention. If you believe this coup d'etat has anything to do with the empire's decline we are suffering through today.

And that knowledge of it could increase our ability to change the consequences for the better.

“ Everyone will know who I am now,” Lee Oswald remarked while still alive and under interrogation, but as Summers puts it, “Fifty years on…Oswald remains ill defined, a figure in the fog of incomplete investigation and the absence of real official will to discover the full truth.”

Rather than withhold them, it is now in the interest of our national security to release the records. Now is time for the government to release the remaining sealed assassination records, not in 2017, or never, but now, in our lifetime, so everyone who cares can know the truth as to what happened at Dealey Plaza fifty years ago.

I agree. If not now, why not?

And why ever then?

As for the Clinton incidents, if all eight of the witnesses were lying when they testified under oath before the New Orleans Grand Jury that Oswald was in Clinton in a black Cadillac with David Ferrie and Clay Shaw, that Oswald tried to register to vote and applied for a job at the hospital there, if they all lied then that proves a conspiracy, at least among those who perjured themselves.

While Summers has dropped the Clinton stories from this edition, he leaves in the fact that a nearby Louisiana telephone operator came forward after the assassination to report that she put in a person-to-person long distance call from a women in Louisiana to Lee Harvey Oswald at the Texas School Book Depository two days before the assassination. Who was this anonymous Louisiana associate of the accused assassin? And is it the same person who changed Oswald’s mailing address in New Orleans weeks after he had left the city?

Summers still has a hard time putting Oswald on the Sixth Floor of the Texas School Book Depository at the time of the shooting, and implies that based on the available evidence, he could have been framed for the assassination. But the Tippit murder remains the “Rosetta Stone” of the case.

Apparently convinced by Dale Myers (With Malice) that Oswald may have killed Tippit, Summers still left in the new edition the eyewitness account of two men being seen leaving the dead Tippit on the street, one running away and the other escaping in an old Plymouth. Also in the new edition is the fact that just after the Tippit murder a man identified as Oswald was seen nearby acting suspiciously while driving a 1956 Plymouth that was registered to Carl Mather, a close friend of the murdered police officer. 

While Dale Myers discounts these incidents entirely, they are important clues to the Tippit murder that reflect directly back to the assassination at Dealey Plaza.

Carl Mather’s alibi, it turns out, is that he was at work at Collins Radio, the company that provided cover for the CIA Cuban raider ship The Rex, and also made and serviced the radios for Air Force One. Mather himself worked on the radios in the Vice President’s plane. Oswald’s friend George deMohrenschildt introduced Oswald to a Collins’ executive and tried to get him a job there.

But when researchers requested the file on Collins Radio at the JFK Records Collection at the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), it contained a single piece of paper that read: “Removed for Reasons of National Security.” 

There it is - the “not in your lifetime,” response to requests for government assassination records, which begs the question that Summers asks: “What sort of national security concerns prevent us seeing all there is to see about the Kennedy assassination, a supposed random act by a lone nut, all these years later?” It is, he says, “a question to ponder as you read this book.”

Hope you're enjoying the company and comfort of loved ones.

And that you're not shopping at Wal-Mart!

From my buddy Marc at Beggars Can Be Choosers:

Black Friday Protests at Walmart: What You Can Do To Help


Are you fed up with the ongoing immoral, unethical behavior from Dick Cheney's favorite corporation, Walmart?

As one of our favorite progressive sites,, points out:

"Walmart reported a profit of $15.7 billion last year, yet Walmart workers must rely on food stamps, Medicaid and other anti-poverty programs to put food on the table and keep the lights on."

Do you think this doesn't affect you personally? Think again. As notes:

"Taxpayers subsidize this worker exploitation to the tune of $900,000-$1,750,000 per store, and there are over 4,700 Walmart and Sam's Club stores in the U.S."

During the eight horrific years of the Bush/Cheney's corporatist regime, no action was taken against Walmart. Today, however, it's a different story.

From As

"Fed-up workers have walked off the job at Walmart stores in Dallas, Seattle, Chicago, Miami and Southern California. And Walmart is facing federal prosecution for its pattern of illegal firings and threats to workers across at least 13 states."

Would you like to help, or participate in the upcoming Black Friday Walmart protests? Go here.

Be sure to also check out the essential progressive Web site,

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